Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 63

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 1: The True Love of God, 37
Section 2: The Origin of True Love, 1-16


(37) Why should I sacrifice myself, having to overcome difficulties, with a sense of responsibility for others? It is so that I can influence others. This is in order to stand in a position like that of God, who invested energy and created everything from nothing. When He looked at all that He had created, "God saw that it was good" (Gen. 1). Therefore, the things that came from that were also supposed to be good.  But we are not really good until we stand in the same position as God and follow His principles of creation.

Section 2: The Origin of True Love

(1) Where does true love begin? It is not from you; it begins from God.  God is the origin of love.  He created this world because He needed His ideal partner in love.  Accordingly, even the creation of heaven and earth had its origin in love. Love is possible only in a world of reciprocity. Love makes no sense outside the concept of reciprocity. Therefore, if there is a man, there must be a woman; if there is a right-hand side, there must be a left-hand side; if there is a top, there must be a bottom.  There must be above and below, front and back, right and left. Through these connections, a sphere is formed. Before creation, God had a mind and body. In the unity of mind and body, in love and without conflict, God lived and dreamed of realizing a world of ideal love. God wants not quiet love, but explosive love that can spin 360 degrees. To make and to find a partner for that kind of love, He created heaven and earth.

God is the origin of true love

(2) Any of you who have had a mystical experience will begin to wonder about and search for the origin of the universe. When you put this question into words and seek the origin of the universe, you will come to know one thing: Human beings are the original foundation of the universe and represent the whole world of creation.  What is the original foundation of human beings? It is life. What is the original foundation of life? It is love. If there were no love, there would be no life. Then what is the original foundation of love? Here you must look higher than human beings.  You must look to God. So we say God is love.  We say God is love, using the noun love, but that noun, love, cannot be realized all alone. It requires a reciprocal relationship.

(3) The word love makes sense only in reference to a reciprocal relationship. Not even the almighty Heavenly Father can establish love all alone. Love can be realized only in a reciprocal relationship. God's purpose in creating Adam and Eve was to feel joy. How can you experience happiness? It is not just by seeing, or speaking or touching, but only by loving that you come to feel happiness. God began the creation in order to actualize joy.

(4) Love does not begin with me. It comes from my object partner, and to receive it, I must open my door wide and invest myself completely for that partner. I must support my object partner. God, the Creator of the universe and the owner of true love, made the world not for Himself but for His object partner. God invested everything for His partner, everything of value that Lie possessed.

(5) True love originates in living for the sake of others. When God created the universe, the ideal of love was at stake. For the sake of what He had made, God has put out of His mind the thousands of years of fallen human history. Over and over and over again, He has given love in the face of betrayal and humiliation at the hands of human beings. That unconditional giving of love still remains on earth, even in this fallen human world.  It is a parent's love. What is true parental love When loving their children, parents who think, "Oh, I must get back everything I've given my children, with interest!" are not true parents. True parents sacrifice day and night, giving love again and again to their children. No matter where they go, they do not forget them and want to give more to them. They live for them twenty-four hours a day, transcending time and distance. This kind of love is closest to the original love. Because He is the origin of this kind of love, God could lead human beings to the truth and lay the foundation for their salvation.

(6) Love cannot begin from a self-centered position. We can love only when we can stand in our partner's position, honoring and protecting that position. Is there anyone who would say to his or her loved one, "Hey, you! Serve me!" When you lift up your partner and live for your partner more than for anyone else; when you feel you want to exist because of your partner, that is love. If you make yourself the center and command, "Do as I say!" that is not love.

(7) Even God cannot be happy alone, so He made all things of creation. Happiness and love begin from a reciprocal relationship. This is where the phrase "it is good" begins. Can anyone be truly happy alone? Words such as goodness, love, happiness, and hope apply when we seek to realize meaning in a reciprocal relationship of a higher dimension. This is how our level of happiness is determined.

(8) Love is not centered on myself. Love does not begin with me. A love relationship can come about only through a partner. Without a partner, it can't happen. Therefore both men and women need object partners. That is because love is not "mine." Love is something to be shared. Love is the power that can embrace everything in the universe. That love does not Start with me alone; it is sparked by having a partner. Therefore when there is no partner, I do not feel love. Even when there is a partner, love cannot function if I have a "me first" attitude.

