Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 47

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 3: True Parents and Rebirth

Section 3: Restoration of the Right of the Eldest Son, the Right of the Parents and the Right of the King, 24-32
Chapter 4: True Parents and True Children
Section 1: The Life Course of the True Parents, 1-2

(24) In order to restore the right of the eldest son, I had to conduct the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. After that came the era of Heavenly Parentism, which is the era to restore the right of the parents. Now we have entered the time of the True Parents. Since Cain and Abel became one on the world level, the True Parents could emerge on the world stage. What is the right of the parents? Neither Adam nor Jesus could attain that right. Yet now, in my time, the parents' right of Adam, the parents' right of Jesus, and the parents' right of the Lord of the Second Advent—the rights of these three generations of parents—have all been fulfilled. I am saying that in my time, the parents' right was established for Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent.

(25) Why do you need things such as indemnity? Why is restoration of the right of the parents necessary, along with the right of the eldest son and the right of the king? It is because humankind is connected to Satan's love, life, and lineage. This is the key problem. What originally should have begun from God actually began from the devil. The devil used something as amazing as love to begin his work. Love is the reason the universe was created. Love is the basis for the creation and the source of all created beings. Satan took over this fundamental root, however. This fundamental root that Satan turned upside down needs to be restored to its proper position.

(26) God's ideal of creation is to build His kingdom on earth and in heaven in the name of the True Parents. Without their name, the kingdom of heaven cannot come, either on earth or in heaven. We might ask why, since Jesus is God's beloved eldest Son, he would say he would be in paradise rather than in the kingdom of heaven. People don't know the answer. The kingdom of heaven, both on earth and in heaven, can be built only based on True Parents being established and on the foundation of their love. Even after they go to the spirit world, the True Parents, not anyone else, are the central people for bringing unity to the kingdom.  Jesus could not become the True Parent; that is why he is in paradise.

(27) Because restoration is such a grueling task, God has been suffering throughout history, facing countless prolongations of His work until now. If it were not so difficult, why would Almighty God have to toil like that? If He could teach human beings everything they needed to do, He would have already done so long ago. However, Adam in his day did not know the answer; therefore Adam today has to take responsibility and discover the answer. I had to go throughout heaven and earth and discover everything. To find those answers, how many tears did I have to shed? Adam was expelled from the garden in tears; so how many tears do I, as today's Adam, have to shed in the course of restoration? In that sense, I can be called the king of tears. You should know that, representing history, I sought the way of truth and for that, I shed many tears. I survived tremendous ordeals, having my flesh torn and shedding my blood. You must realize you are attending me, the representative of all humankind, a wonderful True Parent. We are now facing the final summit we have to climb. Along with the standard of restoring the right of the parents, I should establish the right of the younger son. Having restored the right of the eldest son and the right of the parents, I have to restore that. Then I have to restore one more thing—the right of kingship, and bring oneness around that kingship. It will be done once True Mother and one of my younger sons build the foundation of mother-child cooperation. That will be the last phase of my work.

Restoration of the right of the king

(28) Originally, the perfection of Adam meant the perfection of the Father of the kingdom, and the perfection of Eve meant the perfection of the Mother of the kingdom. Once they had become the heads of their family, the right of the King of the kingdom would have emerged, beginning from the family level. Then, Adam and Eve would have become the King and the Queen on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. The time has come when we can transcend the national level; we can now stamp out the sovereignty of Satan's world and establish the sovereignty of Heaven's world. That day is March 27, 1990, the thirty-first Parents' Day.

(29) I endured a seven-year course to overcome worldwide persecution for the sake of the family. I went the way of the cross to liberate the family. I endured and overcame because I must become the king of the families. From the viewpoint of the ideal of creation, in his family, Adam was to have become the king of the first sons, the king of all parents, and the king of all families. Providentially, this was the responsibility entrusted to Adam. Within his one family, God tried to set up an ideal standard for the entire kingdom of heaven and engrave it as the template for families in the kingdom of heaven. However, because this family failed, all was lost. This means that everything—from Adam, the first generation, to today, thousands of generations later—has all turned into nothing. The True Parents came as the Lords representing God to re-establish everything that the false parents had reduced to nothing. Therefore, after establishing the True Parents, I had to set up the foundation for the Blessing, which would connect humankind to true life centered on God's true love, change the lineage of humankind, and make the perfect model of Adam's family that has no relationship with Satan.

(30) What does Heavenly Parentism mean? First, it means the restoration of the rights of the two brothers—the elder and the younger; second, it means the restoration of the right of the parents; and third, it means the restoration of the right of the king. In the democratic world, there is no concept of a king. The democratic world is based on the concept of brotherhood. Everyone is considered to be brothers and sisters on an equal level. The problem with brotherhood is that people in the democratic world fight with each other, ever struggling, "This is mine and that is yours." Democracy includes the notion of conflict. The ruling and opposition parties fight. Each is struggling to gain the right of the king. Isn't the presidency just another form of kingship? Presidents are replaced after serving their term in office; however, they often misuse their power and things do not go well. However, if a king emerged who was absolutely centered on God, things would be different. A world of absolute peace would then come.

(31) The democratic political system is a system in which siblings struggle.  To stop their fighting, we need to rise to the position where we can represent the True Parents to them. Siblings can all unite around the True Parents. The world of peace starts from such unity. There is no other way. People need to find the True Parents, and then everything else follows—true children, the true nation and true peace. There is no other way.

(32) We need to unite based on Heavenly Parentism, the basis of which is Godism. Ultimately, True Parents are the king and queen of the family. A family comes together with other families and naturally forms a tribe. A king of the tribe will then emerge. Next, the tribe comes together with other tribes to form a people, and then a king of that people emerges. The same will happen on the levels of the nation, world, and cosmos. All these kings, being centered on True Parents, are connected all the way up to God. So God becomes the King of kings.

Chapter 4: True Parents and True Children

Section 1: The Life Course of the True Parents

(1) You cannot imagine how many tears were shed, unseen and unnoticed, before the True Parents came. I'm not talking about a few moments of weeping. If you were aware that this struggle was not only in the past but has continued until today, you would not be able to speak of it without shedding tears. You should find that same degree of resolve within your own heart. You should not be complacent about having sinned in the past and continuing to sin in the present. You are fallen people, so to return to God you need to shed tears of repentance, followed by tears of gratitude. Without going through this process to be restored to God, you cannot enter the heavenly kingdom. No matter who you are, you should have that kind of heart. Then you will truly be the kind of people whom God welcomes.

The course to start the providence

(2) I was born during the most miserable lime in Korean history. The March First Independence Movement had started the previous year and was spreading. It had been a lean harvest that year. This made it a most difficult period for the people of Korea. Many people lost their lives during the March First Independence Movement. Not only were we going through some lean years, we were also facing an internal national crisis. People died one after another. Moreover, during my twenties, there was not a single day that I did not go hungry. During that period we had nothing. We missed all the things we had known. Because my great uncle fought for our country's independence, our extended family faced such severe repression that we were completely torn apart. Our family was all destroyed. We faced civil unrest, national strife, and family upheaval.



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