Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 6

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 1: God's Existence and Attributes 
Section 3: The God of the Word, 6-17
Section 4: The Attributes of God, 1-6

(6) Since we can call God our Father, we should be able to speak His Word.  God's Word, wherever it is heard, leads to good results, resurrection, and the miracle of re-creation.  Thus we should become people who can eradicate evil, bring about the work of resurrection and wield the power of re-creation.  The place where such people reside is the kingdom of heaven.

The Word of heart, love and law

(7) The purpose of our life is to connect to God's love.  We who live on earth are the ones who can proclaim God's Word, the Word that connects us to God.  Because the Word we convey on earth is God's, human beings can be created anew through that Word.  You can reach the standard of perfection through giving and receiving.  This is the viewpoint of the Principle.  Because God is there, the one who hears His Word can resurrect.  When we unite with that person as our counterpart, we can form a substantial base; on that foundation we can experience God's heart.  Depending on the depth and breadth of our preparation, our capacity to experience God's heart grows.  Within the Word, God's heart is beating.  Therefore, once we hear the Word, even we fallen people feel God's heart beginning to bud within our heart.

When our hearts thus begin to bud, we acquire the strength to love our enemy, and the power to subjugate Satan's world is activated.  Thus you must never keep God's Word to yourself; you need to gain the ability to activate God's heart within you.

(8) We are not speaking of secular truth, but of God's words of love.  God's truth is delivered to the earth through specific providential figures.  God's truth is absolute.  Absolute truth is like an all-powerful master key.  By applying it, we can solve any difficult problem.

(9) When you receive God's Word, you should recognize it as the true eternal law and the truth for your own life, and be able to say, "This is the Word for my life.” Further, you should have the experience of that one point in time in the beginning when God created human beings with the Word.  Unless you experience it, unless you feel God's Word touching your skin, you cannot become God's son or daughter.

(10) If you really want to find the truth, do not pay attention to just anyone's words.  You have to listen only to that which is true.  Then what are the words of truth? Words of truth are those that stir a feeling of repentance in your heart, that move you so deeply that you become completely immersed in them, and that remain in your mind no matter how much you try to forget them.  When you discover such words, you have (bund the words of truth that convey the principles of heavenly relationships.

(11) God has to re-create in accordance with the Principle.  What should He do with human beings, who are like lumps of clay fallen into an unprincipled realm? God's position is the same as when He created Adam and Eve from clay.  He has to do the work of bringing them to unite with the Word.  The Word is not ambiguous; it is given in the Principle and its laws.  The Word is like a blueprint with laws and regulations, instructing that human eyes should be like this and the nose should be like that.  Human beings should follow this blueprint.

(12) God's Word is the root of all truth; hence it is the absolute truth.  Further, it is the internally coherent truth.  Due to the Fall, we lost God; we lost absolute truth and absolute values.  We lost both the internally coherent truth and the internally coherent values.  An absolute view of value stems from absolute values and absolute truth.  ”View" refers to viewpoint, opinion and theory.  The establishment of a correct view of absolute values is the step that will resolve today's worldwide confusion.

(13) Why do we need God? It is because God has the unchanging truth.  God's Word never changes.  The Word that He spoke one thousand years ago will still apply one hundred million years from now.  Human words, no matter how eloquent and flowery they are, wither away and fade from view.  But God's Word transcends all changes wrought by time.

The Word as the truth for creation, growth and perfection

(14) God created everything through the Word.  Unless the Word, the truth, is perfect, its substance cannot be perfect.  It is inevitable that if the truth is imperfect, the creation will be imperfect.  Our life of faith is the same.  Unless we stand in a place that is perfect, our life of faith cannot be perfect.  Therefore the perfect truth that God and the cosmos desire must emerge.

(15) God began His creation with the eternal and unique Word.  He wanted Adam and Eve to fulfill the purpose of His Word, their bodies becoming temples where He could reside substantially forever.  This was His purpose in creating Adam and Eve.  When God breathed life into Adam and Eve, He wanted to reside in their hearts as the subject partner of their eternal life, and create for them the resting place of the Sabbath.  God created Adam and Eve for this great purpose, to form an unbreakable relationship with them.