(9) We say that parental love is good and conjugal love is good. True love is not self-centered. Love does not start from me but from my partner. Love comes from my husband or wife, from my sister or brother. Love does not start from me alone, but from relating with others. The owner of love is my object partner.

True love invests endlessly

(10) God wants to give His true love endlessly to His object partner. Parents hope that their children will surpass them, so they want to give their children more and more. Husbands and wives in love also want their partners to surpass them, so they invest themselves again and again and forget what they have given. This desire to invest and invest again in your object partner sparks the action of true love. From the position of the subject partner of true love, by continually giving and giving again for the sake of human beings, God exists eternally.

(11) God, too, invested for the sake of human beings. He exists for our sake.  Hence people have tried to follow Him for tens of thousands of years. In order to maintain a position in the universe that follows the heavenly law of existing for the sake of others, you also need to exist for others.  Only by living for the sake of others can you be accepted in the East and West, in the past and the present.  Because God's love is the same in the past and in the present, and in the East and the West, He can deal successfully with the East and West and the past, present, and future. Because love can overcome the differences between the past, present, and future, development can take place; and because love overcomes the differences between East and West, the two can be united. All this is possible only through love.

(12) No one wants a beloved partner or a dear child to be inferior to oneself. Where does this heart come from? It comes from God. He feels the same way.  God wants His love partner and His children to be better than Himself. Therefore, to create children better than Himself, a love partner better than Himself, He had to invest more than Himself. Even now He has to invest one thousand times more and forget what He has given, then invest ten thousand times more and forget what He has given. Without the concept of investing, we can't expect a better object partner to appear. So a person who gives true love with the original heart that wants to give more, even after giving his or her life and living this way for a thousand years, keeps on giving. God's logic consists of wanting to make His object partner rise to the highest point and then still further, and so if you wish to possess God's love you'll have to invest more than God has invested. The basis of true love is investing even your life and not looking back.

(13) Because God is omniscient and omnipotent, He has His own sovereign power to invest in what He is imagining, thousands and tens of thousands of times beyond Himself.  He invests and forgets how much He has invested. Love can invest itself limitlessly to produce limitless value. When you continually invest yourself, you automatically advance upward in a spiral movement. In the realm of this spiral movement, I can become an owner. Also, I can inherit the ownership of love in the heavenly world. Since love has the right of inheritance, the right to live together and the right to participate together, this sphere of activity belongs to me.  Looking at this, we can see that God is the true king of knowledge.  Why would He invest Himself and forget how much He has invested? It is so that He can continue to invest Himself again and again. Through the principle of self-replicating spherical movement, eternal rotation begins. From this, we can establish the logic for the reality of eternal life. The act of investment repeated again and again exhibits the logic behind eternal life.

(14) True love dwells in the place where you love, forget how much you have loved, and want to love again. It dwells where you invest even your life and forget how much you have invested, and invest again. True love is giving everything of value all at once and then forgetting what you have given. Why must you forget? Because if you want to give more, you need to forget what you have given already. A mother gives her love and forgets what she has given. She doesn't record it in a notebook and expect to get it back. A mother is happy while giving her milk and giving her life to her child. Even mothers in this fallen world are like this, so you should be even more giving. True love exists eternally among those who invest totally and then forget how much they have invested.

(15) True love stems from total investment. When you have sacrificed everything and forgotten even your life, true love continues. True love continues on a plane beyond the point of investing your life. This is because true love is the origin of life.  Unless you invest more than your life, there is no way to connect to true love. True love is the origin of life, so if you sacrifice everything you can go back to that place of origin.

(16) The more love you give, the more love you have; it never ends. You will have enough to give even more. Everything else comes to an end. Money, knowledge, and power all come to an end. Everything that has to do with human circumstances and recognition in the world comes to an end. Yet eternal true love never comes to an end, no matter how much you give out. Amazingly, it continues eternally. Therefore, with the power of love, you can move the entire universe and still have more remaining.



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