Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 49

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 4: True Parents and True Children
Section 1: The Life Course of the True Parents, 17-26
Section 2: 
The Responsibility and Authority of the True Parents, 1-5

(17) We are called to bear a great cross. Our individual and family ordeals have been but preparation to build a tribal foundation. You should not think that the path we are called to go will be easier simply because we no longer face persecution or trials as before. Our scope is greater now. If in the past we bore our cross while sitting down, from now on we must bear it while walking. If in the past we bore our cross with our eyes fixed only on one point, from now on we have to look in every direction—east, west, north, and south—as we go forward. I must attend to the path that God takes, and you must attend to the path I take. I am walking a more difficult path than you are, and God who is leading me is walking an even more difficult path than I am.

(18) God wants to give all good things to His sons and daughters, and His sons and daughters want to possess all the precious things God has. Likewise, I want to give you everything, and you also want to possess all the good things I have. Such is a family with True Parents at its center. We all desire this. I try to give you all good things on behalf of God and you, in turn, want to receive them. This is a basic principle. I am guiding you along this path because I know this principle.

The course of seeking the True Parents

(19) How can you find yourself? The center of your being must be connected to God and True Parents by true love, true life, and true lineage. God is the vertical Parent and True Parents are the horizontal Parents. Perfect love settles in the place where the two become one. When you as two become one so as to settle the vertical love of God and the horizontal love of True Parents, then your true value is manifested. That is where you can settle as well. We then can expand it to the family, tribe, people, nation and world.

(20) In the beginning, God created Eve through Adam. Therefore, the True Father creates the True Mother. This is recreation. After surmounting the eight stages—individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God—we, True Father and True Mother, came to stand side by side as God's true son and daughter. I am saying that the two of us stand at the same level. It was not God who made this possible, but True Father. The Declaration and Celebration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory was held on that basis. You must fully inherit the model of the True Parents. The mission of the True Father and True Mother is to clean up the world of evil begun by Adam and Eve, the false parents. Hence, if you become one with the True Parents through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, Satan cannot interfere.

(21) With our Heavenly Parent at the center, Adam and Eve were supposed to have inherited true love, true life, and true lineage. Then all humankind would have become as one tree. However, they became the opposite, like a dead tree. The True Father and True Mother must come to remedy this; and from them, true sons and daughters also must come. Then based on the True Parents' blood kin, we must organize tribes, peoples, and nations, complete the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, and move forward to liberate the universe.

(22) The original position should have been perfected in Adam's family, but it was lost due to the Fall. To restore this, everything must be put back together in reverse order. Therefore True Mother must stand as the representative of the world. For this, True Father is placing all the women of the world in the position of Eve, the position representing True Mother. Just as there was mother-son cooperation in providential history; True Parents, who came on behalf of God, will teach you sisters, who stand in the position representing True Mother, how to unite in the mother-son relationship. This mother-son cooperation must be carried out according to the eight stages of love. Through becoming one, we can turn around this world, in which the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal God has struggled with Satan.

(23) I must do all the necessary preparatory work for Mother before I go to the spirit world. There is much work to be done. Do not wish for me to live more than one hundred years. You do not know how much work needs to be done in the spirit world. I have to go there and reorganize its structure. Originally, I was supposed to receive the key to the gates of the kingdom of heaven and open them. This is symbolic and conditional. I am saying there are huge issues at hand.

(24) In the era of the realm of the Fourth Adam, I have to put my children forward.  You too should do the same. You men have to raise your wives and put them forward to build a foundation for your extended family. If they cannot, you should do it through your children. To stake your claim as an outpost, you must first prepare your sons and daughters; once your sons and daughters are united, their mother must stand with them. The Messiah's thought, the teaching of the True Parents, is that God can establish Heaven's tradition for the sons and daughters through the mother. Through this we will stake our claim to the tradition of a heavenly nation. This is not a tradition for the family, but a tradition for the nation. The family exists for the sake of the nation. All families represent the nation. Unless families make sacrifices, Heaven's nation will not emerge. Blessed families must sacrifice in order to see that nation arise.

