Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 52

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 4: True Parents and True Children
Section 4: The Way of a True Child, 4-12
Section 5: Learning and Inheriting the True Parents' Heart, 1-7

(4) There must be a family that bears the cross. Only when such a family emerges can all the families of the 30 million Korean people be restored. Therefore, all the family members of the Unification tribe must endure hardships on behalf of the Korean people. You must become the pillars of Korean society. You each have an individual indemnity course, but I must walk a family-level indemnity course.  Moreover, when I bear a tribal-level cross, you must bear family-level crosses. I am walking one step ahead of you.

(5) Once my family has fulfilled its responsibility as Abel on the family level, you also will need to fulfill your responsibility as Abel on the family level. In this way, we must expand outward, with the kingdom of heaven as our goal. However, the base where God can rest is not yet prepared. There will always be fighting, and Satan can come and go from every direction. So when can we settle down? This is the difficult task ahead of us. You must offer your utmost devotion to resolve this.

(6) When the Abel family is victorious and restores a family in the Cain position, that Cain-position family will have to stand in the Abel position in front of many other families. Then those who were victorious in the first Abel's position can rest. The Cain people who inherit the position of Abel on God's side will take their place. These people, in turn, must win over those in the position of Cain in Satan's world.  The people who inherit the position of Abel and then win over Cain gain victory as Abel. Then they too can rest, passing on their position to new representatives. This is how restoration through indemnity proceeds.

(7) As of now, while blessed families are going through a course to restore the Korean people, True Parents should be going through a course to restore the world. In other words, they should be one step ahead. Unless you blessed families attain victory on the national level, True Parents cannot walk the course of worldwide restoration. This is why you must inherit the responsibility to restore the Korean people, so that True Parents can walk the worldwide course. Until your death, or until the deep sorrow of this people is removed, you must shoulder the responsibility to restore them.

We must protect True Parents' family

(8) As individuals, you need to protect yourselves from Satan. On the front line between Satan and God, you who are standing on God's side have to protect yourselves by establishing a victorious foundation such that Satan cannot attack you. Your families need a foundation of victory in Satan's world, and on that foundation you need to protect the Lord's family. Likewise, protecting the individuals in Jesus' tribe requires many diverse peoples to constitute a realm of protection. These peoples need to stand on a foundation of victory in Satan's world and then create a realm of protection for the tribe on Jesus' side.

(9) Cain's family exists for Abel's family, Cain's tribe exists for Abel's tribe, Cain's people exist for Abel's people, and Cain's nation exists for Abel's nation. It is only when such concepts are firmly established that a realm of protection emerges for the first time. With the attitude that you will take responsibility for difficult situations, you can attain the realm of rest, in other words, the kingdom of heaven.

(10) Today both the left-wing and the right-wing are on the verge of collapse. Who brought things to this point? God and True Parents did. You families who have become one with True Parents have inherited True Parents' path, so you should be bold and strong wherever you are in the world. Then, just as God and this universe protect me, they will protect your families, and winning the heart of a nation will be no problem. You should stand at the forefront with me. You should not retreat. You should advance directly toward true love.

(11) Wherever you go, you should proudly identify yourself as a Unification Church member. "We belong to True Parents. We are True Parents' sons and daughters." Please do not fight; to fight is to accept Satan. You should go around proclaiming, "We are the number one children of God!" Then Satan will not be able to accuse you. You should carry such conviction firmly within you.

(12) Jesus came to earth embodying Heaven's dignity. Heaven and earth had been split apart, and had Jesus brought heaven and earth together, he could have formed a national realm of victory for the first time in Satan's world—in the spirit world and the physical world. Had he succeeded in establishing that realm, it would have been a realm where Satan could not reign. Had he given God a nation that could not be invaded by Satan, there God could have rested at the center with His tribe, or among His people. Unless a nation fights and wins, God cannot rest as the head of a tribe. Unless a tribe fights and wins, God cannot rest as the head of a family. For this reason, unless God has a national realm of victory, He cannot have a people's realm of rest, and unless He has a people's realm of victory, He cannot have a tribal realm of rest. Likewise, if God does not gain victory in the tribe, then the family realm of rest cannot emerge, and without the family level of victory, the individual realm of rest cannot be attained.

Section 5: Learning and Inheriting the True Parents' Heart

(1) When we go to school, we have to pass examinations. We can advance only after passing them. It is the same with the heavenly kingdom: unless you inherit the realm of True Parents' heart, you cannot go there.

