Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 67

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 4: The Power of True Love, 3-22

True love's power is activated through giving and receiving

(3) In order for people to exist, they must sustain a process of giving and receiving, starting with the physical body.  Having established the prerequisites for reciprocation, men and women interact with each other; only then can they exist.  If men were to say they don't need women, and women were to say they don't need men, this world would be in ruins within one hundred years.  To maintain existence, that is to say, to give and receive, we each need a partner.  Therefore, to this day men and women have been loving each other and forming families.  Love is the power that initiates the interaction between men and women, and it is the power of the action itself.  There must be giving and receiving action at the source in order for the power called love to arise.  For this action to arise, we absolutely need men and women.  To establish the prerequisites for reciprocation, we need men and women.

(4) All material things are composed of energy, but energy cannot come into existence by itself.  Unless a reciprocal standard is set, giving and receiving does not occur and energy cannot come to exist.  You generate energy through the giving and receiving action of your entire body.  Energy is generated in proportion to this action.  Before there can be energy, there must be giving and receiving action.  Then what initiates such action? Nothing can do this by itself; an object partner is needed.  This is the absolute requirement for the appearance of all beings.  If there is no object partner, there is no giving and receiving action.

(5) The more you love, the more your love grows.  Love does not disappear; instead it prospers. There is no way to prosper without love. Furthermore, there is no eternal life without love. So Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment.” (Matt.  22:37-38)  This is the commandment we need to observe absolutely.  Prosperity is possible only through building loving relationships and following the way of love.

(6) When you invest beyond your limits and even your life, the power of true love generates ten thousand times more energy.  You will never fail when you invest true love.  The amount of true love you invest will multiply and develop.  The more you set the power of true love in motion, the greater it will grow so that you can embrace the world, the universe and even God.

(7) True love will never be exhausted.  The more it is set in motion, the greater it gets.  In mechanics, input always exceeds output.  But in the world of love, output exceeds input.  This is why love is the nucleus of everything.  There is always enough true love to provide for your object partner and still have more left over.  There is no shortage.  Since you always have something remaining after giving true love to your object partner, the more you love, the more true love increases.

(8) In a relationship of true love, output is greater than input.  Saints were persecuted and, at that time, killed, yet their constant investment in true love produced an output greater than the input, and made an imprint in history.  Since God has done the same thing, the creation of the universe was possible.  When true love is invested, it grows greater and greater.  If there is a heart that invests, the foundation for life to exist remains forever.

(9) True love stimulates the world and supplies it with the surplus energy it needs to rotate eternally.  It also sustains the consumption of energy by adding more than it consumes.  This is why only true love can exist forever.  For people, the most precious things are life and love.  Life comes from love.  Therefore, everyone who has life automatically pursues love.

(10) When we say that true love is the origin of life and is able to sustain the universe, we can compare it to air.  If I continue to give over and over again for the sake of the universe from a position of low pressure, the universe will pull me to the center and raise me up.  I will be at the very center and then rise to the top.  What is true love? If I go to the eternal zero point by investing myself completely, over and over again, the universe will add to me.  If I go to that place, God will take notice and move on my behalf.  The more I invest and forget how much I have given, the more God will support me.  If I keep investing with God supporting me, I will become the center.  Once I become the center, as I keep investing, I will never sink down into the earth.  Instead, I will rise up.  Everything will get bigger, and since I keep moving at the center, everything will become rounded.  This is how the universe stays in motion and assumes a spherical form.

(11) Since the object partner of love will be eternal, God continues to invest eternally until it comes into being.  And when He has a partner He wants to invest infinitely into that partner, even to His very essence.  Since God’s investment is infinite, all pairs that move in the world of love have an eternal quality.  We can conclude that the love partner of the absolute, infinite God will live for eternity.

(12) God's love is love for the sake of others and only for the sake of others.  Because God wants to keep giving, true love also cannot help but keep giving, and since they give to each other, they revolve.  God's love is like that.  Since God wants to give endlessly, and the original nature of love is also to give endlessly, they revolve.  How did the universe begin? It began from the point of revolving.  All existing things, by their intrinsic nature, have to revolve.  Then what can go on forever? The love that gives eternally, the love at the very center, will keep revolving forever.  When the power of giving and the power of receiving become one and they want to keep giving, they expand.  Since there is power in this principle, expansion takes place and the universe is formed.