(25) How will everything be connected to the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents? All the family members are divided and scattered. Families in that condition have to be brought into unity, and for that they must unite with the mother. This is the course of restoration. The sons and daughters must become one with the mother and then one with the father. Thereafter, they are to be connected to the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parents. After that connection is made, the question is how to restore everything. Restoration happens when father and mother and sons and daughters become one. Then God will be present.That is where the kingdom of heaven on earth begins.

(26) True Mother must re-create the sons, Cain and Abel, and create a realm of unity with them. She needs to connect everything to the tradition and standard lifestyle, beyond the nation to the world level, to live in the kingdom of heaven. To do this, she must create oneness with her children, educate the Cain world, and reach the level of God's nation. Only when we reach the level of God's nation can we restore the right of the eldest son, the right of the parents and the right of the king. Therefore, True Mother is in a position of leadership and must be an example in all things. She is in the position of the subject partner, and she has to govern the environment. Mother is in the subject partner position, not me. We must relieve the bitter sorrow of Jesus and bring Mother, who at this time is positioned as the bride at the national level, up to the world level.

Section 2: The Responsibility and Authority of the True Parents

(1) Due to the Fall, humanity is sick. The only doctor that can cure this illness is God. There have been numerous religions throughout history, but the founders of those religions were just messengers. As messengers, they could only prepare medicine according to the methods shown to them by Heaven, and then deliver it. How will humanity finally be saved? Even if people take that medicine, and even if they improve, it does not mean they are cured. In the end, they must go through a process in total alignment with God's instructions. Unless they do so, the providence of salvation cannot be completed.

Salvation in the spirit world and in the physical world

(2) When the Messiah comes to humankind, he brings a teaching of equality. God is fair; hence the Messiah who is sent by God to save all fallen people treats everyone fairly. He comes with a purpose that is fair to everyone, to create the environment in which all people are equal. Thus, anyone who unites with him can be his disciple. What path does the Messiah follow? He walks the path from the bottom of hell in the human world up to the most glorious realms. This means there is no place he will not go, putting his life on the line to save each person.

(3) Looking back through history, we see that there have been many prophets and saints. They may have accomplished some kind of outward unity, but as they could not attain mind-body unity, they inevitably encountered fundamental limitations. Now, however, the True Parents have come to earth with God's true love. By establishing the True Family, they are bringing about an ideal society. They have formed the mainstream realm for God's providence of salvation. True Parents are the mediators who engraft all people to God. We cannot go to God without the True Parents. True Parents are the ones who show us the only path by which we can be saved from the realm of the Fall.

(4) True Parents came with the right of kingship over the spirit world and the physical world. In order for this right of kingship to take effect in the spirit world, they had to lay the foundation of unity there—a foundation at the formation level of the growth stage. Otherwise, the spirit world could not participate in True Parents' work on earth, where they fulfilled the standard of perfection. That is why True Parents had to make these preparations. The spirit world was supposed to have been united and connected to the earthly foundation based on the love of True Parents, but everything was blocked. But now that Jesus and my son Heung-jin have become one, the barriers are being removed and Jesus, through Heung-jin, can come down and communicate with True Parents' family on earth.

Cleaning up Satan's world

(5) The world is in confusion, and the source of this confusion is the family. Families are breaking down and teenagers are being corrupted. This is the world-level fruit of Adam and Eve, who in their youth caused the breakdown of Adam's family in the garden of Eden. God could not do anything about this. Those who are working for the providential will cannot stop this; not even Satan can. Then who will resolve this problem? Adam and Eve were the ones who sinned. As the false parents, they brought about false love, false life, and false lineage. Therefore True Parents must come and uncover all of Satan's secrets and the secrets of the spirit world. With this knowledge, they must inherit everything from both worlds—the democratic world and the communist world—and embrace everyone from both the right-wing and the left-wing. Jesus could not bring such opposites together, so division and conflict remain to this day. To bring them into unity, True Parents must embrace the democratic world and the communist world, that is, idealism and materialism.


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