Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 485

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 13: Peace Messages
Prayer 5: Prayer at the dedication of the Cheongshim Peace World Center

Prayer 5: Prayer at the dedication of the Cheongshim Peace World Center

Loving Father, heaven, and earth have solemnly erected the banner of one heart to blossom by focusing their heart on this place. In this hour, we must achieve oneness with You, the Creator of the universe in both essence and heart centered on the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. In order to recover the state of mind when You told Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden that they would die for eternity if they ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, True Parents have prepared for this moment while offering devotion in order to see the standard of one mind, one ideology, and one purity blossom.

Ninety-three years have passed, and on this fifty-third True Parents' Day, we have brought complete fruition in this grand place. You, the Heavenly Parent, cherished the ideal garden that was to be Eden's standard and ideal of creation centering on You, the absolute God before mind and body were divided. However, even before You could embark on the path toward this ideal, division occurred due to an unforeseen, impure, and wrongful idea. The realm of a single generation has been completed through one heart. The great plaza that was originally planned together with the name of True Parents has been established in the original place where there was no false parent. Countless citizens of heaven and earth have come here where the flowers of their hearts have blossomed, and now we offer a full bow before You, who bears the authority of the supreme Creator together with the guardian of that authority, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.

You have desired the one land of miracle that would serve as the symbol of victorious sovereignty. However, due to Eve's mistake, an unforeseen night of sadness and sorrow resulted. From that day on, You withdrew the realm of day, and, like the new light of a firefly, You brightened the dark path in the realm of night, engulfed in darkness. True Parents completed and perfected the Will in the very place where the false parents posed as parents until the original light could shine as the central light in this vast world. You have stepped through and gone beyond the time of sorrowful heart, the thousands of years during which You yearned for and long dreamed of the original Eden but were unable to bequeath a single day of blessing. You now stand in the highest position of focusing on the mark of new victory, where Your blueprint, the Creator's original blueprint, can now be realized. Now we stand on a new mark of victory, on the focal point, at the highest position after having walked through and overcome the hours of bitter sorrow during which time You could not bequeath that blessed day of jubilation in the original garden of Eden that You gazed upon, the dream of history that spanned thousands of years.

In this place where the entire universe is watching, we have prepared and completed the formation of the dutiful son's realm of oneness by erecting the model standard, allowing all our descendants to stay within that standard. This is the steppingstone upon which we can commemorate the day of True Parents' victory, budding like a flower rooted in the single-mindedness of hope. As we march toward the world of freedom and liberation, a liberated heaven and earth free from restraints, so all humankind can offer You praise of joy and happiness in front of this palace You designed at this new plaza today, we present to You today the Cheongshim Peace World Center as a plaza of joy and glory. We are gathered here today as people who will never forget the singular focal point of commemorating this completion and conclusion.

Let the sunlight shine on this bright, liberated central position of freedom and this bright heaven and earth where the numerous blessed families in the spirit world and their descendants on earth have the unified focus of serving their parents. Please let this place be loved by all people as the new plaza of education through which You can directly educate this world of darkness by the authority of light—from east, west, south, and north, everywhere You go. We are now preparing for the days to celebrate completing the liberation of the Blessing and holy love while tying together our once divided mind and body. We are engrafted onto the beginning of the history that True Parents initiated. On this straight path that we take in accordance with this time, we should attend and unite toward the center of all four directions with one heart and one essence in the mind and body of our couple.

If we are to welcome within one year the day when the third Holy Wedding of True Parents will be completed, and then spend time with faithful children who can be raised in such a position, there must be one nation, one people, and one king. We will have a liberated heart with which we can receive the cause of children while in the embrace of the absolute authority of the Creator and with which we can stand with the heart of a lofty warrior modeled after True Parents, even though we are lacking. With this, we will forget about all the sorrowful history that unfolded in front of You, Father. It is our earnest hope and prayer that the Holy Wedding that will be held in the future may be the period when we can light the incense inside the burner of Your ideal family, and sing songs of praise and glory thankfully embraced in a single clan.

Father, please overlook the inadequacy of the devotions that were offered to bring us to this point, as we yearned for the name of True Parents. Father, the fruit of Heaven's blood-red heart shall never fall to the earth but shall be remembered as ineradicable footprints. We are preparing to receive the Blessing on the glorious throne in the substantial realm, the throne of unity, completion, and perfection where all our descendants can be united with Your heart by following these footprints. Father, please protect, guide, and lead us until that day.

Gathered here are Your blessed children. Please shed the bright sunlight of peace on their hearts that long for the original homeland of their desire, the homeland that will come in the future. On that privileged day of victory, all living beings without exception can enter the fourth, original homeland of freedom and happiness in the heavenly world. We ask You that You harvest that day as the fruit of the flowers that blossom upon the substantial harmonization of hearts. Please protect and guide us until that day. We believe that You will accept us as we eternally align with that ideal.

I pray that the wish of the child who believes in You, the great Father, will be fulfilled. Please allow sunlight to shine on the bright heaven and earth of glory and protection, which is our final destination. Allow one pillar to rise from the center to eternity, so nothing is lacking in the perfection and completion of the educational ideology achieved through all existing things in the world and through the heart of a parent who loves heaven and loves people and loves all things. With this request, we offer this solemn occasion in front of You, the Father, with the heart of True Parents. Please accept all this with a joyful heart.

Please let this become the eternal, unchanging occasion of protection when the Parents, like You, the Father, can hear the shouts of joy ring in their hearts together with the sound of joyful cries from heaven and earth. Beloved Father, as we sincerely and honestly report and offer our wish for this place to become the holy kingdom of peace through the name of True Parents, please accept this. Thank You. Aju! (March 22, 2012)

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