Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 51

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 4: True Parents and True Children
Section 3: True Love, True Life and True Lineage, 4-16
Section 4: The Way of a True Child, 1-3

(4) You were born originally to continue the history of the original lineage through the love of God and True Parents. When you discover this self, you will find the True Parents and their love as well. Since you originated from God's love, when you find yourself, you will discover the two original images of love—God and True Parents—already planted within you. They are implanted there as the root. You cannot pull yourself out of God or out of True Parents. Since you are one of their branches, you cannot deny that you are that branch. For example, if you look at a plant's cells, they are all alike, whether they are from a leaf or the root. These days, plants can be multiplied by cloning cells. It is the same principle. Leaves contain elements of the root and of all other parts. In the same way, God's love and True Parents' love are at the core of their dominion over the universe. Their love is the eternal standard, making them the ultimate subject partners. This is why they govern everything through love.

(5) Restoration through indemnity entails recovering the state of innocence that was lost. Two groups appeared in order to unite what was separated into Cain and Abel, centered on the mother. The mother and father on Satan's side fought with the mother and father on Heaven's side. The means to settle this was the Second World War. That is how the world formed one global realm. Originally God's love was to have been connected to True Parents' love, God's life to True Parent's life, and God's lineage to True Parent's lineage. However, these connections were not made. Humankind abandoned that standard. Satan planted his root next to it, seized everything and sprouted his shoots. Those shoots need to be severed. There, with the new True Parents at the center, the connection must be made once again, establishing the realm of resurrection of the tree of life. To accomplish this, everything of Satan's must be cut off and human beings must be engrafted to the original standard.

(6) When it is said that Jesus is coming again, it means Christ is coming as the True Parent of humankind. That is, he comes as the original root of true life and true lineage, founded on true love, in oneness with God. Through him, all people need to return to the true lineage and make the condition of reconnecting and engrafting to the true lineage. In other words, the returning Jesus must reconnect humankind to God's lineage. Unless he elevates their value to a status equal to his own, by connecting them to God's love, life, and lineage, he cannot attain the goal of the kingdom of heaven. Those who can enter the kingdom of heaven are the sons and daughters of the original unfallen Adam and Eve—their descendants who are one with God through lineage. People today with the defect of a fallen lineage cannot enter the heavenly kingdom if this connection is not made.

(7) When the Lord of the Second Advent, the Savior, comes to this earth, he is the Lord. He is the Savior of love and life. Because love, life, and lineage all went off track, he comes as the Savior of true love, true life, and true lineage. Those things of the original world were lost, and they must be recovered. The effort to recover them through human history forms the history of True Parents' tradition.

(8) Who will end the battle between God and Satan? The True Parents will do that.  How? With true love. Their true love brings Satan to surrender. Then God and restored Lucifer will embrace each other and praise the True Parents. Through the principle of True Parents' true love, God is liberated, Satan is liberated and the gates of hell are abolished. Then the bright sunlight of the kingdom of heaven's new love will permeate hell, bringing a revolution in the spirit world.

(9) The True Parents are the manifestation of true love. The True Parents are the individuals in the central position who set the standard of absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. This love requires a certain standard on the part of the partner. Everyone and everything needs a partner. Small things need small partners, and in their own small way, they form spheres based on subject and object partnerships. Big things also form spheres based on subject and object partnerships in their own big way. In this way, they grow into something even larger. God is the essence, so He forms a sphere that extends from the beginning to the end. The entire universe fits within the realm of His love.

(10) True Parents are the parents whose lineage is woven together with God's love and life. That is why they are called the True Parents. From this point on, people who do not know the True Parents will not be able to realize their full potential as human beings. The True Parents are the pioneers who can perfect God's love and make God into the Lord of love. Without the True Parents, God's plan to perfect love can never be fulfilled.

Changing to the lineage of true love

(11) When the lineage was stained, it became contaminated. You must understand how difficult it is to cleanse a lineage that has been defiled. Also, since the lineage was stained, God could not freely relate to the people in this world, as they had become the children of His enemy. Therefore, it took tens of thousands of years to completely turn a good number of people around through religion.

