Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 4

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 1: God's Existence and Attributes 
Section 2: God as the Root and Original Being, 4-21

(4) All of creation is composed of things existing in pairs.  The mineral world comprises positive and negative ions that engage in give-and-receive action.  Flowers have stamen and pistil, and the animal kingdom has male and female animals.  Recently it has been discovered that even bacteria are male or female.  If in the microscopic world, invisible to our eyes, there are male and female, what about the world that we can see with our eyes? Did all these male and female entities in this vast, limitless world come into existence by their own will? Or was it by another will? It was by another will.  Hence, I repeat: no matter how great we are, we are resultant beings, not the primary causal being.  Simply put, we are beings occupying the object-partner position,

(5) Human beings originated from the first cause.  What is the first cause? It does not matter what name we use; that being is absolute and has an absolute ideal.  We are not "primary" beings, but are resultant, "secondary" beings.  For each of us, our immediate primary beings are our mothers and fathers.  Our parents' primary beings are our grandmothers and grandfathers.  If we keep going back we come to our first ancestors.  If God is behind our first ancestors, we go all the way back to God.

(6) God is the motivation within our hearts.  He is our original source, and the root of our ideals.  Without a cause there can be no result.  Therefore, the universe cannot exist apart from God.  Dwelling on this earth, we are like orphans who have lost our parents.  Imagine the joyful shout of someone who finds his or her lost parents.  That joy would be incomparably greater than the joy of a general who conquers the world and gains a material fortune.  The heart is what is important.  No matter how praiseworthy your successes, if you do not go before your father and mother, you cannot stand as a true child.

God the Original Being

(7) History began on the individual level and has unfolded throughout the world.  Where will it conclude? It will continue until we establish an eternal relationship with the Absolute Being of the highest goodness.  The highest goodness is eternal and unchanging.  There can be no higher level.  When we look at the current world, we see that people of different nationalities are gradually coming to share the same attitudes and feelings about life.  Also, many who are seeking truth based upon their own beliefs are coming together and moving in the same direction.  The root is the same.  History as a whole is marching toward the one point of absolute value.  We can say that the worldly values people pursue are in reality only relative.

(8) God is the Original Being of heart, intellect and will.  As such, what is God's sense of purpose? God must have been conscious of His purpose before He began His creation, not only afterward.  Were this not so, He would never have been able to guide human history.  Behind history lies a force that we cannot consciously perceive or feel.  But for this, God could not lead us toward the world He intends to see.  God has a purpose for the world, which He holds in the depth of His heart.  Even Though we have fallen, He is determined to find human beings who can be instilled with this purpose, which has nothing to do with the Fall.

(9) God created human beings because of love.  Yet love cannot be experienced by one person alone.  Therefore, the only thing that God absolutely needs is an object partner to whom He can give His love.  In other words, God needs His beloved object partner.  He can love only when He has a partner to love.  God is the origin of love and heart, and His motive in creating the universe was love.  As Genesis 1:27 reveals, God created human beings in His own image, as His substantial object partners.

(10) God is the ultimate being of love and the origin of heart, which is deeper than love.  God's Word, deeds and philosophy are rooted in His heart.  None of these can exist by itself.  Each stems from God's vertical heart.  We therefore need to share God's heart toward history, toward the present, and toward the future.

(11) It is said that God is the origin of truth, the origin of goodness, the origin of love and the origin of life.  What do these phrases mean? They all refer to the same thing.  For there to be truth, there must be love and life.  To become a person who can speak the real truth, you must have the will and desire for truth pulsating within your own life.  As the origin of life, love and truth, God is the Father and also the Mother of all humankind.  The core is that God is the Parent.  Seen in this way, it is easy to understand God.

(12) No one can change the fact that True Parents were born in this country.  How precious it would be to be one with the people of the nation that will remain for all eternity the nation that gave birth to the True Parents! All resultant beings want to be united with these original beings, who are eternal and unchanging.  To be in an intimate relationship with these original beings is the highest hope in the world of heart.

(13) God, for whom we seek, is the origin of hope.  At the same time, He is the origin of glory, encapsulating the value of the universe.  Therefore, to restore God's dominion over the entire creation, we have to possess God within ourselves.  We should be able to welcome and attend God.  He is the Creator of all things, the one who has been toiling to exercise His dominion over all creation.  When you say that you possess God, He is your God.  As He is eternal, so are you.  As He is the governor of all things of creation, so too can you govern them as His substantial embodiment.  If you cannot be such a person, do not say that you possess God.

