Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 484

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 13: Peace Messages
Prayer 4: True God's Day 2001 Midnight Prayer

Prayer 4: True God's Day 2001 Midnight Prayer

Beloved Heavenly Father! We have just welcomed the New Year of 2001, which concludes the two thousand years of Christian history and begins the third millennium. Father, here under the watchful gaze of heaven and earth, the two-thousand-year history of Your Will has gone by, during which all things in the cosmos yearned for the creation of Your victorious kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven according to their relationship with Your love, Heavenly Father. Now we have gone through the age of indemnity and bitter sorrow, which has taken us beyond the First Israel, Second Israel, and Third Israel. You promised the Messiah to the realm of the First Israel in order to open the path of attaining liberation and open the path of Your Will to establish True Parents on the earth. From the very day the Messiah was crucified because the people failed to serve the Messiah as the True Parents, Christianity formed the lost realm of Israel on the world level and fulfilled the founding of the Second Israel, centering on the United States, a Christian nation, which can connect the center of the nation to the center of the world.

Heaven and earth, East and West, every people, every nation, and every individual in every family were all divided in history. You worked to separate Cain and Abel on this earth in order to fulfill Your promise to bring the True Parents. You sought to fulfill Your Will of liberation through the works of unification, which were brought about by the victory of the Christian cultural realm after the Second World War. The bitter and sorrowful way of the cross materialized on earth due to the failure of Zechariah's and Joseph's families to fulfill their tribal messiah mission to become one with one another, which was the goal of Jesus' thirty-three years of life. Because of this, Heaven was unable to obtain the foundation of a family that would have been the starting point for the ideal of a liberated heaven, which would not only have lept but even soared, achieving victory over Rome. We know this historical event and failure that led Jesus to walk the sorrowful course of the cross.

Ever since that day, there was no way to liberate completely Your sorrowful heart as it meandered for two thousand years through the countless bloody incidents of history. No one understood Your anguished heart as the Father who endured for a thousand years, even two thousand years. No one understood Your heart as You witnessed the changes of a sorrowful history, watching Your children on earth nail their parent to the cross. No one knew Your Will to prepare new spring water of liberation in the midst of a world engulfed in a raging ocean of death. We were oblivious to the existence of Your Will and Your completely sorrowful heart, burdened under historical circumstances, having to restore through indemnity what was lost through one man. In this world where people waited for the Lord to return on the clouds, Christianity and all religions persisted in conflict and, having forgotten the unifying standard, drove each other toward the path of death.

The history of Cain and Abel that had been leading this history of conflict became the division of the physical and spiritual realms centering on the Second World War. Jesus went to the spirit world to fulfill his parental responsibility spiritually while forming a unified world centering on the Parent on the earth. Due to all this, True Parents were established as a foothold of substantial victory that can represent the perfection of the physical world through the standard created by the perfection of the spirit world. If Catholicism and Protestantism had united after the First World War, which had prepared the coming of True Parents, then united with the spiritual standard centering on Jesus and the Holy Spirit, inheriting it after erecting True Parents on the earth, we could have created a victorious foothold on the earth within seven years after the end of the Second World War. We would have restored You as the central being on earth and brought about Your liberation, which we yearn for today.

We could have marched beyond the peak of sorrow that came about because human beings failed to become perfect. Then together with the free authority of True Parents and their right to liberate You upon the foundation of having liberated the history of the individual, family, tribe, people, and cosmos, True Parents could have restored all of Your lost sovereignty, the basis of love's authority, everything that was lost due to the false parent, and welcomed the age of having perfected their mission. All this could have been completed fifty years ago.

In this year, we conclude the last two thousand years. This is now forty years since the beginning of the wilderness course that started with a sorrowful family that, after losing that opportunity, has now achieved liberation of the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos in the year 2000, centering on the True Parent who has reached the age of eighty. We have achieved the liberation of Your homeland centering on the ideal of the cosmic liberation of heaven and earth, just as Moses did when he set out on his course to build the nation of Israel.

We have abolished paradise and hell in the spirit world, demolished all the barriers in the heavenly world, and demolished all the barriers between heaven and hell centering on the realm of the eight stages of freedom—from the individual, family, tribe, people, nation to the world—thus paving the highway of liberation. We then indemnified the conditions to fulfill the wishes of all spirits who eagerly awaited and yearned for that day of Blessing from the Parents, Parents who came into the midst of the sorrowful spirits who reside everywhere from hell to paradise in the spirit world. By doing so, the liberated realm of the Blessing of both the spiritual and physical worlds was attained and established at the same time.

