Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 60

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 5: Inheriting the Victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind
Section 5: Inheriting the Teachings of the True Parents, 25-36

(25) Now you do not need to give sermons of your own. Rather than making your own sermon to preach, find a title from among my sermons that is appropriate to the occasion and use that sermon in a manner that fits your circumstances. Create a separate book of your own with sermon titles and three-line summaries of each sermon. Then, whenever you need to speak, all you need to do is to decide the title that you would like to give your sermon on and find a portion of my sermon that matches what you want to say in your sermon. When you feel that you need to speak about some specific topic, read from the books of my sermons those that are relevant to that topic, and then give your sermon. Also, even for your prayer, use the words that I prayed. There is nothing Heaven likes more than that. This is how you should always give sermons.

Disseminate and practice the Word

(26) My words have substance that will last for eternity. They are teachings that can enable us to transcend life's circumstances. Evil circumstances in your life cannot devour teachings that are true. True teachings cannot be restrained by anything in the evil world. Through these words, people should constantly motivate themselves to overcome their evil environment. But because people these days are not doing this, Christianity worldwide has entered a state of confusion. True Father comes with a loving heart for his children. Since that is so, should there not be a place where he can convey his true words to his beloved children? You have to find that place—the Unification Church—where he speaks those true words. When you find that place and Listen to him, even if you listen to him a thousand times, you will still find his words refreshing. Those words have meaning that is linked to eternity, with the true value of goodness. Unless you connect to those words, which have such true value, you cannot become his true children.

(27) The flavor of True Father's words will never become bland, even if you hear them repeatedly for a thousand years. The same words will comfort you when you are sad and delight you when you are happy. My words can be your wonderful object partners; you can relate to them according to your state of mind and the emotions that you are experiencing in your life. Such is their value.

(28) The number of church members will increase in proportion to how often you convey the words of the Divine Principle. Another issue is how sincere you are in conveying the Divine Principle. You must share it with your utmost sincerity; there is no other way. Human beings were created through the Word. Since they lost the Word, they must be re-created through the Word. The Word has three main elements: the word of God's love, the word of God's life and the word of God's lineage. Simply, they are love, life, and lineage. When you convey the Word to others, they should feel love welling in their hearts, life surging in their hearts, and lineage changing in their hearts. People need to shed their skin three times, at the formation, growth and completion levels, in order to reach maturity.

(29) You must convey my teachings throughout the world. With the arrival of the Completed Testament Age, I am conveying a new message. When I made the new proclamation of the Completed Testament Age to the entire world, I also bestowed my words in the form of the scripture of the Completed Testament. That is why I am telling you to read and study it. You must unite with these words. Before you can become one with me, you must become one with my words.

(30) A person who cannot understand my words as they should be understood will be judged by them. Even Though our earthly lives will end, I have to leave behind my words for the benefit of the unending line of our descendants. As long as our destiny to complete God’s providence of restoration remains unaccomplished, our descendants will have to work based on my words. We must observe and protect these precious words. God has been anticipating the day when all the peoples of the world will bow before these words. God has been enduring a history of great suffering and hardship until now in order to bring all people to surrender to these words of truth.

(31) God gives His words of love to Satan's world. Then, out of Satan's world, people should come forth who have absolute faith in God's Word. This means there should be a group of people who believe in God's Word absolutely, unlike Adam, who did not. They need to do things that will bring God to trust them more than He trusted the archangel, who betrayed God when he caused Adam and Eve to lose their faith in the Word.  On the condition that they listen to God's Word, He can snatch their bodies from Satan's realm.  He has to recover their bodies so they can come to Him.

(32) After joining the Unification Church, it is not enough for you to know the words of truth you learned from the Divine Principle merely in your head. Even as you know these teachings intellectually, you must also feel them in your heart. Once you truly know the teachings with both your mind and your heart, you will not hesitate to take action and fight Satan because you will want to fulfill the purpose of those teachings. Moreover, you will never be able to speak ill of True Father or reverse your thinking and take a position that could betray Heaven.

(33) You eat every day and the food still tastes good. Likewise, you can eat spiritual food that connects you to the truth every day, and it will still taste good. I am saying that words of life are satisfying, even if you hear them every day. People who enjoy listening to the words of the Divine Principle until the day they die will certainly not go to hell. You may think, "I already know all these things!" but you know them only in your head, which has nothing to do with the realm of heart. The more you listen to these words, the more Heaven's realm of life will come and help you.

(34) The word is the substance that nurtures our life. It is a grave mistake to think that just because you attended a twenty-one-day workshop and a forty-day workshop, you are now a member in good standing of the Unification Church.  You have to continue studying the Divine Principle book. The experiences and insights that come to you when you treasure the Divine Principle in your heart will become your personal testimony, which later you can share at any time. At those times, you will be able to convey the grace that you received from the Divine Principle.

(35) All of you now living in the Last Days, are to become the ancestors of the Third Israel. You need to understand: the final teaching will be God’s words of love.  Therefore, you should not keep God’s Word as God’s Word and yourselves as yourselves, having nothing to do with each other. You are to become the visible, substantial embodiments of God's Word of love. God's innermost heart has to become your innermost heart. In other words, you need to become the embodiment of the original heart of God. All of you need to carry out the mission of a second creator who can disseminate the Word of God. That is to say, you must become propagators of the Word, propagators of life, and propagators of the substance of God. In this way, you will become one with God centering on love; then can you attend God eternally. This is the standard of the Third Israel. Only in this manner can you plant the Word, the substance and the life.

(36) You should not become people who follow my teachings blindly. First, you should study my teachings, and next you should become their embodiment with the character of a subject partner. This means you have to become a subject partner who is imbued with the Word and who has attained the character to create spiritual children. However, when I look at people in the Unification Church who are studying the Divine Principle, I see many who have not attained that standard of heart and character, but who only work and act based on their knowledge of the Divine Principle. This will not do. Having studied my words, you should be able to express them as your own words. You should speak about the Divine Principle, but not as something that you were taught by some teacher. Rather, you should speak from the perspective of having a living relationship with it in your own flesh and bones.  Although people may initially connect to you through your teaching the Divine Principle, unless you can speak with the authority of an original subject partner, you will end up having no relationship with them. Thus you have to perfect your character and become the substance of the Word yourself.



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