Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 62

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 1: The True Love of God, 18-36

(18) It is not so much Adam and Eve's bodies that God likes as their love for each other. God wants to be in the place where the two unite. The final destination of the purpose of creation that God seeks is the place where He can meet His children and love them. The final destination we wish to reach is where we can attend God as our father and receive His love as His children. This is why human beings strive to become the children of God and God strives to make us His children. The place where these two desires coincide is none other than in the parent-child relationship. There is no place higher than this.

(19) God is not in need of knowledge, as He is the creator of knowledge. God is not in need of power as He is almighty. God is not in need of money, as He can make diamonds and gold whenever He wants. There is only one thing that God needs: love. You may ask, "Can't God have as much love as He likes?" But God cannot have love by Himself. No matter how impressive a Ph.D. you have, no matter how overwhelming your power as a ruler of the world, no matter how awesome your wealth as a mighty king, you cannot possess love by yourself. What God needs most is a partner with whom He can share true love.

God, the origin of true love

(20) In terms of love, God is the origin of all the related emotions. It is from here that parents' love, husband-wife love, children's love, brotherly love, the love of relatives and the love of a people emerge. Just as the branches, twigs, and leaves spread out from a tree trunk, and as ripples flow out from waves, the shoots of love grow out; the farther they go, the more sensitive you become. If you become a person who receives God's love, the one among your relatives whose heart is closest to God will be attracted to you. If God is with you, people are attracted to you, although they don't know why.

(21) We should become sons and daughters who are concerned about the heart of our father and attend Him. Otherwise, we will become objects of pity. Once we know that God exists, that he seeks us and works for us, we must understand that it is not enough to attend this God as merely a mental image. God is the substantial being who wants to be with us eternally as one body, eating together, living together, sharing joy and suffering together for eternity. God is the eternally unchanging original being of love, the embodiment of eternal hope.  Jesus Christ was the person who made no excuses in front of this God. Completely forgetting himself, he was able to do anything for the sake of God's Will. We must be sons and daughters who can follow in Jesus' footsteps.

(22) Whenever we see something big, we want to make it our own. In our heart, there is nothing we cannot own. Our heart is vast enough to want to bring God to us and attend Him, and vast enough to bring any country that follows God to us and to bring the world to us. Therefore, attending God in our heart is not a problem; our heart is that big. We want to attend God in our heart. Since God is a loving God and the Absolute Being, we cannot put this being of absolute value anywhere else. People want to go together, be together and live together with the person they love. How do we want to live together with our beloved? We want to go deeply into one another, and become one. This is the original nature of love.

(23) A man must be able to say, "I am the subject partner of perfect love representing men.” A woman must be able to say, "I am the subject partner of perfect love representing women, so you and I absolutely need each other.” What a man absolutely needs on earth, other than God is a woman. Also, other than God, what a woman absolutely needs is a man. Why is this so? It is so they can receive God's love. To do this, the man and woman both must stand in the position of true perfection, where even if they could turn back they would not want to, and even if they had a chance to stop loving they would not want to. This is the meaning of attending God. The owner of love is neither man nor woman, but God.

(24) Where can we dig to find God's love? God's love does not originate where brothers and sisters love each other. God's love does not originate with man and woman's love at the center. God's love originates in the love between parent and child. There has to be a vertical relationship. Such a relationship is established only through parents' love, so the parent-child relationship is the foundation for love. In this love there is no distance. In this vertical relationship there must be a center.  There is only one center. The center must be the best place. Wherever there are two centers in this world, struggle begins.

(25) If with true love, you seek a person better than yourself, you must invest 100 percent, then 1,000 percent, and then invest again. When you think you have invested enough, at that moment, everything stops. When God created human beings, He wanted to make His object partners of love greater than Himself, so He invested every ounce of His being. He invested and wanted to invest even more, in order to make His intangible nature completely substantial. Only when you have invested everything and forgotten about your investment can you find the beginning of true love.  It is that simple. This is a fundamental principle of the universe.

