Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 478

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 12: Cheon Il Guk
Prayer 3: We have proclaimed the settlement of Your homeland and Cheon II Guk

Prayer 3: We have proclaimed the settlement of Your homeland and Cheon II Guk

Beloved Father, in accordance with Your desire, Your providence has triumphed and united the spirit world and the physical world as one in body, mind, and ideology. Centering on the completed settlement of Cheon II Guk on earth, we have come to an era when we can celebrate. We have arrived at the time of great transition, when You can manage and lead affairs here on earth through Your omnipresence, absoluteness, and complete authority, with victorious supremacy. I offer thanks, Father, to You, who have labored for so long. My wife and I have taken responsibility for the goals of the providence and have borne the title of True Parents here on earth. Despite that, I cannot help but regret that we have been unable to fulfill the duties of loyalty and filial piety and the duties of the saints and the divine sons and daughters on a higher level in attending You, our Heavenly Parent.

Nevertheless, we now have arrived at an era of transition in the providence. Centering on Korea, we have proclaimed Cheon II Guk, the settlement of Your homeland, and the completed establishment of Your kingship. We also see the beginning of a world of peace and the installation of ambassadors for peace who can govern and lead the world of peace. Here on earth, we have declared Cheon II Guk, which can advance the common purpose of all nations and embrace all people.

I thank You, Father, that You have led us to pursue this goal and arrive at an age when we can proclaim the complete liberation of Your Will for the sake of building the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Moreover, here in Hawaii, the center of the Pacific Ocean, we declared the age of the Pacific Rim and, centering on this, returned the ocean to You, returned all the land to You, returned the ideal of creation to You, and returned the entire kingdom of heaven to You.

With this declaration as a foundation, all the things we have planned have brought us to this place, where You have prepared for the Will’s transition into the origin of a new world. The time has come, as Your providence heads toward Your ideal realm of Cheon II Guk, when You can become one in mind and body. It comes as You establish the direction of the entire kingdom of heaven, transcending the nations of this world and investing all Your strength in that one mainstream direction.

Father, I thank You for Your grace that allows us to make this proclamation at this time. All the earth, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation—symbolically, the entire world—can become one in body, thought, and heart as the object partner of the spirit world. It can perfect the duties of filial children, loyal patriots, and divine sons and daughters in serving Heaven. Thereby it will transition into the world in which we can establish the kingship of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Father, we pray that You will liberate all the beings in the cosmos, from the tiniest microorganisms to all the beings You created in the spiritual realms. We pray for all of our ancestors, who did evil and did good, and who came and went on the earth, from the borderline of hell to paradise, to form a realm of liberation that enables them to go directly to Heaven.

By so doing, Father, we long to see You push away the barriers between the nations here on earth and advance toward the world of sovereignty that Heaven can rule and guide with one heart, one body, and one thought. The True Parents, representing all the people of the earth, support You. They declare that they, together with all our ancestors in the spirit world, will support You. Therefore, I ask that You guide us personally, from a free and self-sufficient position, in this age that advances toward the goals You have purposed and Administered.

Now, in Korea, we have proclaimed the establishment of Your kingship, the settlement of Your homeland, and, on that foundation, Cheon II Guk. We made these proclamations centering on Korea, Japan, and America, and, together with the establishment of ambassadors for peace across the globe, we are opening and advancing the way through the ideology of Cheon II Guk. At this point in time, centering on this day, we pray that You will become the Parent who can govern the entire universe from the position of King of kings, centered on the sovereignty that represents heaven and earth’s united absolute authority and omnipotence, and guide us as our King.

I thank You that this day we could proclaim our new resolution to advance toward the world of peace of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. We will do so by following the way of Heaven and completing the way of filial children, loyal patriots, and divine sons and daughters. All peoples and all the created beings of the universe are united today in mind and body. We hope and pray that centering on this joyous day, we can advance from the new age of the Pacific Rim to the liberated era when the kingship that can connect the land and the entire cosmos is established.

Representing all created beings and standing in the center where heaven and earth are united, we declare in the name of True Parents that we all support the kingship of Heaven. So, Father, please become the center and rule over us with the sovereignty of love. By liberating heaven and earth, as You have desired, please become the King of kings centered on Your sovereignty and the Parent of all peoples. Please advance toward the glorious kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, where You can reign over the entire universe. We dedicate and proclaim this in the name of True Parents, and may Your Will be done. In gratitude for these things, I report all this to You. Aju! (January 26, 2002)

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