Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 59

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 5: Inheriting the Victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind
Section 5: Inheriting the Teachings of the True Parents, 10-24


(10) A thousand years from now, will the words that I spoke as the founder of the Unification Church have disappeared? Whenever I think about it, I realize that this is a serious matter. My words must not remain only within your hearts; they must flow and become medicinal waters—not just spring water—so that everyone can drink those waters, even one thousand years from now. I want people to be able to point to my words with pride, recognizing that they are a universal remedy, a medicine that can cure all ailments. For this, I am offering sincere devotion in the hope that my words will last forever as life-giving words.

(11) The truth of the Unification Church is not only a truth that was revealed through struggles in its own history. It is the truth that existed even before the Creation. It is God's ideal of creation to establish a true family, a true tribe, a true people, a true nation and a true world based on the relationship with True Parents. This truth revealed in the Divine Principle also contains the details of what was done in the history of God's providence of restoration in order to realize God's ideal.

(12) The True Parents are the ancestors of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute wisdom. It was with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute wisdom that I discovered the words of the Divine Principle. Therefore, whether we stand in front of God, Satan or history, no one can deny their validity; all must affirm it. The Divine Principle is indeed a strong shield; it has such power.

(13) The Unification Principle connects everything by the laws of nature. That is why it is called the Principle. It is Heaven's Principle. That is to say, it is the eternally unchanging Principle. The Principle is not a doctrine. It is not a doctrine of the Unification Church. It is not a doctrine taught by True Parents. A doctrine is something by which fallen people seek out Heaven, but what do people who live together with God have to do with a doctrine? The Principle is Heaven's law.

(14) My words are such that you will not understand them right away. However, if you read the books that contain my words many times, you will come to understand them without fail. I have a mind that can see the whole picture. By distinguishing, comparing and contrasting everything in this wide world, I have rearranged all knowledge based on the standard of a new tradition, which is called the Divine Principle. With it, I have established a philosophical system that completely restructures the entire spectrum of knowledge in all major fields. It will require thousands or even tens of thousands of scholars to recognize the full value of the Divine Principle. In the Divine Principle, the Unification Church possesses a formidable weapon.

(15) My teachings embody an understanding that will forever remain at the top as the central teaching, even if in the course of history the Unification Church disappears. Even if you fail to fulfill it, others will do so at some point. A time will come when many nations will compete to fulfill my teachings. When that happens, your situation will be the opposite of what it is today. Those who were first will be last, and those who were last will be first. Everything will be turned upside down. Those of you who miss this opportunity will not be remembered in history.

(16) In the course of seeking the True Parents, have you really felt the value of True Parents' words? They are the teachings that enable you to connect with eternal value. If you have never felt their value, it would not matter if True Father came and told you personally how truly valuable his words are, still you would not be able to recognize their value. In order to clearly understand the value of these words of truth, you need to pray. People on earth must seek out True Father's teachings, for they are words of truth. They are words that move the heart of Jesus and words that move the heart of God, who has carried out His providence for six thousand years. Moreover, when those words appear on the earth, they will reveal the ups and downs of that six-thousand-year history. They will reveal God's anger, ill-treatment, and bitterness. For these reasons, True Father's words cannot help but move God's heart.

(17) God's Word does not establish rules; its purpose is to give us life and fulfill his plan. There are many religious doctrines and ideologies on the earth today that advocate truth, but there are no teachings that truly bring peace to our mind and body, even when we practice them; nor are there teachings in which we can be deeply immersed for eternity. If God's Word enables the love of God, the source of life in the universe, to move within our mind and body, then surely with God's true Word we can fundamentally resolve the claims of all ideologies and doctrines.

(18) You need to establish a tradition based on the Word and develop a character that will enable you to attain oneness with the Word. In the Last Days, there are three judgments: the first is judgment by the Word, the second is judgment of character, and the third is judgment of heart. This is the absolute standard; it is already established. The Fall occurred when the first human beings could not unite with God's Word. Adam and Eve should have taken God's commandment not to eat the fruit as absolute and thus established the right tradition. But they did not do so, and consequently fell. Therefore, those people who walked the course of restoration had to establish the tradition of uniting with the Word, which prefigured the ultimate truth that appears in the end times. In heaven, such a tradition has been already established, but it has not yet been established for people on earth. If this tradition is not established, then there is a possibility that, like Christianity, the Unification Church will split into many denominations.

(19) The critical issue is to establish the tradition that brings us into oneness with the Word. You should not be separate from the Word. You should be people who cultivate yourselves based on the Word and move forward based on the Word. You have to establish a tradition based on the Word by taking it as the absolute standard. For this, you need to be tuned to my mind and heart as it was when I introduced the Word. You study the Word so that you can believe in the Word, yet your standard of understanding is not yet perfect. There is a time-honored standard in background to the Word, and you have to meet that standard. For this, you need to establish a tradition of deeply penetrating the Word.

True Parents' sermons are a treasure

(20) How many volumes of my sermons have been published? Up to now, you have not been interested in the books of my sermons. From God's viewpoint, no matter how many books you may find in a library, they are of little use compared to the books of my sermons. Think about the fact that there are a huge number of volumes of my sermons. The contents of these books are to save the sons and daughters of this world. The volumes of my sermons are still first editions. If you buy them, they will become your pride from generation to generation. If you think about this from God's viewpoint, they are the most valuable of all books. There will never be a second set of True Parents. For eternity, and absolutely, there will be only one set of True Parents. You need to learn what kind of person I am and do not think you know how deep, high and broad I am. Yet you can know my character through the volumes of my sermons. These books are like a lighthouse giving out light in the darkness of night.

(21) Many volumes of my sermons have been published. I read them every morning during hoon dok hwe. Now we do not need any more large-scale rallies. I have already taught you everything you need to do. I have even spoken in detail about tribal messiahship. These are not ideas I came up with as I developed the church.  I had already made a detailed plan for teaching them in advance, and I have been teaching you on that basis. That is one thing that is to my credit. Many things I have said may have sounded like idle fancy, but I have already substantiated them in my own life. Once you own the volumes of my sermons, preparing your own sermons and similar talks will be no problem. Those books are a vast treasure. All the money in the world cannot compare with the value of those words.

(22) I usually rise at 3:30 in the morning. When I get up, I read from the books of my sermons that I delivered in the past. Their content is awe-inspiring. Since it was I who spoke those words, I know all of the content; yet when I read them I still become tearful. People who hear such precious words and then just drift away will have a hard time forgiving themselves. These sermons are more precious than your homes, more precious than your land.

(23) How many books of my sermons have you read thus far? This is a serious matter. The more you read, the more you will shine and the greater your value will become. You have to know everything I have taught. Even a king who makes his nation great, understands the world, and knows the truth, will find the books of my sermons to be a treasure. Even now, I am reading and studying my words. I have to straighten out every point before I die. If there are any mistakes, I must correct them. It will be a problem if there are any errors.

(24) How many books of my sermons have been published so far? If you have the opportunity to share some of the sermons from these books, you will find many parts that move people to weep rivers of tears. Even now, I read the books of my sermons for two hours every day. While reading one of the prayers that I gave several decades ago, I found a part where I mentioned about the fulfillment of the Completed Testament Age even then! This is something that I have been talking about recently, so when I came to that point in the prayer I felt something that resonated to my bones. How amazing these prayers are. This is not a matter of personal pride. These prayers are full of inspirations, which when I reflect upon them, are stimulating to me even now. They are like a huge chest full of treasure.



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