Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 58

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 5: Inheriting the Victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind
Section 4: Inheriting the True Parents' Tradition, 12-17
Section 5: Inheriting the Teachings of the True Parents, 1-9


(12) In order to inherit God's providence in its entirety, we have to be faithful to His providential tradition. And not only should we be faithful to the tradition, we should take responsibility for it. Alter taking responsibility, we should transform society.  Heavenly Father's tradition needs to be passed on to everyone. If the social environment is not in accord with His tradition, then we must fight to change whatever is contrary to it. Otherwise, there will be no progress.

(13) In order to inherit a historical connection with God and True Parents and fulfill the responsibility of pioneers in this era, you need to receive the pure tradition of God's providence of restoration, assume responsibility for the existing circumstances of your life, and fight to build the foundation for a new ideal in the future.

(14) The heavenly kingdom is the place where people who lived for the sake of others go. They are those who invested themselves for the world and cultivated relationships with its people. They journeyed throughout the world to embrace its peoples, to serve God and strive to realize the ideal. They will be the owners of the heavenly kingdom. You should take pride in doing these things. You should be able to take pride in your mother and father, your wife or husband, your sons and daughters, and your siblings. Then, you need to extend this tradition and apply it to the nation; you need to extend this formula to the world and to heaven and earth. If you become such people, then wherever you go you will have the right of equal participation, the right of equal position and the right of inheritance.

(15) The victory I bequeath to you is the family-level realm of victory. What kind of family am I talking about? It is a family that represents the world. The family that fulfills a messianic mission is one that represents the world, embracing and taking care of all matters and traveling back and forth freely among all people. I want your family to become such a family. When all five races want to find their way into your family, when they try to create relationships with your family, you should not block them or say that only certain people may come in. It is a principle that if you are connected to the central point of heart, your heart will expand in all four directions.  Power and action emanate from that central point in all directions without exception. That center is the True Family. Accordingly, the True Family must be at the core of your family for it to realize the kingdom of heaven.

(16) The family is the base for finding the homeland and hometown and settling there. How should you live in such a family? You should connect to True Father and live with him, immersed in his tears. Then you will weep for the sake of your nations and your families. You need to recover your families. How can you do that? It is by upholding the tradition of tears, the tradition of sweat, the tradition of blood, the tradition of water running from the nose, and the tradition of investing your whole self. That is how you should bequeath unchanging purity, an unstained lineage, pure love and a pure approach to sexual relations to the second and third generations, and on to countless generations of your lineage. Above and below, front and back, left and right—all directions must all be cleansed. Only then can you bequeath the pure love of an unstained lineage. You have to pass through the gate of pure sexual relations in order to plant pure seeds of true love, true life, and true lineage.

(17) You need to suffer for the Will more than others do. If you do, everyone will follow you. Who has suffered for the church? Who has sacrificed their own family and relatives for the church? Who is suffering more and is therefore closer to the tradition of heart? When someone of the lowest rank prays night and day for the Will and sheds blood and sweat while striving to realize the spirit of love, whether that person is a woman or a man, Heaven will make a new history through that person. In the Unification Church, that kind of tradition is already established. The question as to which of my sons or daughters will become my heir will be decided on the basis of which of them suffers the most for the Will and fulfills his or her filial duty. It is the same for each of you. It is the same in the family and the same in the church. Everyone must follow this tradition.

Section 5: Inheriting the Teachings of the True Parents

(1) The question is not how to unify the world, but how to unify yourself. Within each of you, your mind and body are divided and are fighting every day. To resolve this problem, you need God's word. Living by the word, you should resemble God's character and heart. You have to reach the point where God likes it when you love yourself, and where God would lift you up and give you His recognition. You have to arrive at the point where God recognizes the things you say as true. In order to become such people in reality, the most urgent matter is to create the realm of unity with others in your daily life and to become a person who has mind-body unity within yourself. How can you know whether you have become a person with mind-body unity? Go out and spread the word with utmost devotion. When you do so, you will realize that God is always with you through your connection to the Word.