(16) When God speaks through the Principle, He is not speaking arbitrarily.  God speaks in perfect accord with the Principle.  This supports unity with His object partners.  That is why we need faith.  As God believes in us, we have to believe in Him.  We should not be vague about this.  We must center on the Principle and unite with it.  We should not leave the Principle on the shelf, but should keep faith in it and substantiate it.  By perfecting ourselves as the substance of the Principle, we become sons and daughters whom God can love.

(17) For what purpose did Jesus Christ proclaim the Word, as he came to the earth, shed tears, and followed a path of suffering for more than thirty years? First, it was to recover the relationship between God and human beings.  Next, it was to introduce the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus introduced the kingdom of heaven through his words.  That is, he introduced the kingdom of heaven through truth.  Through Jesus Christ, God gave us the Word, to establish an eternal, unchanging relationship with us and to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth.  God revealed the real truth through Jesus.  Jesus Christ came to build the relationship between God and human beings, and to testify to the real truth.  He introduced and proclaimed the truth in order to build the kingdom of heaven for which God, humanity and all creation had been longing.  Jesus proclaimed the truth in order to recover the relationship between God and human beings, but the people of Israel, who should have believed the truth Jesus brought, distrusted him.  The Word was proclaimed but its purpose was not accomplished.

Section 4.  The Attributes of God

(1) God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.  These are His four attributes.  Accordingly, every one of His creations is absolute and unique.  Because each entity is absolute, God wants to place it in its own absolute position.  That is why all entities are unique and do not randomly intermix.  The way of love is unique and, therefore, unchanging and eternal.

God's main attributes

(2) God is absolute, unique and unchanging.  Based on this, one should become the subject partner of absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love.  Such a person becomes a representative of God.  One who reflects God's attributes can become His representative.  With what did God endow His partners when He created them? He endowed them with creativity that is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.  He gave them absolute creativity rooted in love.  God's love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and through that love we share His suffering and His joy, and participate in everything with Him.  We thereby inherit everything from Him.  If we have the love of the absolute God, we become the object partners of the absolute God.

(3) God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.  To unite with Him, we likewise have to be absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.  Then and there, eternal love can begin.  We can be perfected as men and women only through a life relationship that is eternal.  We become eternal true men and eternal true women only when we go through a process of growth and settle in the position that is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.  Then we become the unchanging owners of love.  This is where love is perfected, where the life of a man and a woman unite.  At the same time, they come to create a new life, connecting to a new relationship of lineage.

(4) God exists centered on love.  Therefore, God's absoluteness is centered on love, His uniqueness is centered on love, and His constancy is centered on love.  All of them are centered on love.  The attributes of love are also absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.  All people want such love, absolute love.  ”Absolute" means there is only one.  So we know that God's nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

(5) Love unfolds in mutual relationships.  Therefore even God, who is absolute, has to be absolutely obedient in front of love.  Otherwise, He would not be able to teach human beings about the core principle of relationships.  God wants to teach Adam and Eve, "Your conjugal love is absolute; you cannot change it for eternity.” Why? It is because they are the manifestations of God's attributes.  God is one, absolutely not two.  Adam is the manifestation of God's attributes, and therefore he is an absolute being.  Adam manifests God's male attributes; Eve manifests God's female attributes.  These attributes themselves are absolute.  Love brings together internal and external attributes.  As such, love is absolute, and that is why even God absolutely has to obey absolute love.  Hence, the couple that appears with this absolute love is one and only one, not two.  It is absolute, and at the same time, unchanging and eternal.

(6) The goal set up by God, the Creator, cannot change.  God is the center of each person's conscience and the objective of all people's hope.  No matter how much time passes, no matter what course history takes, He can never change.  Before eternity and after eternity, God cannot change.  That is why God said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the Last, the beginning and the end.” (Rev.  22:13)


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