(14) We have to eliminate the elements of sin onto which we have held until now.  We have remained in the grip of the power of death, but we should attain a standard of faith that liberates us from that.  To do this, we have to find the path of life that eradicates doubt.  If there were no such path in our world, God would not be able to come to us.  God is an actual being.  He can stimulate our conscience to make us aware of our mistakes and repent for them.  This being so, we should fulfill God's desire by attaining the highest standard of hope, of life, and of human ethics.  Such a time, the historic Last Days, must come in the end.  This destiny involves the whole universe, but how seriously have you thought about it? We live in an environment in which we can nurse doubts about the universe, about society, about the world, even about ourselves.  God is the central being who can provide solutions to all these questions.  God is also the only one who knows everything we are pondering, and the only one, the Absolute Being, who can solve our fundamental problems.

The Lord of heaven and earth

(15) God is the central being of the cosmos.  He is the Parent of the universe, the Parent of all creation.  God is the Creator who will surely bring His purpose to pass.  The True Parents on earth are the ancestors of humankind.  They are the ones who inherit the parental heart of the Creator and give birth to humankind on this earth.  From this perspective, we find three sets of parents in the cosmos: the eternal Heavenly Parent, the True Parents on this earth, and the parents in our families.  What do these parents pursue in their public life? Not money or material things, not knowledge or power.  They live with love as their center. God, True Parents on earth, and the parents in the family are the owners whose governance is based on love.

(16) To humankind, God is the Parent and King of kings, as well as the center of all things of creation.  Hence, He is to lead and guide filial sons and daughters, patriots, and saints who represent the world.  When this takes place, God will reach the highest position.  God can be the Parent as well as the King.  These positions are not separate; God is the central being who combines them.  If it were possible, a person should combine the highest qualities of filial piety, loyalty and holiness, and attend God.  Surely God would like to be attended by persons with the qualities of a filial child, patriot, and saint of saints.

(17) The Creator, standing at the center of the universe, protects it with a strong sense of responsibility.  He protects and nurtures the universe well.  Not only that.  He takes responsibility for all things, good and bad.  He never runs away from that responsibility.  As the great Lord of the universe, God takes responsibility, protects and nurtures it.  Thus all beings desire to create unity with God at the center.

(18) God has boundless blessings to give.  He is the central being of all blessings.  His blessings are the most valuable benefits.  You cannot purchase them and you would never exchange them for anything in the world.  He is in possession of everything that you could want.  What He possesses is more precious than your beloved wife, more valuable than your father and more precious than the sons and daughters whom you love with your life.  Therefore, the person who can call God his or her own is the one who can claim to be the most victorious and successful person on earth.

(19) God is the Lord of heaven and earth.  He possesses the highest ideal; He is the standard around which our motivation and purpose converge.  Therefore, God is the motivation for and purpose of our existence.  Then where do this motivation and purpose lead? God's motivation is to have a family that centers on His Will, a family that can fulfill his purpose for the world.

(20) God is absolute, omniscient and omnipotent; hence, space and time do not restrict Him; He transcends them.  Circumstances do not bind Him; He is able to break through them.  If such a God still has an unresolved hope that He has been pursuing until now, that hope cannot be for Himself.  His hope is for nothing other than to recover humanity as His children.  He cannot fulfill that hope by Himself.  Human beings have to resolve this and then return to God.

(21) We are not the origin.  Our life did not originate with our parents, society, people or nation, but with the one transcendent origin, namely, the Absolute Being, God.  Hence, we need to connect our life to the transcendent and absolute cause.  This connection should not derive from a particular time, environment or social condition.  In order to make a leap and go beyond these particulars we must link our origin to that transcendent cause and transcendent purpose.  We have to link our life to the transcendent motive, for life did not begin from us.  It began from the absolute God.  When we link our life to the transcendent motive, even if we die, it will be according to His Will, through a course that is transcendent of us.  This is not a purpose swayed by the environment or based on worldly relationships.  This Will moves toward a transcendent conclusion.  It has a transcendent motive in transcendent relationships.  The transcendent motive is God, the transcendent process is His Will, and the transcendent purpose for which He advances is the good of the world.



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