Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 65

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 2: The Origin of True Love, 36-43


(36) What would have happened if there had been no concept of love when God created Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve were born to manifest the concept of God's love, expressed from the time of creation as the relationship of convex and concave forms. This is not something that evolved; there is no evolution taking place. The concept of love leads to the existence of male and female, and this fact transcends evolution.

(37) We have three important original palaces: a palace of love, a palace of life and a palace of lineage. The purpose of these original palaces is to unite in perfect oneness. This is possible only through love; there is no other way. The place where they unite is the most secret and most holy. Why did this palace become corrupted? It is because of the Fall. Because of the Fall, the palace of love was destroyed, the palace of life was destroyed, and the palace of lineage was destroyed. In fact, that place was desecrated and became shameful.

We all wish to live in true love

(38) In the place where I consummate a love relationship, all my nerves experience a stimulation that is electrifying. Love is in the closest place to me. Love is so close to me; it is inseparable from me. It brings me the impulse and stimulus of joy. It makes me say with an ardent heart, "I want to see that; I want to go there.”

(39) Love has the power to concentrate all our senses together and unite them, focused on one point. The eyes would say, "We want to see;" the ears would say, "We want to hear;" the mouth would say, "I want to eat; I want to speak; I want to learn.” Not only this, all the cells of the body would move in that direction.  Just as a lightning rod draws lightning to itself on a mountaintop, love unites the action of the nerves. Once the heart is stirred by love, all the senses are stimulated and gravitate to one place.  Everything moves together. Our eyes, ears, nose, and hands all move together. This is not because of us, but because of the person we love.

(40) Nature is our first mother; we receive everything to support our life and to grow from that mother.  In our physical mother's womb, we live in water. On earth, we live in the air. Then what is the center of our life? It is love. Love is always the issue, whether its the love of parents, conjugal love or children's love. Air is a prerequisite to life. Even in our mother's womb, we have to absorb air; when we move from our mother's womb to life on earth, we have to breathe air. It is the same air; only the way we receive it is different. For us, the most important element in life is love.

(41) Why were we born? If we say simply, "It is because of love," we've said all we need to say. That love is true love. True love goes beyond the love of this fallen world. The purpose of all religions is to reach the world of true love. Christianity, the religion of religions, emphasizes a love that surpasses the love of this world. Jesus Christ said, love me more than anyone else; otherwise, you are not worthy to be my disciple. He said, "Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me" (Matt. 10:37). Why did Jesus say this? To Jesus Christ, his disciples were like his children, and unless they could get past the line of the Fall, they could not have a relationship with Heaven.

(42) True love is fulfilled not only through horizontal, level relationships but also through vertical, perpendicular relationships. A horizontal relationship of true love is gradually elevated in an upward direction until it reaches the pinnacle, which is the position of God, the King of true love. In this position, everything combines and embraces. Everything turns into love and blossoms. We can conclude that all beings in the universe want to be in harmony with love and to live in the midst of love. We are born for the sake of love, we live for the sake of love, and finally, we die for the sake of love.

(43) Not only people, but all things of creation desire true love. Thus human beings, as the lords of creation, should embrace and love God's masterpieces and take responsibility to teach them the way of love. All things are seeking such owners. In light of this standard, we should feel ashamed. Darwin's theory regarding the survival of the fittest needs to be reinterpreted in the context of this logic of true love. Even ants and microorganisms want true love; beyond that, they want to offer themselves to the owner who loves them. Based on this principle, human beings, as the highest partners of God's love, have the privilege of taking and even eating all other creatures.  Therefore, when we eat the things of creation, we have to have a heart that represents the true love of God the Creator.

Section 3: The Characteristics of True Love

(1) In love, there is no end. A love that has expired and come to an end is not love. If you asked your beloved spouse, "Dear, do you love me? How much do you love me?" and your husband or wife replied, "I love you just this much," you would feel bad. This is because in love there should be no limit. Self-centered love cannot last even one day. Why do a husband and wife fight? It is because each of them wants to receive love from the other. A relationship between those who try to receive love from the other cannot last long. A family in which everyone tries to receive love breaks apart, but a family in which everyone tries to give love to the others will never break apart, even if someone prays that it will.  The love in which each tries to give to the other is eternal.

