Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 5

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 1: God's Existence and Attributes 
Section 2: God as the Root and Original Being, 22-34
Section 3: The God of the Word, 1-5

(22) God is the vertical Father and vertical subject partner, and human beings are the horizontal subject partners.  Only when the vertical and horizontal become one is a being perfected.  A three-dimensional being must unite in relationships of vertical, horizontal, and front and back.  The vertical relationship is the parent-child relationship.  The horizontal relationship is that between east and west, husband and wife.  The relationship of front and back is that between brothers and sisters.  Connecting relationships in this way establishes the spherical form of the ideal of love in each family, which is the ideal of creation.  Where is God in this sphere? He is at the center.  God’s ideal of creation is the father, husband, mother, wife, son and daughter, older sibling and younger sibling, each representing God, who stands as the central being.

(23) God always takes the position of subject partner to those who dedicate their lives for a public purpose with a loyal heart.  Thus, when we struggle and shed tears, God, as our subject partner, struggles and sheds tears more than we do.  When we walk a public path with a burning heart of love, we stimulate God, who is the subject partner and center of love, and He always comes to us as our partner.  God is also the subject partner who, as the source of energy, provides us the energy to achieve these purposes.  In this world, it is hard to find a partner with whom to work in order to fulfill the purpose of love.  How happy we would be if God were our partner! Partnership with God would be better than with our parents, our siblings, our teachers, or anyone else who loves us.

(24) Our subject partner is God.  We should be happy together with God; we should sing with God and dance with God.  If we could, how wonderful that would be! Our purpose is God.  What are we looking for in our journey through life? We are looking for God, the real God.

(25) God is the owner of each individual, the owner of each couple, the owner of each family, the owner of each nation, the owner of the world and the owner of the cosmos.  From the very core of His being, through His own love, He wants to take the role of the owner.  In the position of subject partner, He wants to establish the world of peace through His object partners.  Christianity teaches that the Creator is holy while humans are sinful.  Yet they say this because they do not know the value of human beings.  This is what I would like to teach: God created human beings as His substantial form; that is His first purpose for creating us.

(26) God is the most public-minded of subject partners.  Then, what is God's most important lesson for us? It is that we should devote ourselves at the risk of our lives for His sake.  That is even better than working for a public mission for the world.  The one who puts his life on the line is the superior person, therefore the Bible says: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.” (Matt.  22:37-38) In light of this, what kind of being is God? He is the owner of the whole cosmos.  Therefore, love God.  The whole world will belong to the one who loves God.

God, the subject partner of love, life and the ideal

(27) God is the subject of life.  Where there is life, there must be love that is maintaining it.  You were born through the love of your parents, but someone with love, life and purpose is behind them.  He is the subject, but not a subject partner like you.  He is the root of the whole.  As His counterpart, you can think of yourself as a cell, and He is like the root of everything, the nucleus of all beings in the universe.  He is the nucleus of all life force.  If there is a love force, He is its nucleus.  If there is a purpose, He is the cause and the nucleus of that purpose.

(28) When the sun rises, the buds of each tree face the sun.  What is it in the sunlight to which the buds respond? It is life elements.  For us human beings, love is our life element.  God is the sun of love.  You have to engraft to the ideal of love and harmonize with it in order to develop your love and life, and to cultivate your character in harmony with the eternal world.  Otherwise you cannot assume the position of counterpart to God; you cannot live in the realm of love partnership.  Human beings are that precious.  God created us as His partners of love.

(29) God is the subject partner of love, subject partner of life and subject partner of the ideal.  Therefore, we can conclude that human beings are the object partners of love, object partners of life and object partners of the ideal.  Because God is absolute, we also seek an absolute position.  Because God is unchanging, we seek to be unchanging.  Because God is unique, we seek to be unique.  Because God is eternal, we seek to be eternal.  From this point of view, it is human destiny to have an eternal life; we inevitably arrive at this conclusion.  No matter how much love God has, no matter how much life He has, and no matter how high His ideals are, if we do not also possess these it is all in vain.

(30) God is the subject partner of our life.  Because He is the subject partner of our life and love, we should appreciate the force of life and the force of love within Him.  However, due to the Fall, we do not live in a world where God's force of life and God’s force of love are valued.  Hence, we ought to again seek such a world and recover it.  The world we are living in now is not the world God desires; nor is it the one we desire.