(12) Due to the false parents in the earthly world, the heavenly world came to be divided into paradise, the middle spirit world, and hell, and the phenomenon of division also occurred on earth. During the Old Testament Age came the promise that the Messiah would be sent to put the earthly world in order. During the New Testament Age, Jesus was to have built the kingdom of heaven on earth, on the family level first. Had he done so, the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world could have begun as well.

However, because Jesus was unable to fulfill this, the task was delayed until this global era. At the time of the Second Coming, the True Parents, based on the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, stand in the position of having resolved the fundamental problem that arose at the beginning of history, through having indemnified everything. Therefore, the true lineage centered on True Parents' love can be passed down and engrafted. The Blessing is the engrafting of this lineage on the family level. Only families may enter the kingdom of heaven, so those families who are engrafted in this way can, with that fruit of being engrafted, enter the kingdom of heaven. By that engrafting, what had been the fruit of wild olive trees becomes the fruit of true olive trees.

(13) If you accomplish your portion of responsibility you will connect only to God's true love, true life, and true lineage, and by this you will establish the tradition of the True Parents. To become true parents you have to change your lineage. To do so, you wild olive trees need to receive a graft from the true olive tree. This engrafting is done through the Unification Church Blessing.

(14) Until now, a perfect family with God at the center could not be established, and the eight stages—including the tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos—could not be unified. Cain's killing of Abel and the persecution of Seth have not been resolved. That is why the Savior, Messiah, Lord of the Second Advent and True Parents are necessary. The True Parents can resolve all this, and based on their true love, life, and lineage, they can begin the family untouched by the Fall. This is the beginning of the family king, the beginning of the tribal king, and the beginning of God's kingship over the people, the nation, the world and all of heaven and earth. Thus the whole world becomes one sovereignty of love, with God's throne at the center.

(15) Believing in a religion does not make you a true person. If the Fall had not occurred, there would be no need for religion. Holy and pure sons and daughters would simply be born through the use of the reproductive organs. They are where true love comes from. That is where true life and the true sons and daughters of the true lineage—the liberated sons and daughters whom Satan cannot accuse—come from. The reproductive organs are the palace of true love, true life, and true lineage. They are the most precious things. If they disappeared, heaven and earth would disappear. Without them, God's ideal, God's family and God's Will could not be achieved. They are the source of the perfection of everything.

(16) Unification Church members live together with True Parents and with God. They are born again through the love of True Parents. That connection of love is eternal and cannot be severed. You can never forget their love, even on the day you die. When parents die, they take their heart of love for their sons and daughters with them. It is the same with husbands and wives. When we die, we do not forget those we love. Love goes beyond death and is connected to eternity. This is why you men and women, who have inherited the realm of life through True Parents' love, cannot forget the True Parents, who are the root of love. If they are the root and you are the trunk, your sons and daughters are the buds. When they grow in number, they will expand to form a tribe, a people and a nation.

Section 4: The Way of a True Child

(1) The six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration is the history of restoring the parents and then restoring the children. In the course of restoration, the parents and children have the same responsibility. True Parents have to walk the way of the cross through seven stages—the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, the world, and the cosmos. You as their children must also walk the way of the cross through these seven stages. There may be a difference in the time period or a difference between who walks ahead and who follows behind, but the substance of the indemnity conditions is the same.

The course to restore true children

(2) What kind of people will be chosen as true parents, true children, and true husbands and wives when we enter the age of heavenly fortune? They will be people who understand human emotions, understand God's heart, and have experienced the universal suffering that is deep in God's heart. They will have felt God's love such that they can call God their Father. Throughout six thousand years of history, human beings could not resolve the matter of their vertical relationship with God; nor could they resolve the issues in their horizontal relationships with each other. People have sought to resolve these issues through religion. In the Last Days, we must surmount all such peaks and walls as we encounter them.

(3) To stand before the True Parents as true children, children must go through a course of restoration on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Through the completion of both the parents' course and the children's course of restoration on all these levels, the model of victorious and united parents and children is established. Only after this can we finally conclude national-level restoration and make a fresh start toward the world stage.



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