Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 56

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 5: Inheriting the Victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind
Section 2: Representative Families of the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, 9-11
Section 3: Inheriting the True Parents' Realm of Victory, 1-10

Embodiments of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

(9) You should aspire to become embodiments of God, embodiments of the True Parents and embodiments of the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. In fact, all these Parents want you, their embodiments, to be better than they are.  It is now time for you to surmount obstacles without passing through a course of indemnity as I did.  Even though you may not own material possessions, all you need is absolute faith in True Parents, having the standard of absolute faith that they fought to establish throughout their lives. You need absolute faith to recover the realm of absolute love. Therefore, you have to become people of absolute faith.  Actually, you need to have absolute faith while you are alive on earth, which is virtually hell; that is why you must invest and forget, invest and forget, invest and forget. This is how the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are in the substantial realm centered on the incorporeal Parent of the Cosmos, became His object partners.  Also, this is how the Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind established their virtuous union, by which heaven and earth were made complete.

(10) If you want to serve the Will, you must inherit everything that the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind achieved.  Parents do not want their children, who represent them for the Will, to be less than they are.  Just as a husband who loves his wife does not want her to be less than he is, and a loving wife feels the same toward her husband, we want the people who will represent us in our work for the Will to be better than ourselves.  For this reason, if we have a son or daughter who is better than we are, we are pleased to bequeath our inheritance to him or her.

(11) The providence of restoration unfolded through the three stages of the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age.  Now that we are in an age of liberation and complete freedom, we are building an infinite world of liberation where all sons and daughters are actually free from any trace of sin, both in spirit and flesh. It is the ideal world where we are destined to live.  Therefore, the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind come to the earth in the person of the Lord of the Second Advent.  Coming as a man in the flesh, He finally secures, on behalf of God and in place of the perfected Adam, the substantial realm of love.  That substantial realm of love is the family.  If you cannot secure your family by having sons and daughters, then your love will not be expressed through future generations.  No matter how much a husband and wife love each other, if they have no children, their lineage ends there.

Section 3: Inheriting the True Parents' Realm of Victory

(1) Until True Parents emerged on earth, God could never have His own direct children in the spirit world.  Through me, the children whom God originally intended could be born for the first time. I am saying that through me, God's royal family could come into being. Therefore, you should take pride in it. It is we who are to connect all nations to the original garden of Eden. I laid the victorious foundation transcending heaven and earth. The True Parents built such a foundation and they are trying to bequeath their achievements to true children.

True Parents' realm of victory

(2) The realm of True Parents' victory refers to the scope of their victory in the battle against Satan.  It means that the True Parents are completely victorious on the individual level and on the family level.  Further, they brought victory on the levels of the tribe, people, nation and world.  It was indeed a challenging course; by no means was it easy.  However, I overcame every difficulty and won the victory.  I offered to Heaven the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God, which brought about the miracle of liberating even God. True Parents, with true love, forgave even the failed communist nations and embraced them, while leading the providence forward.

(3) The fact that True Parents established the realm of victory means that they recovered all that Satan kept in his possession, including all providential individuals who were lost.  Because Eve was lost, Adam also was lost.  However, now that Adam has been recovered, it is time to recover the women of the world.  That is why, for their recovery, on April 10, 1992, 1 placed Mother in the forefront and developed a movement for the liberation of women.  We are entering the age of the Mother.  This is the age of the Mother.

(4) When we say that the True Parents are victorious, we mean that everything that was lost due to the false parents has been recovered; the True Son, the True Daughter, and the True Husband and Wife.  The True Parents are the root from which will arise one humanity, where all are related as blood kin.  From that True Husband and Wife will come only good descendants, continuing for countless generations.

(5) The realm of True Parents' victory is not limited to them as individuals.  It leaves a mark on the history of the universe.  You have to inherit this.  In order to do so, you have to recover what Adam and Eve lost by their failure to have absolute faith and absolute love, and you have to clean up the stain in the lineage.  You can accomplish this within the realm of victory that I have prepared; all you need to do is follow the original track, climbing up the eight stages beginning on the individual level, then starting again at the bottom on the family level and climbing up again, and so on.  Then you should be able to go about your life freely.  From a two-dimensional viewpoint, God and human beings have been separated at opposite poles.  Hence, True Parents had to go and bring God back into the family.  I surmounted all eight stages both vertically and horizontally and broke free from the realm of Satan's accusation.  Therefore, I can now freely attend God in the family and also on the national level.

(6) What grounds do I have to take pride in the name True Parents? I established the realm of internal heart that, through love, breaks down all barriers and opens gates in every field and on all levels, horizontally and vertically, throughout history.  This victorious foundation should not just be something that I alone can rejoice over; it should be cause for heaven and earth, history, and all ages to rejoice.  Only when there is rejoicing to this extent can we can truly rejoice.  We should not rejoice over our individual victories while ignoring the past ages of history.  What we accomplish should be cherished as a victory that all people-people in the past, present and future--equally can rejoice over.

(7) The family of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience is responsible for changing the lineage, changing the ownership and then forming the proper Cain and Abel relationship in the realm of heart.  That family determined to bring victory and was victorious.  On this condition, as True Parents, we could proclaim, "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, " and "Settlement of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.” Because we, True Parents, are settled on the family level, the families of the world can give us recognition as their subject partner.  With that, they can inherit True Parents' realm of victory.  Then by that formula we can expand our foundation through the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation based on the realm of the four-position foundation of Adam and Eve.  This expansion does not occur all at once, but gradually.  The center and destination of this national level foundation is the world.  The nation is the starting point for reaching out to the world.

(8) You must praise True Parents and love True Parents. The era has come for the settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. True Parents' settlement allows you to inherit their victorious realm. Now that they are settled, they can give the Blessing throughout the world. This is how the world can be settled. In fact, True Parents have bequeathed everything to you. You, representing fallen humankind, should be grateful for this. You should be able to praise True Parents and love True Parents. Since the Parents from Heaven gave you the Blessing, took pride in you, loved you and served you, now in return you should praise and take pride in the Parents from Heaven. This is how you can alleviate the sadness of Heaven's family.

(9) Adam's family was lost, and that lost family expanded worldwide; hence, True Parents must restore everything worldwide.  Since things became as they are due to the love, life and lineage of the false parents, it is the True Parents who must bring every individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and the entire world back to God's side. The false parents turned all these things totally upside down. Thus, it is not only the family that True Parents must restore. They have to restore every level in heaven and on earth through indemnity.  Specifically, they have to reorganize every level based on their family, and straighten out all eight stages.  In other words, although due to the false parents it was the family that was lost to God, True Parents cannot return to God after straightening out only the family level.  They can resolve all the problems at that level only by bringing victory at all levels in the cosmos.

(10) At this time I am making many proclamations, such as the "Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth," the "Settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the End of Indemnity," and so forth. There is no other way than this, since True Parents have to pave the path to the liberation that God originally intended.  To do so, I had to level mountains and build a global foundation.  Without such actual accomplishments, my wife and I could not have become the True Parents.  Nor could I have become the Messiah and the returning Lord.


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