(13) Love functions as a lubricant and as an orbit in which things move.  Without love there is no lubrication.  Automobiles need oil to move.  For things to move, we need to oil them.  There must be lubrication.  Everything needs lubrication if it is to move.  Only love can be the lubricant for the highest joy.  It does not disappear because it is rooted in the eternal God.  The more love moves, the more it develops.

The unlimited power of true love

(14) True love remains even after It embraces the universe; it remains even after it flows through the universe, and it remains even after it blends with the universe.  It is the driving force of life, of movement and of everything.  Where there is love like that, life at last has value.  From that love, all that is ideal emerges.  Laughing "ha ha ha!" can be ideal.  We can say that crying "wah wah!" can be ideal as well, if it is prompted by love.  People shed tears in times of sorrow but also in times of joy.  No matter where you are, even in hell, if there were one power that would allow you to know happiness, that would be the power of wanting to live for the whole.

(15) Love has the power to enhance that which is insufficient, to reinforce that which is inadequate, and to complete that which is lacking.  That love is true love.  The nature of love for the whole cannot differ from the nature of love for the individual.  To reach the world of cause from the world of result, there should be an expenditure of surplus power.  This power could be both stimulating and electrifying to human beings, who are resultant beings.

(16) When you inherit the work of creation you receive the authority of true love.  The reason is that to inherit the work of creation is to inherit true love, which is the strongest power.  With true love there is nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot make.  You can love even your enemy.  The power of true love is not to light, not to force, but to win over someone naturally.  There is no power stronger than this.

(17) The Bible says, "Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." (Matt. 10:39) How do we explain such paradoxical logic? It is a paradox because the world of evil and the world of goodness move in different directions.  It seems contradictory, but it is a widely accepted viewpoint of those on God's side.  Unless we overcome the environment that gives rise to this paradox, and unless we make a bold leap into destiny to find the way of true love with its own logic, we cannot be liberated.  The power to leap comes not from military might, economic strength, political prowess or intellectual power.  It is the power of nothing but love.  It is the only path to the eternal, unchanging and correct way.

(18) Love is the essential force that moves reality; it is indispensable in daily life.  This has been so throughout history.  Love is the origin of die force that drives our social systems and everything else.  This is why students are taught patriotic love for their country.  Brotherly love, parental love, conjugal love and worldwide altruistic love--all are forms of love.  What does this mean? It means that without reference to love, which impacts people's daily lives and the course of history, we cannot create the thought and tradition that connect us to history.

(19) The power of true love is great.  True love can melt even the hardest substance.  It is more fearful than a clenched fist.  Love can conquer any place in a flash, no matter how far and wide.  Nothing is strong enough to withstand the power of love.  True love can melt even our enemy.  We want to become the owners of the world based on love.  Love is the pinnacle of hope for the human race.

(20) If you tap on the heart of true love, the physical body spontaneously resonates.  If you become a perfect man or woman through true love, God spontaneously appears.  This occurs only through love.  True love is the power that leads to such events.  So what is true love in reality? True love connects vertical and horizontal.  It can weave together above and below, right and left, before and after.  Because of that, love can weave together heaven, which is above, and earth, which is below.  Going laterally, it can weave together the right side and the left side.  I am saying that love is the power to intertwine everything: before and after, right and left, above and below.

(21) What is it that can give life the taste of honey? It is the taste of true love.  It is not the love of man and woman living in this fallen world.  Once you taste true love, everything is united.  All eyes focus on one place.  All the cells of the body are drawn together into a ball and begin to roll.  True love has that power.  All kinds of cells are drawn together into a ball and roll down the path of love.  While rolling down that path, I forget my own existence.  The concept of "me" is lost.

(22) The schisandra (omija) fruit is used to cure a number of illnesses.  The berry has many uses in Oriental medicine. It combines five different flavors, and makes an effective medicine.  Love, which is the medicine of medicines, also has five flavors.  It is bitter, salty, sweet, spicy and sour.  The taste of love is like the five-flavor schisandra berry. The tastiest dishes are made with this berry.  This is a medicinal food. Everyone likes food that is good for the body.


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