Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 66

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 3: The Characteristics of True Love, 11-25

(11) God's fundamental purpose of creation is to have true people who can be the object partners of His true love. How can human beings stand in the objective position to God, who is the Absolute Being? That is not possible through human effort or external conditions. It is possible only through a relationship of true love.  When subject and object partners form a perfect relationship of true love, they immediately have the right of equal position, the right to participate in everything together, and the right to inherit.

(12) The person of love is the owner of the eternal God. Among the attributes of love are the right of inheritance, the right to live together and the right to participate in everything together. Even if a woman did not graduate from primary school if her beloved husband is the president, whatever he owns belongs to her; of course, she can live together with him day and night, and she has the right to participate in whatever he does. Since love has these three great attributes, once you stand in the position of oneness with God's absolute and unchanging true love, you receive the authority to join God wherever He is and live with Him at any time. Then you will be able to see God even without closing your eyes. Those who have deeply felt God's sorrowful heart will stop in their tracks and weep bitterly; such a realm of deep feeling exists. Even in the fallen world, a mother's love is such that if her child has an accident far away, she can sense it.  She wakes up calling her child's name.  There are many examples of this.

(13) Even fallen people desire the highest, best and most glorious position.  All people of all races desire this position, whether educated or not. Only love can satisfy this desire. Love is eternal, so when you have God's love, you can have eternal life. To stand in an equal position, a position with the same rights as God, you first have to possess God's love.

(14) When we have a loving relationship with God our position is equal to His and we can share in His rights. When we are united in love with God, we have the authority to participate in His work. Love confers the authority to participate in the beloved's activities. Love also grants the right of inheritance. When you have a loving relationship with God, not only can you stand before Him, you can have all that He owns. Originally people had the privilege of ownership over all that belongs to God. Thus it is natural that we have the desire to become the very best of beings.

(15) In the original, ideal world, a person who experienced true love would immediately inherit the right and ability to have whatever God desired for him or her. You can attain that qualification only on the earth, while in the process of bringing your body into oneness with your spirit in a true family. The family is the meeting point of God's love and the place where you can attain this. You can feel the true love of God by loving your fellow citizens, loving the people of the world, and loving all things of creation.

True love takes the shortest and the most direct route

(16) God is the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve would have become the horizontal parents, had they not fallen. True love takes the shortest, most direct route. Then where can human love and God's love meet? Where can the vertical and horizontal meet? The shortest, most direct route connecting heaven and earth is the perpendicular line. There is only one such line. Only true love can take that perpendicular path, reflecting the great law of heaven and earth.  True love is the original common standard that can measure everything relating to the great law of heaven and earth, and there is only one perpendicular line through which true love flows.

(17) Where can God's love and human love unite? True love flows through the shortest, most direct route. There is only one shortest, most direct route for love from above; that is vertical. True love takes the shortest, most direct route from the Father above to the son below. Following the perpendicular lines, there is only one point where the two can make contact. Conjugal love between man and woman, representing east and west, also travels by the shortest, most direct route. This horizontal love and God's vertical love intersect at a right angle; they meet on the perpendicular. The love between brothers and sisters also flows along the shortest, most direct route, and meets God's love only at a ninety-degree angle. Consider a man and woman who are able to establish the perpendicular with God's true love at the center. Where in the universe should they meet? They have to meet on that perpendicular, which is the shortest, most direct route.

(18) God's true love moves along the shortest, most direct route. True love flows along the fastest, closest, shortest, most direct way. If there were one place on earth where true love could settle, it would be the place at which the shortest, most direct route arrives. This place is absolute. It is eternal. Yet because of the Fall, this place was lost. Love has nowhere to settle, and its axis shifts back and forth.  Unless True Parents begin the process of settlement, having actualized the philosophy of the love of heaven and earth, based on the logic of true love, this world will not find the way of the ideal with love at its center. In accordance with God’s love, horizontal love is drawn to connect with vertical love. Had there been no Fall, the horizontal love between man and woman would have flowed along the shortest, most direct route to intersect with the vertical, perpendicular line at the central point. This is the formula through which we can reunite with the love of God's original creation.

