Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 48

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 4: True Parents and True Children
Section 1: The Life Course of the True Parents, 3-16

(3) When I was sixteen by Korean age, I had an extraordinary experience. On Easter morning I was offering a long and tearful prayer when Jesus Christ appeared and revealed many things to me. Jesus spoke to me of profound and amazing truths. He told me that God was in deep sorrow due to the suffering of humankind, and he requested that I take on a special role for God's work on earth. So many things happened in the wake of this. I would pore over the Bible while I continued my school-work. I continued receiving profound messages from Jesus that most people would have found hard to understand. I was arrested and put in prison on a number of occasions for teaching people those things. I was incarcerated in a North Korean death camp for almost three years. In that camp, people often died within a few months. Yet God protected me for nearly three years, allowing me to survive even amid such terrible suffering.

(4) I was in the same position as Jesus, who was abandoned by his own people; therefore I could not witness to my own family or try to influence them. I did not talk about the Divine Principle to my brothers, my parents or any of my relatives. Instead, I went out alone into the world at large to find people. Now that I have restored people outside my family, blessed them and formed a tribe, I can witness to my own relatives and bring them along with me.

(5) There was no one whom I could lean on, not my parents, friends or teachers. I did not have a comfortable environment. All I had was a lonely heart. All alone, I faced a heaven and earth that seemed so bleak. Nevertheless, I pulled myself together and summoned the heart to call out to my Father. As I shed tears, the wind blew; that wind became my friend. The sunlight rising from the east became my friend, with whom I shared my heart. The lowly soil at my feet became my friend, as did everything in nature that I saw around me. If you ever experience such a heart, you will discover a new self. I found new value there, and based on that, you too will find a new self within you. Welling up in your heart you will feel a new determination to make a new relationship with God. With such resolve and heart, I prayed, bowing down before God. This is not something that only I had to do; you too must pray in order to release God from His bitter sorrow. You are called to shed sweat and blood for Heaven, even if it means sacrificing not only yourselves, but your entire tribe and people as well.

(6) I have been wandering everywhere in search of a people that could receive God's blessing and a land that could receive God's blessing. That search took me to prison. It was a miserable path that left me bloodied; a path on which I often risked my life. The land of the enemy was so vast; it was like an open sea. Looking up, I saw nothing but endless sky. I had no friends, no companions and no comrades-in-arms. I even had to distance myself from my parents.  But I did not despair. I was keenly aware of the path Noah had walked as he lamented and suffered, the historical path of the Israelites who collapsed in the wilderness, and the miserable historical courses of Jesus' disciples who pressed forward for the sake of Heaven, even to the point of being crucified upside down. Nevertheless, I chose to go that path. Since there had been no one up to that point who could take responsibility for this world, I felt I had no choice but to set out on this perilous road.

The course of suffering and victory

(7) My life has been filled with misery. I have to recover the birthright of the eldest son, and for this I have to go out and fight until I win before I can return home. But I do not fight with my fists. I have to sacrifice myself, even to the point of vomiting blood. By walking this tortuous path soaked with my blood and tears—the path of loving my enemies—I have to transform the realm of Cain into the realm of the eldest son on Heaven's side. I must then ascend from the younger son position to the eldest son position. That means I must bring them to the point where they offer themselves to work with me—not only themselves, but their property as well, and even their nation. Unless they do, I cannot recover the position of the eldest son. In doing this, I must pass through eight stages.

(8) How many levels must you pass through in the course of history to reach the level of the True Parents? The first step is to be a true servant of servants. In that position, some of you will have to bear the cross. If you think you cannot bear it, the True Parents can never appear. Even among sinners, there have to be "true sinners," who want to change. You have to go that way and build bridges to the True Parents. I am the representative of love who began from the most miserable place in the world and overcame everything. In order to do this, I had to shoulder the cross of love. In this way, I built a bridge. Step by step I had to rise from being a true servant to the position of a true adopted son, then a true son, a true Cain and eventually a true Abel. This is the path I have followed. I have been building bridges from stage to stage by walking that way of suffering, surviving the struggle and emerging triumphant. So whenever you see a pitiable person on the street, remember that I was in that situation. Even though I was indignant when I was being stomped on, kicked and tortured by communist interrogators, I never prayed, "Heavenly Father, strike these enemies with a thunderbolt and slaughter them all." Although my body was bleeding, I was praying for them to receive blessing.

