Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 57

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 5: Inheriting the Victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind
Section 3: Inheriting the True Parents' Realm of Victory, 11-13
Section 4: Inheriting the True Parents' Tradition, 1-11

The path to inheriting True Parents' realm of victory

(11) The settlement of the Completed Testament Age means that we who center on the True Parents' family have become one large family in the plus position. All human beings are in the minus position. With True Parents' family in the plus position, all other families are its counterparts. If they unite as one with True Parents' family by taking the position of a perfect minus, they will all rise to the same position as the True Parents' family. This is the formula for recovering the universe. Three main conditions are required for this to happen. First, the lineage must be changed. Second, the right of ownership must be changed. Finally, the realm of heart must be changed. The realm of heart includes three stages: the individual, family, and tribe. The stages in this realm form one set that cannot be divided up. Therefore, as tribal messiahs, you must connect these three stages of heart into one. Based on this foundation, you can then move up to the level of the nation.

(12) God's ideal of creation is based on love that partakes of His chief attributes: absolute love, unique love, unchanging love, and eternal love. Based on such love, you can maintain your purity. This means that coming from a fallen lineage, you need to maintain your purity—to take the completely correct position for true love and true life. On the foundation of purity, you can change your lineage. After that, you can experience pure love. You receive your inheritance after settling as a family of filial children; and then you expand the scope of your family to become a family of patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters, uniting the world on the horizontal plane. Then you will inherit the authority of victory, which is as sweet as a fragrant flower.

(13) In order to become the eldest son, and to inherit the right of the eldest son, you have to be better than Satan. You have to represent God in all areas and stand in the position to take responsibility in accordance with God's rules and principles. The person who loves God the most receives the prize. Because of this principle, it is possible for God to carry out the providence of restoration. Inheritance is received based on love, and it is in accordance with this principle that you can claim back the birthright of the eldest son. As sons and daughters on Heaven's side, you must be more filial to your parents than the sons and daughters of Satan's world. As people on Heaven's side, you must love your family, your nation, the world and all humankind more than the people of Satan's world do. You must be better in all aspects. They have to give you their inheritance voluntarily; you cannot take it by force.

Section 4: Inheriting the True Parents' Tradition

(1) As a consequence of the seeds that were sown by the Fall in the garden of Eden, various phenomena of the harvest of their fruit will arise around the world. Now is that time. Since this world cannot continue as it is, the time has come to reap the fruit of the Fall. This world became the way it is because it inherited a tradition that deviated from God due to its relationship with the fallen parents. Therefore, True Parents must come and establish a new teaching. Should it be based on the current ways of the world or the cosmos? No, it should be based on true families. Unless the teaching of true family appears, the teaching for a new world cannot emerge. The representative of this true family teaching must be God's true son. He should be the internal heir who inherits everything related to God's heart. He should also be God's external heir, who inherits the ownership of all things. In other words, he should be a man who can inherit God's heart, God's body and all things. Only such a son can be God's representative. Only when that son comes will God's kingdom finally be realized.

True Parents' tradition

(2) How will history unfold? When True Parents' tradition is established, True Parents' actual way of life will remain in history as the standard for all traditions for all eternity. Suppose we continue on for one thousand years from this point.  People will not be moving forward looking to the future; rather, they will move forward looking back one thousand years, modeling their lives on things as they are in this present time. Until today, fallen people have sought to unify the world, but once the True Parents emerge and are recognized as the central persons of the world, all people will totally emulate the tradition of the True Parents and uphold them as the center. As time goes by, the domain based on that center will continue to expand. Indeed, True Parents' family is the foundation representing the tradition of a future that people hope to see. The purpose of God's history of six thousand years has been to create True Parents' family. Why are people going through struggles at the present time? It is so they can meet True Parents' family.

(3) What is True Parents' love? In the garden of Eden the first human beings failed to become the true ancestors and could not establish the tradition of original love.  Therefore, at some point in time the Messiah must come, and in the position of the True Parents he has to establish this tradition of love from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, and world. When it is realized on the level that transcends peoples of all ethnicities, the kingdom of heaven will be established on earth. It will be God's museum. Thus far, individuals and families have been disconnected from God. Hence, what I am trying to do at this time is to connect them to the whole, and to God, and establish the proper tradition of love centered on the family. To prepare such an amazing foundation is the mission of the True Parents, and to uphold and actualize that purpose is the mission of the Unification Church.