(19) True love travels by the shortest, most direct route and therefore arrives in the shortest time. When your beloved child is overseas, you can think of your child and be with him or her in an instant, right? Love transcends distance. Since true love travels at the highest speed, with it we can travel anywhere in the universe; the entire universe becomes our sphere of activity. Since love transcends time and space, we have no sense of separation. Everything seems to be right in front of our eyes.

(20) Love travels at the highest speed as it flows along the shortest, most direct route. This is not secular love but divine love. What is divine love? It is true love. If we enter the realm of true love, because we are able to come and go at the highest speed through the shortest, most direct route, we will be able to act on the stage of the universe in the realm of Thought. This may sound like a fantasy, but it is true.

(21) Love chooses the shortest path. If we are to form a perpendicular line with love at the center, then love has to come through the shortest and most direct route possible. When you go to visit someone you love, you don't saunter along as if you were touring a neighboring village. You go directly, swift as an arrow. Whether night or day, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, however long its history may be, love always takes the shortest, most direct path. Vertically, the shortest distance is along a line perpendicular to the horizontal.  This is how that which is highest contacts that which is lowest.

(22) What kind of love is God's love? Love is the heart that is never satisfied with what it has given; instead, it feels embarrassed that it cannot give more. One who feels sorry even after giving is truly the owner of love. After parents have bought new clothes for their child, they still feel sorry that they could not buy better clothes. Even after giving, they don't feel satisfied, so they supplement that with love.

(23) The person who most readily lives for others becomes the central figure. The one who lives more for others' rules, supervises and inherits all things. This is heavenly law. Within love, there is the right to be always together. You can do everything together in any place, day or night. Do you need permission to go into your sons' and daughters' rooms? Would you need permission to go into your wife's room? If you love God, you can participate in everything with Him, wherever He goes.

(24)  True love gives and forgets what it has given. It does not remember. What is the standard of good and evil? Evil is giving for the sake of making a profit.  Goodness is giving and forgetting about it. Even in a family, the person who lives more for the others is on the side of goodness. The person who lives for others eventually becomes the master of that family.  If there were ten friends, the best friend among them would be the one who lived for the other nine. Then the nine people would make that one the central figure and serve that person. This is how to inherit the universe

(25) The original nature of dominion is love. There is one element of life that can connect with the original nature of love. That is my value as an object partner before a subject partner. At that point, my value corresponds to the value of my subject partner.  The value of the object, which is the result, is equal to the value of the cause My body, in relation to my mind, always has the value of an object partner. My mind, in relation to my body, has the value of a subject partner. These two together make up the being called "I.” In this way, the universe brings about connected relationships.  Immediately, the relationships between front and back, internal and external, left and right, and above and below are all connected.

Section 4: The Power of True Love

(1) The fastest action in the world is the action of love.  In the world the highest speed is not that of electricity; it is love.  It has the most amazing power; it can fly.  If two people located at opposite ends of the earth were to fall in love with each other, their love would pull them together, closing the distance between them.  Love has such power.  So today in the religious world it is said, "Search for love.  Stay close to the God of love.  Have a deep heart.  Pray.” Why? It is because when you make contact with the world of love, you can participate with God in All his activities of love.  This means you accompany God in His work.

(2) Love is destined to expand in all four directions: north, south, east and west.  From this point of view, with love at the center, front and back, right and left, and above and below combine in an ideal way and begin circular motion.  Thus the whole universe is revolving.  As the universe turns, the things at the center have to turn with it.  There's no other choice.  What is at the center of this universal rotation? It is the axis, which is eternally unchanging.  Money, knowledge and authority all change.  In our time, when even people's feelings change, what can be the eternally unchanging axis? There is one thing that never changes and that is the relationship between parents and children.  Even in the animal world this is so.  Only parents' love for their children is eternal.



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