Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 61

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 1: The True Love of God, 1-17

(1) What kind of being is God? He is the God of love. St. Paul said, "Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Rom. 8:39). Even Jesus Christ would be nothing without God’s love. This is why we value God's love above everything. God's love is the original source of life, the source of happiness, and the source of peace.

What is God's love?

(2) God's love is stronger than the sun. When the sun rises in the morning, the shoots of all plants turn toward it. Yet God's love, and it alone, is the source of life, the source of our original mind, and the source of the ideal.

(3) The coming Lord possesses God's original true love and His real truth. Through this truth, families emerge, and true societies, nations and the world emerge. On each of these levels—individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world—love, ideas, and personality emerge. It all begins with the individual. In this way, a person who lives a true life as an individual, in whatever corner of the world he or she may be, is living for the sake of the whole world. That is how it is in the world of love. Living in the world of heart for even one hour would be our source of pride for a thousand years, and living in that world for one day would give us pride for ten thousand years. It is true love that allows us to experience the precious value of life. True love lets us feel even the energy by which our cells multiply. The world filled with God's love is like that. It is hard to describe in words, but it is a world of enchantment where all our cells are dancing and we feel as if we are flying on the clouds on a bright spring day.

(4) How shall we describe God's love? It is like being enraptured by a warm spring day with white clouds floating gently in the sky. The air shimmers above the ground, insects crawl around, and ants scurry about, exploring the world. Beside a (flowing stream, pussy willows bloom, frogs sing songs of spring, and bees and butterflies flit about. It feels as if you are drifting off to sleep, but you aren't sleeping. You are awake and in a happy mood, rejoicing in the beauty around you. God's love has such a flavor that lasts forever. Our mood as we focus on becoming the ideal object partner for whom God is seeking is like our mood in that flower garden with the fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees.

(5) The place where God dwells is filled with love. It is a place where the more you give, the more you want to give, and the more you receive, the more you want to return millions of times more than you receive. This is the kingdom of heaven.  Because you can give more and receive more there, you feel an explosive stimulation, as if all your cells are bursting. God's love is like that.

(6) What defines a good person? It is the attitude that good and precious things belong to the whole, rather than to him or her alone, and it is the heart to connect the value of such things to the value of the whole. God, who created heaven and earth, is a being of utmost goodness, the root of all things, and the subject partner of love. When there is someone whom God can truly trust and love and to whom He can entrust things, He will want to hand over everything He values to that person. If this is so, the desire to give one's most precious things to others is the principle of heavenly law and the original heart of all people.

(7) God's love encompasses parents' love, the love between husband and wife, and children's love. Of course, it includes siblings' love as well, and when that expands, it also contains love for the nation and the world. So we say that God's love is parental love, conjugal love, and filial love. This is the most wonderful statement that can be made. Because the power of love can guide everything, it affects one's destiny. If we really understood love and its power to determine what happens in our life, we would be able to change our destiny.

(8) The love God needs is absolute love. Just as God needs absolute love, unique love, unchanging love, and eternal love, we also need absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. In this respect, we resemble God. Since God has both a masculine and feminine nature as well as plus and minus qualities, He created human beings, His substantial object partners, as men and women. Thus when people marry, they become the substantial plus and minus representing God. God seeks to bring perfect unity between His vertical love and horizontal love through marriage; this is God's Will.

(9) When giving us love, how much would God want to give? God is not one who limits His love, saying, "Okay, okay, that's enough.” God wants to love without limit even after giving everything, God will still say, "Because of who you are, I want to live deeper inside you.” That impulse is in the original nature of love. Once having entered into a relationship of love, God would be happy to live even as a servant.  A father feels joy even when he sees his beloved infant son or daughter climbing onto his dinner table.  Love transcends the law. After giving all His love to people until now, can God say, "I have given everything to you. Why have you given nothing back?" The God of absolute love still has the attitude that He has not been able to give all the love He wants to give. God cannot assert Himself. It is a principle of creation that God wanted to give humankind complete love, and for that reason, because He still has not been able to give us that complete love, He wants to give us something more. Because God is like that, the more we think of Him, the better we feel.

