Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 50

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 4: True Parents and True Children
Section 2: 
The Responsibility and Authority of the True Parents, 6-15
Section 3: True Love, True Life, and True Lineage, 1-3

(6) From the viewpoint of God's providence, the realm of victory between Cain and Abel must be attained in the Last Days, centered on Eve. In alignment with God, the victorious side must absorb Satan's side. When that happens, the family, tribe, people, and nation based on the perfected Adam can emerge. Once the left and right are both pulled to God's side by Adam, Satan's world will disappear. This should have happened immediately after the Second World War. Great Britain, an island nation, represented Eve. Under the leadership of Great Britain, the positions of Abel and the archangel were set up. The United States, the nation born of Great Britain, was in Abel's position. France, a former enemy of England, was in the position of the archangel. Eve, Abel and the archangel were united representing God's side. In opposition to them, Japan, also an island nation, represented Eve on Satan's side. Germany was the Abel nation on Satan's side, and Italy was in the role of the archangel. The Second World War thus saw a global division and a battle between the two camps. The Allied nations' historic victory brought about a unified world centered on God; at that time the realm of religion had unified the world.

(7) If we do not know history clearly, we cannot clearly perceive God's providence. The fact that after the Second World War the Eve nation, Abel nation and archangel nation on Satan's side became nations on God's side is a sign of the Last Days. These are the end times. Yet although the Cain and Abel nations had united, they still inherited the lineage of Satan. Their lineage still had to be completely restored through indemnity in order for them to return to God. In order for Eve, Cain and Abel to become a daughter and sons on God's side, they must clean up everything on Satan's side and inherit the seed of new life centered on true love. The one in the flesh who bequeaths that seed of new life is none other than the Lord of the Second Advent, the Savior and True Parents.

(8) In order for the True Parents to stand in that position, everything throughout heaven and earth that has been overturned by Adam, the false parent, has to be put right. Any condition by which Satan could accuse needs to be completely corrected. Because I am striving to achieve that, Satan has mobilized the world to attack me all along the way. He led the world to attack me as an individual, to attack my family and to attack my tribe. Even though Satan blocked the path I took as an individual and as a family, and continued to block my way as I walked the path of the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, through my own effort I have removed all these obstacles.

(9) The purpose of the providence of salvation is for God and the Messiah, the True Parents, to unite and liberate the world. You now stand at the very edge of destruction. If you take just one more step you will fall off, so you had better turn around. To do so, you need to have a love greater than Satan's temptation; that is the only way to liquidate his claim against you. How can you liberate God and True Parents? God has been carrying out His work of re-creation to this day. Re-creation is carried out by investing and forgetting, then investing and forgetting again, in true love. Wherever I go, Satan's walls collapse. The walls around individuals, the walls around families, the walls around tribes, around peoples, around nations and the world are all collapsing. Why? The right of the eldest son has been restored. The right of the king is being restored. These are the positions that originally belonged to Adam.

(10) Representing humankind, the True Parents are opening the gates of hell and the gates of the kingdom of heaven and building a highway going straight to the kingdom of heaven. The highway to the kingdom of heaven was the original foundation and blessing that God gave to His children, Adam and Eve. However, people who are in the spirit world do not want to hear the screams of those in hell or see the complicated spiritual environments in hell or paradise or anywhere else. All they want to see is an environment that is linked to God's kingdom. Who will resolve this? The True Parents will. True Parents are expanding us into a true family, true tribe and the true nation. As a true nation, true world and true cosmos emerge, everything on earth and in heaven that resulted from the Fall will collapse.

The liberation of God

(11) During the forty years since the True Parents' Holy Wedding, we have paid the indemnity for four thousand years of history and opened a new age. We have opened a realm of blessing for all people, so that they may abide within the realm of liberation. The worst problems now are related to youth and to the breakdown of families. There is no sovereign, no teacher, no one to solve these problems except the True Parents. I have the special authority to do so. I have resolved all the hidden resentments accumulated in history, in the spirit world and on earth. I have paid indemnity for everything and attained victory, so when you determine to become one with me through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, day and night, centered on true love, you can rise. God has authorized the True Parents to form a lineage of true love, a clan of true love, and a people of true love. Therefore you blessed families are more precious than anyone else in history. This is how the True Parents pass down heaven's treasures to each family.