The value of the Divine Principle and Father's words

(2) We are connected to God through the Word. If the Word did not exist, we could not be connected to God. If it were not for the Word, we could not find the way to connect with Him. Hence, unless there are people who actually spread the Word, nothing will happen. God's purpose in connecting to us as human beings is to enable us to connect to His love. Those who convey the Word that connects people to God may be people on earth, but the Word they convey is from God. It is through that Word that people are made new.

(3) The Fall happened because of a failure to uphold God's Word. Therefore, as we seek to follow this path, which is centered on God's Word, we are to be a group that pledges to absolutely uphold God's Word. What kinds of people rely on God's Word? They are the most public, living for the sake of the world and for all humankind, living for the sake of God. When God looks at them, He wants them to stand with Him in an ideal relationship, not content to remain merely in their current relationship with Him. Moreover, God wants them to go beyond their present situation and move forward toward their place in God's ideal. They are people who live for God's ideal, for God's tomorrow and for the tomorrow of all humanity. Imagine how difficult that is! Nevertheless, I am saying that we should become a group of people who build the world of the future. When we become such people, then whenever God thinks of the future, He will think of me and of the Unification Church; and whenever people think of tomorrow, they will think about the Unification Church and think about me. We can arrive at this outcome.

(4) God is calling us with His Word. Therefore, we need to follow as His Word directs us. By what route can we meet each other as true parents and true children? It is through true words, the Word given by our Heavenly Parent. You cannot become such children unless you know the Parent's word. If it is true that the Parent God's Word is absolute and true, you will not feel tired even if you listen to that same word for a thousand or ten thousand years. The Parent God's Word has no end. You have to search for that word. It is not enough to find words that fit the constraints you impose with your own logic. The Parent's Word teaches not only the greatest principles but also gives life to those who listen. It gives you life no matter how many times you hear it, even if you listen repeatedly for all eternity.

(5) The words of loving parents are eternal; they transcend time and space. It is even more so with God's Word; it transcends history, transcends ages and eras, transcends ideologies and transcends philosophies. It is more precious than the words of any human being. His Word, whether you listen to it or read it, at night or during the day, flows endlessly into your heart.

(6) The words that Jesus spoke to the Jewish people, and all the things he showed them, were not based on his own desire. They were related to the Will of Heaven. Jesus represented the providential Will of God. However, within the realm of the Fall, a clash arose between Jesus and the people who were meant to relate with God's Will through him. When God's Word appears in the fallen world it can transform an individual when it appears to an individual; it can transform a people when it appears to a people; it can transform the world when it appears in the world. The Jewish people did not know that Jesus was the manifestation of God's Word that could transform heaven and earth.

(7) I am the owner of the Word. I became the owner of the Word because I have lived according to the Word. The first human beings did not become the owners of the Word and therefore they failed to become True Parents; hence someone else had to become the True Parents and embody the Word. Mother and I did that, and then we offered its fruit before God. This is why we can all advance into the era of liberation and complete freedom and realize the ideal of God's purpose of creation.

(8) No one can erase the words I have spoken. When I listen again to the words that I spoke fifty years ago, I bow down out of respect for those words. When I spoke in those days, I did so with such seriousness. I had the urgent determination that even though I could die that day, I would leave my words for future generations. Even though I might be dead and gone, I knew that my words were so profound and significant that with them people in the future would be able to lead the world. When you read the volumes of my sermons, you should be moved to the degree that you come to that realization. You should have spiritual experiences. You may enjoy playing and dancing and such, but to be enraptured by my words and grow spiritually through them is a blessing among all blessings for you, your ancestors in the spirit world, and your descendants in the earthly world.

(9) If the content of many newspapers is saved on a computer drive, you will be able to read it even a thousand or ten thousand years from now. Likewise, if we store all my words on CDs, billions of people in every corner of the globe will be able to use computers to listen to it. We are now living in such an era. Therefore, you cannot hide falsehoods. There is no longer anywhere to hide them. As the words of Heaven—the words of Heaven's love—shine brightly throughout the world, the forces of darkness will eventually self-destruct. They will have to flee further and further away. Once the light begins to shine, darkness can no longer rule in the realms bathed in that light.


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