(9) When I began my seven-year course immediately after Korea's liberation from Japan, and as I looked at the fortune of the nation during those seven years, I was seriously concerned. I knew that God would be with Korea if it did well; otherwise He would not. If Christians had united with me during that seven-year course, we could have worked together successfully. If that had happened, the Unification Church would have expanded throughout the world within that seven-year period. The Communist Party in North Korea and communist parties throughout the world would all have been gone long ago. I was supposed to make a family-level foundation during those seven years. This was the hope of history, the hope of humankind and the hope of all religious seekers.

(10) If Christianity had received me in 1945, I would have united the world in seven years. Through the Blessing, I would have opened the gates of both earth and heaven and realized the kingdom of heaven. But as I sought to restore the nation, Christianity, together with the rest of the world, opposed me. Moreover, as I sought to embrace the world, the earthly and spiritual realms united to oppose me. Nevertheless, I must bless all humankind by overcoming even this persecution, using a hidden method that I am keeping secret on behalf of God.  All people must receive the Blessing in the end, becoming absolute couples who abide by the ideals of absolute sex.

(11) If the Christian leaders had listened to me after Korea gained its independence, I would have prepared the groundwork for the salvation of the world within seven years, investing my total effort. I knew clearly where the world was heading. I knew it was headed to ruin if it kept on its present course. Would I have walked this stony path for forty years had I not known that? It has been an exhausting and rugged path, one that neither my mother, nor my father, nor my brother could understand; indeed no one at all could understand it. Because they were already in Satan's realm, I did not even try to make them understand. At that point, I was kicked out into the wilderness. I was like a useless stone thrown into a corner. Who could have known that this discarded stone would become a rock of vital importance to the Lord God?

(12) God is the King who created heaven and earth, yet due to the Fall of the parents, Adam and Eve, He lost His authority. Ever since God lost His authority to Satan, He has been unable to exercise His royal authority even once. God must be crowned, but He cannot crown Himself. It must be done by the True Parents. If the True Parents do not do it, no one can. The right of kingship is the original standard by which God created heaven and earth. Once this kingship has been achieved, the family can be restored, followed by the tribe, people, nation and world; this will usher in the age of God's kingship on earth. This is a process, so we should not talk about heaven and earth being restored all at once. Human beings and the archangel together overturned God's kingship. Nonetheless, the True Parents came, eliminated Satan, and established the standard by which to complete God's providence. They abolished hell both in the spiritual and earthly realms, and standing in the position of the unfallen True Parents, they enabled God to stand in His rightful position of royal authority.

Restoration course of blood and tears

(13) I do not have a teacher. Even God could not be my teacher. If God had been my teacher, then all people of prayer would also have been my teachers. How did I become the Teacher? I made myself into the Teacher. How did I become the True Parent? I made myself into the True Parent. How did I become the True Owner? I made myself into the Owner. This is re-creation. If God could have done it for me, He would have done it immediately.

(14) I once prayed for seventeen hours straight. I often prayed for more than twelve hours, staying up all night in the process. I prayed until my cotton-padded pants were so soaked with the tears of my bitter weeping that I could wring water from them. The Unification Movement was not built with games and laughter. I built it by going the way of truth, with blood, sweat, and tears, wringing my own flesh and spilling my own blood. I came to know the standard, I fulfilled it, and I built a victorious foundation. Only because I know it is correct, having confirmed it through my own experimentation, and teaching it to you. I am not saying I will become the True Parent, I already have; that is why I could proclaim True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. Now is the time to firmly secure the Completed Testament Age. We are in a time when nothing in this world can invade that.

(15) How can I sleep soundly while Unification Church members receive persecution throughout the world? How many times have I been unable to eat or sleep? After learning that a missionary had been sentenced to death by a communist regime, would it have been right for me to sleep or to eat well? Even though I had never met him, he had heard my words from a distance, across many national borders, and said while offering his life, "Father, please be victorious! I am crossing over first." How do you think I felt at the core of my being—in my bone marrow and flesh—when I was told that he had spoken those last words? I was deeply sorrowful that we did not yet have a nation. Who could ever fathom that God would have to suffer this much?

(16) Until I was thirty years old there was not a day that I did not go hungry. It was not for lack of money or food. I deliberately ate only two meals a day. Until I was thirty, I did not buy clothes for myself. This was because I knew I was responsible for saving the world's poor. Even when I had nothing to eat and could not afford to wear good clothes, I prayed that God would save the hungry and liberate the poor, who could not wear good clothes. Such prayers reach Heaven directly.



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