(2) The True Parents inherited God's Will and you inherit True Parents' will. You should never lose the concept of tradition. What is that tradition? Since we are born into the lineage of the enemy Satan, we must first cut off from the lineage of this enemy and be restored to the lineage of God and True Parents. To accomplish this, we must become one in heart with God. Based on that oneness of heart, we need to connect with Heaven's lineage, become the branches and leaves of the tree whose root is God, and become the embodiments of God's love. We must establish an absolute standard on earth by which to subjugate Satan. Only then will God's work of restoration move forward. God never gives up on His work of restoration. Even if you are unable to complete your mission, God will not give up on this earth.

Attaining oneness through heart

(3) In each age, from Adam's family to the present time, known as the Last Days, God wanted to come to our ancestors and bequeath to them the heart of His great works. The ideal of the Second Coming, which is the desire of all heaven and earth and all of humankind, is that someone embodying God's heart emerges and succeeds in connecting all people to God's heart. This is the concept of the True Parents. Therefore, you cannot receive Heaven's blessing or inheritance unless you stand with True Parents as your center and completely inherit their heart and will. You must attend them as your own parents and share in their liberation, as well as their feelings, whether joy or bitter pain.

(4) I must inherit the heart connected to all the providential victories from the time of Adam to the time of Jesus. This is the substance of history for which I have been battling to this day. The ideal of the Second Coming, which is the Will to set up the True Parents, is to connect history from Adam to the Last Days and then manifest it in heaven and on earth. If you cannot feel True Parents' ideal or grasp their will, you cannot receive God's blessing. Each of us, to the present day, has been a traitor in front of history and an unforgivable sinner. Therefore, you have to dissolve God's lamentation and bitter sorrow, and prepare an environment in which to attend the True Parents. Then God will forge a bond between you and the substantial Parents, His embodiments. True Parents inherit God's work, and you inherit True Parents' work. You must know the sad content of True Parents' heart and of providential history. You can advance to the position to receive the Blessing only when you achieve oneness with True Parents.

(5) From a historical viewpoint, unless you become representatives of True Parents in front of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and in front of all of heaven and earth, you cannot stand in the position to receive God's blessing. A man is a second self of Father and a woman is a second self of Mother. This term "second self" means a person whose heart is drenched with the tears, sorrows, and complexities of history. Therefore you should indemnify the tears, sorrows and complex situations of history. You are in no position to say, "I am such-and-such a person; why don't You bless me?" You have to engraft to True Parents' heart, their persons and their words, whether in the past, the present or the future. Don't do less than your elders have done in representing the True Parents. If your elders cannot fulfill their responsibility, you must pledge to fulfill theirs in addition to your own. If you make such a pledge, you can certainly receive the same blessings as they do. You have to be determined that you will remain worthy until the end, even though you were unworthy in the past. Focusing on your individual purpose is not permissible. You cannot receive blessings unless you represent the True Parents.

(6) Only when you have the right heart can you become brave warriors of heaven.  Without that heart, this cannot be achieved. Without that heart, you cannot have the right character. If you do not have good character based on heart, you cannot find the truth based on heart, and without that, you cannot find the ideal. What is your ideal? It is the True Parents. The Unification Church is the place where you can serve and attend the True Parents, the central figures whom history has been seeking and whom this era requires. They are the new beginning point of the future, and by attending them you will inherit from them the position of true parents as well. Accordingly, you will become the fruit of history and the center of history. You will be the origin, the ancestors of the future. This can only come about when you establish a relationship with the True Parents and unite your heart with theirs. If you have offered prayers with such a heart, you will not feel ashamed.

(7) Where does God's heart connect with True Parents' heart? How can the vertical heart connect horizontally? The horizontal realm of heart begins when God and a human being become one and reach perfection. What is the standard of perfection? In the course of growing to the age of seventeen or eighteen, you ascend from the bottom of the four-position foundation to the middle horizontal line. Then in the realm of heart, you are bound to expand your relationships into the horizontal world, necessarily centering on the True Parents. If the vertical heart and the horizontal heart are not harmonized, the axis of heart is not established. The realm of God's heart based on the vertical standard is absolute; in the Divine Principle we call this the realm of God's direct dominion. Satan cannot invade this absolute realm. The direct dominion expands from the realm of heart.


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