Creation is the investment of true love

(26) Even though God is the Absolute Being and the subject of true love in the eternal, unchanging and unique realm, He doesn't ask others to live for Him.  Working from nothing, God invested Himself to bring everything into being. His investment was for His creation. He had to invest Himself. Through this investment, the universe came into being. The origin, the foundation and starting point was true love for the sake of the world. Everything began from true love. This was the original point, the beginning of the ideal.

(27) God invested Himself totally in making all things of creation. He found love only when the object partner into which He had invested was complete. In the same way, the more we invest ourselves for the sake of the public sphere, the more love will come to us. So we must be devoted children in our families. Why do we need to be dutiful toward our parents and loving toward our brothers and sisters? The more we are, the more love will come to us. Then, what do we want to own? We don't want to own knowledge, power or glory.  We want to own love. That's the highest purpose for which human beings were created.  It is the destination we seek.

(28) A mother offers her body for her child, and then forgets her investment. There is no mother who remembers how she gave and shared her flesh and blood. While she is nursing her baby, a mother does not keep a record in a notebook, writing, "Today I gave the baby this many milliliters of milk." she invests and forgets, invests and forgets. The way a mother raises her child is the same way God created all things, by investing and forgetting, investing and forgetting; the two are exactly the same.

(29) The origin of creation reveals the logic of love for the sake of others. It is great to invest for the sake of an object partner. This is where the life philosophy of "living for the sake of others" originates. Love should take us on a voyage to the ideal. The life philosophy of living for the sake of others originated in order to keep us moving in the direction of the world of purpose. Unless one takes the path of total investment, one cannot reach the destination of true love. This is possible only when you invest yourself totally and live completely for the sake of others.

(30) True love is love for the sake of others. Giving, or living, for the sake of others means searching for the object partner, the second creation, who is the object of love. Not only God creates; we too are creating now. Just as God invested Himself completely into His creation, likewise true love invests completely. When you invest yourself completely, your creation appears for you.

(31) True love is not about being served, but serving others. When God created His object partner of love in the beginning, He invested all of His energy, all of Himself, 100 percent. In this way God set the example of true love. In other words, God set the tradition of true love by exhausting Himself completely. This true-love is the center of the cosmos.

(32) The way of true love is not to have others live for one's own sake; it is to live for the sake of others. When God created His object partner of love, He did so for the sake of His object partner, repeatedly investing all He had. This God is the original central being. The original central being with this kind of heart is the God who made all creation. True love for the sake of others is giving 100 percent, then 1,000 percent; it is giving everything, thus turning oneself into a vacuum.

(33) Love is total investment. A man looking for love needs to invest everything. He has to invest his five senses completely, his eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sense of touch. Unless he fits with the perfect shape of the model according to the original form of creation, he does not qualify to attain his love. Resembling God, he must invest everything.

(34) God began His creation based on love. He did not do so in order to suffer a loss.  People often think that to give of oneself is to lose, so why did God invest everything? It is because love has the power to fill everything to overflowing and still remain undiminished. So God invested everything and used Himself up, but He received love in return. When you invest true love more and more, it does not gradually diminish. The more you invest, and the more you exchange, the more It expands. If it were a principle that true love grows smaller through investment, God would have been depleted.  But instead, the more He invests true love, the bigger it gets. The world of true love grows bigger as it moves. If you want to capture love, you need to invest and forget and invest and forget.

(35) God created all things of creation with the heart to invest Himself for the sake of His object partner, His partner of love. So if you love all things of creation as God did while creating them when He invested Himself and enjoyed everything with a heart of love, you will stand on God's side, the more you love the things of creation, the closer to God you will be.

(36) The origin of the universal principle is God. To create the universe, God invested Himself completely in everything He made. Throughout history, He has sacrificed Himself ceaselessly to save fallen human beings. The prophets, saints, and sages who knew God's Will and followed His Principle with their lives were not satisfied to merely keep the truth to themselves. They sacrificed themselves for the sake of teaching the truth to others.


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