(4) You can become an owner only when you act with the heart of a parent and the body of a servant. This is how God has been working to fulfill the Will. Hence, you too can fulfill it only if you have the heart of the Father and shed your tears, sweat, and blood. In order to become a true leader, you need to receive true leadership training. You need to inherit True Parents' way of tears, sweat, and blood, which is the way of Heaven. You too have to shed tears, sweat, and blood; then you will leave it behind as your tradition.

(5) What is the tradition of God and True Parents? First, it is to live for the sake of others. Second, it is to invest, invest and forget. Third, it is to pray and offer devotion to fulfill the Will. It is a goal that you cannot accomplish by yourself. Why do you need to pray? It is because you need to receive the help of God, your subject partner, and to have Heaven with you and supporting you. Why do you need to offer devotion? It is to enable you to prepare the path and accept any circumstances that you might face. Prayer is to create a bond with God, the subject partner, and devotion is to expand your horizontal relationships.

(6) What kind of family is True Parents' family? Their family is the fruit of history, the center of this age and the starting point of the future. So, in the future, when the world we live in becomes the kingdom of heaven that we've hoped for, every aspect of True Parents' lives will serve as the tradition. They will become the mother's womb of the ideal nation. They will be the starting point for building the ideal world. Therefore, based on the vertical connection to True Parents, you as their children should always establish a realm of three generations together with True Parents. The vertical three generations are God, the True Parents and you.  Horizontally, three generations are True Parents, True Children and you. Heaven and earth will not be united unless these three generations are formed and perfected.

(7) The tradition, education, and practice that we talk about refer to tradition and education under True Parents. All you need to do is follow in True Parents' footsteps and inherit all the victories that they won in their battles against Satan.  True Parents are going to gather the offerings of all believers and offer them all to God on the altar. They will do so without discriminating among their sons and daughters or among the things of creation, further, they will do so without distinguishing between the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, having liberated them all from Satan's accusation.  They will offer God the UN and the entire world united together. Then, True Parents can inherit the world from God, at which point their right of ownership will begin.

(8) For the past six thousand years, the purpose of God's work has been to establish True Parents' family. Why has humanity been struggling to this day? It is in order to connect to True Parents and their family. In the future as well, our descendants will exist in order to produce descendants for the True Parents. They do not need to create a nation for True Parents or make a world for True Parents, because once True Parents emerge and receive public recognition, True Parents' nation and world will come into being naturally. To support True Parents you should make descendants for them. It is not a matter of making a nation for them. At this time, what is most ideal for you is to live with True Parents at the center of your life. In the future, when heaven and earth will be governed under the authority of True Parents, you will not be just ordinary citizens who come and go. You will carry the tradition that was woven centering on True Parents, which will remain forever in history. There can be no greater tradition than this.

(9) Had Adam and Eve not fallen, human history would have originated with True Parents. Their words would have become their descendants' words, their way of life would have become their descendants' way of life, and the environmental conditions they experienced would have become their descendants' reality. In this way, history would have started from True Parents.

Inheriting True Parents' tradition

(10) Fathers and mothers want to bequeath everything they have to their beloved sons and daughters. Parents and children who follow the tradition of love come to stand in positions of equal value; hence the parents can bequeath the whole universe to their children with their minds at ease. That is why parents want to have children of filial piety. Who are children of filial piety? They are those who participate in their parents' eternal love. They are the ones who will carry on the tradition of bequeathing love.

(11) Who do you want as the leader of your family? What kind of person would the father, the grandmother and the entire family want to have as the heir? They would want the one who loves the most. If the grandfather loves the whole family the most, the family members will report to him rather than to the father. This is natural. Thus, the person who becomes the leader of a household is the one who serves the others with the most loving heart. The one who serves others the most, with a heart of love, will inherit the tradition of that family and imbue it with love. You should understand that only such people will belong to the line of inheritance that continues for eternity.



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