Now both worlds rooted in a single heart can subjugate Satan. They can cross over to the liberated world of freedom sitting atop the victorious authority of Your absolute love, absolute life, and absolute faith bound in Your lineage. Beginning from March 21, 1999, when Satan surrendered, we hastened the reorganization of the spirit world and spent many busy days until the last day of the year 2000.

No one knew of Your sorrow until the liberated realm of heart of the fourth Adam was declared. This came after the sorrows of the Old Testament, the sorrows of the New Testament, and the sorrows of the Completed Testament, sorrows that are finally relieved on this new day of the new year, 2001, this occasion of welcoming a liberated world at the start of the third millennium. Through this all, this busy child has hastened his steps in accordance with the Your command. This child has not fulfilled the way of a devoted son, loyal subject, saint, and divine child enough. Even so, please personally guide him, even though, as Heaven stands before him, he knows he risks being unworthy in Heaven's eyes.

On this glorious new beginning of the third millennium, please allow the Parents of Heaven and Earth and their children to become one in heart and essence together, not only with Your liberated realm that came about with the glorious victory opening the gate of the Completed Testament Age but also with the liberated realm of True Parents. We are truly grateful for Your hard work of fulfilling and going beyond the conditions for perfection, the hard work of the calling, and of the responsibility to perfect Your Will that is in the subject position, the hard work that realizes Your desire for the world—Your Will that is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and the hard work that has pioneered this path that could connect the realm of liberation both on earth and in heaven.

Father, Your children, the blessed families gathered here today, should know how fearsome this Blessing is they have received. No one knew that You became the God of a sorrowful heart who was utterly alone, with no one with whom to share Your circumstances while embracing a history of bitter sorrow for tens of millions of years after losing Your original Will of erecting the family of True Parents, the family envisioned and wished for as Your ideal for creation.

After having discovered Your Will at a young age, however, I followed a one-way path, regardless of whether people recognized me for it or not, overcoming hurdles to find myself today as having gone beyond the world's highest peak. By doing so, the earth now is connected to the spirit world, enabling us to transcend all nations and reach directly the liberation of earth. This day of family allows for the privileged blessing of liberation on a unified standard beyond the people, nations, religions, and all denominations in the spirit world. This victorious position of authority cannot be opposed. It is complete both in heaven and on earth. We are truly grateful You have allowed us to welcome this new year and begin the third millennium on a day like this.

We proclaimed already that the day You can fulfill the liberation and perfection of Your wish and goal will come only twelve days after today. Please accept this heart that prays that all blessed families of the Unification family and the blessed families in the spirit world who are offering devotion for this purpose can become one in heart and essence, breaking down all barriers and going beyond the final one that brings down all the walls in this hell on earth and that in this way can usher in the realization of a world under the liberated realm and victorious autonomy that spreads in all directions without anything blocking its path. We sincerely wish for You to allow this day to become the day on which we can commemorate a new beginning that will go down in history for a thousand years, the new beginning that starts the journey to the year 3000.

We brought everything to an end on the Last day of the year 2000, which is December 31, and also a Sunday. May Heaven clearly draw the line so we can make a new beginning from Monday, this day in this new week in the new millennium. You have allowed us to welcome the age of blessing when we can establish victorious glory, victorious dignity, and heaven's authority at the outset of this liberated millennium. We are truly, truly grateful for the grace You have bestowed upon us.

Father! There are still many incomplete tasks left for the new millennium, and we now enter the age where Heaven must take responsibility for these tasks. Your beloved True Parents, these children, have not been able to accomplish their responsibility. Please forgive Your son, who is ashamed for everything left unfinished, for it must be accomplished while relying on and yearning for Heaven's authority again.

My sincere heart has never changed—and it will never change in the future. I offer my pledge to You, together with the oath that we will humbly accept this path and that our heart of love to You as devoted children will never change. Please lead us to the way You want us to go. We have decided to dedicate the next ten years to offer all our devotion for that day of victory when we can praise the liberation of Your homeland and praise heaven on earth and in heaven through erecting the victorious authority of Your sovereignty on the earth. As the blessed families from all nations who are gathered here today make this determination, we sincerely, sincerely wish for You to accept it.

During the rest of this millennium, Father, we will prepare the realm of unification from the deepest part of hell on earth that began when heaven's glory was despoiled to the highest place, including in the spirit world. Then we will march, march and march forward to establish heaven on earth and in heaven, the heaven of the liberated realm of freedom where You, Father, can stand in the highest, most glorious position, reigning over all nations and the entire universe. We promise this to You in the name of True Parents, and we sincerely report this to You here from the position central to all families and the Will. We proclaim in the name of True Parents that this Will shall be fulfilled! Aju! Aju! Aju! (January 1, 2001)

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