(12) How will you settle Satan's claim against you? How will you liberate God and True Parents? Throughout history, much indemnity has been paid. By carrying out your mission as tribal messiahs, you can liberate God and True Parents. The nation, world and cosmos are all connected to you in this. Originally you should have gone through the course of a tribal messiah, a national messiah, a world messiah and a cosmic messiah in order to connect to God. These things have all been done by the True Parents; you have only your mission as a tribal messiah.

(13) Why am I your Father? Are you of my seed? I am the True Father who can connect you to God's original love. What was the Fall? The parents who should have been your true ancestors failed to connect you to God's love. Your own parents also cannot do this. But True Parents have the special authority to connect you to God's love. Under the circumstances, is it righteous or evil to ignore the words of your own parents and listen instead to the words of True Parents? With True Parents, you are listening to the principles of the cosmos, so it is righteous to listen to them.

(14) The Marriage of the Lamb takes place in the Completed Testament Age. That marriage did not happen during the Old Testament Age, and although it was supposed to happen in the New Testament Age, it was postponed. What was postponed is completed when the Lord of the Second Advent comes in the Last Days and holds the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. It is through this marriage that we are to arrive at perfection. We can call this era the global era of perfection through marriage. In this era, when people become one with God and attain perfection through marriage, they can enter the kingdom of heaven. Hence, it is on earth that the kingdom of heaven will emerge. Due to the Fall, two paths were formed, so we must find the right path. We must make it possible for the people of the world to enter the kingdom of heaven. The way to the kingdom of heaven has been blocked ever since the Fall. That kingdom has been empty for thousands of years. But through the Blessing, the kingdom of heaven will be filled in an instant. The people of the world will realize one united world with a culture of freedom.

(15) What is the mission of the Unification Church? It is not to look forward to a time of hope, as Christians do. Our mission is to move forward centered on the substantial people who fulfill that hope. They are the True Parents, and they are our standard. The True Parents must be the link between God, the earth and the spirit world. They must connect not only with God and with all the people on the earth, but also with the angelic world. In this way, they must establish the authority of God to directly govern the universe, and at the same time become the center that guides the universe to pursue God's one purpose. Then God’s purpose and His great work of creation will be accomplished.

Section 3: True Love, True Life and True Lineage

(1) The words True Parents did not come into existence only after the Fall. God's ideal of creation was to begin with True Parents. However, due to the Fall, the lineage was changed. It became precisely the opposite of what was intended. Nations today are also different from the original nation that would have emerged if the Fall had not occurred. In the original plan, there would have been no religion. Religions and nations and all such things stemming from the fallen lineage have nothing to do with me. In this sense, only the ideal of the True Parents, which God had in mind before the Creation, is absolute. Only that thought is connected to God's love, life, and lineage. The concepts, ideas, and relationships you have, which came about after the Fall, have no connection to the True Parents, who are unrelated to the Fall. Therefore, you need to cleanly cut off from all these fallen things, as if they were your enemies.

The embodiment of love, life and truth

(2) God has been working to appoint a central figure who could realize His desire, the kingdom of heaven. That person, whom God designates on earth, first receives God's truth, life and love. He then can become the embodiment of these. God has worked throughout the long course of history to establish one person who could achieve the standard for humankind based on these three criteria. If we cannot meet the central figure who comes on God's behalf, who as His embodiment has integrity of mind and body, then we can have no relationship with the kingdom of heaven that God is trying to establish. Nor can we build the kingdom of heaven desired by all people on earth, even by all of creation.

(3) The one person who stands in the central position, possessing the genuine truth, life and love that God can relate to, will become the center of hope for all things of creation and the core of God's hope. Created beings will naturally want to be with him. If he speaks God's truth from that standard, he will be able to testify to the life of God, demonstrate the love of God, and manifest the truth of God as His very substance. That is the meaning behind Jesus' saying, "I am the way and the truth and the life."



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