(10) God says, "I am love.” This means He likes love by night and by day, while working, resting, dancing or crying. This is why He said, "I have love, in all its fullness.” The phrase, "in all its fullness, " indicates that everything is contained therein. The one who likes love most is God. Since God has such love, if we come to know and taste His love, we will not let go of God even at the cost of our life.

(11) To receive God's vertical love, an original, unfallen couple has to stand in loving oneness, the man on the right and the woman on the left, perpendicular to God's vertical love, ablaze in love and unity. When that happens, they engraft to God as one man and one woman. How are they engrafted? There must be a balance.  What does this entail for the individual? Start with the understanding that God is the bone of love. With respect to love, God's love is like the bone and human love is like the flesh. The bones and the flesh become one and assume a form, like the human body. God's love is the bone love, and True Parents' love is the flesh love.

Eternal and absolute true love

(12) Do you have eternal love in your heart? Have you arrived at the position where you can say, "God's love has come to me. It will never change. Though heaven and earth may change, this promise does not change"? That's where you have to be. God's love appears in places that do not change. God's love is unchanging, so we can say it is eternal. Because it is unchanging love, if it comes to you, it comes on the foundation of your having also developed an unchanging heart. Therefore throughout your life, everything you eat, you should eat for that love; you should sleep for that love; everything you do should be only for that love. If you have a perfect, unchanging standard for the sake of love, God's love will appear. If that doesn't happen, all the promises of the universe are proven false.

(13) God is in the position of the Father for all humankind. Because He is the Father, He is the center for All his children. Even Though God created humankind, since He is in the position of their Parent, He also naturally exists for their sake. Parents want to exist for the sake of their children. Day and night they worry about their children's safety. Parents try to protect them from troubles and from harm. The way of goodness is to seek and connect to the original nature of such a parent; that is the way of love.  Goodness brings the connection of love in the parent-child relationship and enables us to realize our purpose. That is why we have to base goodness on love, and not just any love, but God's love, which is at the center.  If we do not do so, we cannot establish the center of love on earth.

(14) Until now, God has loved those people, tribes, and nations that were dear to Him. He blessed the Israelites as individuals, as a people and as a nation, adding blessings again and again, with the concern that they might reject His blessing if they Thought it too small.  Even this was not enough. He wanted to bless them further by sending His beloved Son. When they rejected that blessing, He even gave them the life of His Son.  Even after His only Son died as he did, God still wanted to give more love. This is why, on the day when this love is finally returned, all of heaven and earth will be transformed into the ideal kingdom of heaven.

(15) Where do God and human beings connect? They connect where their life, love and ideals intersect. This is nothing other than the parent-child relationship. How great would our joy be if we could be equal to God? God is the subject partner of our love, life, and ideal. If this is so, do we still need to pray? God's authority and dignity are not the issue. Without hesitation, we can hold on to God. When we experience God embracing us, caressing us and loving us, it melts our very bones.

(16) What happens when you experience God's love? Your hair will dance and so will all your cells.  When you become completely intoxicated in this love, you don't faint; you want to live forever. If someone tries to wake you, you plead not to be awakened. As the saying goes, "A saint's delight makes him forget the passage of time.” There is indeed a way to become enraptured by this level of love, which exists far beyond human imagination.

(17) Why do all people like God and follow Him? It is because God is the One who gives everything to them, then continues giving more, continues giving everything for thousands of years, and still feels it is not enough. He says, "Now I can give you only this much, but wait a bit longer, and I will give you something that is many hundreds of times, many thousands of times better.” This is because He has so much in His heart that He is never satisfied with what He has given today.  Far from it; He promises to give better things in the future. If we were with that kind of God, we would be happy even if we were poor and had no food to eat. Such a reality would be no problem because we would be stimulated by hope. It would be like receiving a jolt. In fact, that kind of situation is all the better because it leads to a new resolve. Being together like that, our tears, shed for the future, would be mutually comforting. We would not despair over the present reality but would be filled with hope for tomorrow. Encouraging each other face to face, we would express our mutual resolve. It would be an intense experience.



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