(31) God is the subject partner of all living things, of all things in which there is action.  He is their subject partner, not only today but all throughout time.  Thus every living thing, whatever it may be, has an original nature that desires to be with God eternally, to live with Him and even share death with Him.  God has to maintain His position as the subject partner.  But He is beyond doing it as a duty; He is working passionately to govern all things through relationships of love based on heart.

(32) Until now we have called upon God based only on a concept.  We have referred to God as our subject partner only in a religious sense.  Yet God is the subject partner of our very existence.  Furthermore, He is the subject partner of out-daily life and the subject partner of our philosophy of life.  However, no matter how deep and wide our philosophy and view of Him as our subject partner may be, if we cannot explain and experience God in daily life, emotionally and practically, what good is it? If there are people whose philosophy of life enables them to experience the value of God as their subject partner in daily life and to be so united with God that they would not exchange Him for the world, they must be the people for whom God is seeking.

(33) God is the foundation of happiness.  Among all seeds, He is the seed of life.  It is because life comes from God that life is great.  God is the seed of a life that manifests the ideal.  What is it that enables us to connect from the base of God's happiness to God's ideal? It is true love.  God is the origin of life and the origin of love.  He is also the origin of man and woman.  He is the origin of the mother and father, of brothers and sisters.

(34) God values life, because He is its root.  God values the Word.  Also, God values action and love.  When a person recognizes Him as the root of his or her existence and speaks His Word, God loves seeing that Word bear fruit as He has spoken it.  Once that Word is spoken, it bears fruit.  Then God does not leave the fruit of that Word alone, but continues to love it.  In this way, God speaks the Word, a person puts it into action, and through action that person emerges as the embodiment of the Word.  Then it is for God to develop that person into the embodiment of love.

Section 3.  The God of the Word

(1) God's Word is not spoken blindly.  Because God's Word is based on the Principle and because it is to create beings of limitless value, no one can dispute it.  Everyone absolutely will have to unite with it.  God Himself has faith in the Word, which contains principles and laws, and He made it into substance, the embodiment of Himself.  It is through this substance that God's children emerge with the infinite value of His object partners.  Then, through an explosion of love from that point, the bond between God and human beings is formed.  It is the same whether referring to God creating His children, or to those children looking at God.

What is God's Word?

(2)  God existed before the creation.  Out of His existence, God conceived of the Word.  The Word is that through which substance is created.  God did not intend simply to create something and leave it alone; He wanted an eternal relationship with His creation.  God intended an ideal of total oneness, an inseparable relationship that no one could break, that even He Himself could not break.  Therefore, from the time the first human beings were created, God and human beings were meant to be together, not separate.  From that starting point, God and we human beings were meant to stay together for eternity.

(3) God did not create human beings without having a clear idea.  In creating them, God had conviction: "It will surely be like this.” His faith contained a concrete plan.  That plan was based on the Principle with its laws.  God had faith in His creation according to the Principle.  The moment of creation was to be when His faith united with His Principle to form the substance of His creation.  The moment of creation came when His faith, the Principle and the substance were in complete accord.  With faith and the Principle together, the purpose of God's Word was to create the substance.

(4) God's Word is a covenant between God and human beings.  A covenant states, "If you do this, I will do this for you.” The Bible teaches us that everything is given in a covenant.  If you do your part, God will do something for you.  If you fulfill the covenant, God will make you prosper.  If you fail to do so, God will not interfere if you go to ruin.

(5) The Word has provisions for judgment.  The law is the standard of judgment, the standard that distinguishes good from evil.  Thus, the truth should explain the origin of good and evil and define the standard of good and evil.  That standard should be the Unification Principle.  Do you accept it as absolute? If you defy or go against the Word, the Word itself will restrict you.  It is a principle that the Word benefits you.  If you are aligned with the Word, you ultimately will achieve the perfection of your character.  However, this achievement must not be centered on yourself.  Even if you do everything in your daily life in accordance with the Word, you should not hope that the result will be yours.  It belongs to God.  This means that you should center your life not on yourself, but on the whole.  Your perspective must change.



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