Absolute, unique, eternal, unchanging true love

(2) The Creators purpose for making man and woman was love.  True love is eternal and unchanging. No matter how much the era and the environment change with time, true love will remain unchanged. Men and women were created to fulfill the ideal of true love, which is unique, eternal and unchanging. Human beings were not created with themselves at the center. Creation was initiated with God as the root, at the center.  Therefore it can be said that all things were created because of love.

(3) Original love is not human love; it is God's eternal, unchanging love. At the moment we encounter God's love and attend Him as our Master, we become one with Him. When we enter the place of joy where we can interact with God, we can conquer the world. Sharing joy with God is more rapturous and intoxicating than owning all of heaven and earth. No stimulation of the five physical senses can compare with the experience of sharing happiness with God.

(4)  Everyone wants true love. No one would tire of true love even if it lasted for ten thousand years. No group would launch a revolution against it. Then what is true love? It is not the momentary love between young men and women of this world.  Since true love involves God, it has an eternal, unique and unchanging nature. When you look at the solar system, you can see that the planets continuously move around the sun as their center, and this does not change. The earth orbits the sun once a year. In hundreds of millions of years it has not deviated from this cycle. It is amazing to consider this big earth circling around for hundreds of millions of years in this orbit. If the orbit were even slightly different, it would cause serious obstacles to the development of life. Likewise, true love is absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging.

(5) We are born because of the love of our father and mother.  There can be no result without a cause; accordingly, no life in heaven or on earth belongs to itself. God has a greater purpose, with us at the center. Love is eternal, but it cannot exist contrary to divine law. Therefore, no one is born outside the principle of love. Also, complete love does not originate from one individual alone. A mother’s love is God's love. An elder sister and younger brother may be fighting, but when their mother and father come in, they stop. In the same way, our human world needs a mother of love. But in the love of our human world, in the love of the whole universe, there is no mother of love. Humankind lost the original Mother. What we lost was nothing other than God's love.

(6) True love lasts forever. It is the same love in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is the same when you are in your teens, your adulthood and your old age, and even when you go to the eternal spirit world. True love does not change.

(7) Love has an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal nature.  It has the elements of these inner qualities. The foundation of all the inner qualities, the foundation that desires to form common relationships, across the board, cannot be anything but true love. No matter how absolute and unique God may be, He does not reject a relationship of true love. He willingly makes such a relationship.

The rights and privileges that come only from true love

(8) What is the Unification Church doing? We are attending God vertically and attending True Parents horizontally, and in the place where we resonate with them perfectly, we seek to inherit true love. The attributes of true love include the right of inheritance and the right to participate together. These allow us to participate in love. Next is the right of equality, which means to stand in the same position. When you have that love, you can go everywhere together. You have the right to participate in everything together, everywhere. Thus there are three great attributes of true love. When you have a relationship of love, you have the right of equal position, the right to participate together, and the right of inheritance.  You can immediately stand in the same position.

(9) When you have true love, you have the right of equal position.  The positions of father and son are different, but a father always wants his dutiful and loving son to be with him, and the son also wants that. The father would not say, "Hey, boy, you are the son, so your position is different; you have to go to your place." Even Though their positions are different, the son always has the privilege of sitting in the same place as his father. One attribute of love is the equalization of authority. One's beloved has the right to participate in that.

(10) If you are united in true love you have the right to hold an equal position and to do everything together with your beloved.  You do not separate from each other anywhere, day or night.  You can attend everything together. If your beloved becomes president, as the president's spouse you can go everywhere with the president. Even if he or she goes to visit a slum, you can go there; you can participate anywhere. You also have the right of inheritance. That is a law that applies to all people. It is a formula. This is why we naturally think about these things.



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