Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 477

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 12: Cheon Il Guk
Prayer 1: Please grant that we may bring the ideal Adam’s culture to completion
Prayer 2: I desire to share with You the joys and sorrows on the path that lies ahead

CHAPTER 12  Cheon II Guk

Prayer 1: Please grant that we may bring the ideal Adam’s culture to completion

Beloved Father! Today, December 9, 2001, we are observing the second Sabbath in this month of December. Here, under the watchful gaze of heaven and earth, we are holding a new pledge service in attendance of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are the object of interest to all of Heaven and to all of Cheon II Guk. The blessed families in the spiritual and physical worlds, and everything bound to them, in their attendance to the True Parents, have become one in heart and in body, fulfilling the way of the devoted child in the family, patriot in the nation, saint in the world and divine child in the cosmos. They are perfecting the realm of liberation for the Parents of Heaven and Earth in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, the entire universe, and all people. Now we have ushered in an age in which we can bring everything that Adam lost to fruition and have it protected and offered in victory by the True Parents on the earth.

In light of this, I have proclaimed Cheon II Guk to both earth and heaven. I dedicate this to Heaven in the name of a nation of an individual, in the name of a nation of a family, tribe, people, and country, and in the name of the nation of the world and cosmos. Father, You blessed the glory of that day that brought order to the fallen world. Thus, this year, in which I concluded the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God-centered on a family of love, I proclaimed the establishment of Your homeland centered on Korea and even proclaimed Cheon II Guk.

We are now in the process of giving the Blessing to the ambassadors for peace and proclaiming the start of the new nation of the world for the sake of a liberated world. Let all those who have come together amid the challenges and chaos, representatives of the religious circles representing all the blessed spirits in the spirit world and blessed families of the Unification Church on earth, become one in heart and in body within Your Will and Your protection. I sincerely pray and request Your permission to allow them to fulfill the way of loyalty and piety attending Heaven and to become faithful servants attending You, the Heavenly Parent.

In this way, please permit us to perfect the culture of a single tribe connected with the true love, true life, and true lineage rooted in the heart of a completed individual, family, and people centered on Your sovereignty and an ideal Adam’s culture. We have the victorious power of an individual who can complete the mainstream ideology of the ideal of creation as a tradition. From it may we form the authority of the Parent of Heaven and Earth, based on the liberation of the cosmos and the Enthronement Ceremony of the kingship of the heavenly nation. May we rectify all the false things on the earth and then connect them to a new world of peace on earth and in heaven that has no trace of Satan.

This is the age in which the Unification Church, centering on blessed families, can connect the realm of the third Adam to the world. It thereby expands the unfallen, original realm of unity throughout the world and establishes one unified world together with Your kingship, centering on Cheon II Guk. What remains now is a time for national and global victory, enabling us to offer to You, once again, this universe that was lost. In the name of the True Parents, we will bring to a conclusion in unity all advancing matters and bring order and closure on Your providential path, Father. Thus, I sincerely pray and request that You will allow all matters that are advancing toward this purpose to attain the glory of victory with Heaven so that we can offer the joyful liberation of all humankind to Heaven.

We have ushered in an age in which the Unification Church members in the spirit world, united in heart and in body, can educate the spirit world. This will enable all the saints and sages to rise up together and obtain a liberated nation that combines everything from the individual to the family and nations for the sake of Your kingship. Thus we establish Your nation centering on the unified mainstream ideology and offer it to You.

Please bless all the saints and sages centered on the four great saints in the spirit world, and have them return to the earth so that they can build Cheon II Guk in the Abel position. I sincerely pray and request that You permit the spirit world and physical world to cooperate, enter into a bond of brother and sisterhood, and go beyond the standard that perfects the original ideal.

With the dawn of the Pacific Rim era, I have come once again to Hawaii. Now, before I depart for Korea, I sincerely pray that You will take the lead in uniting all paths, all matters, and all relations that reside in this place with Your Will. May nothing be lacking in any way in bringing the joy and glory of victory.

I pray that You will receive with joy this morning’s full bow, which You have permitted. Father, I sincerely pray regarding everything that should be brought to order in December that it will be completely and fully brought to order with Your permission. Please protect, nurture and guide everything so that a victorious Cheon II Guk can advance. All this I pray in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 9, 2001)

Prayer 2: I desire to share with You the joys and sorrows on the path that lies ahead

Beloved Father, I announced this year's motto, "May the Absolute, Unique, Unchanging and Eternal Will, which is the Subject Nature of True Love, be Accomplished through the Liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and Children Uniting in One Mind and One Body," and proclaimed that I would achieve Cheon II Guk, the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Your ideal of creation, centering on True Parents, maintains the authority of the liberated Owner in a position where the family, nation, and cosmos take root through the perfection of the children, centering on True Parents. In the original concept of the process of creation, this is the substantial realm of the purpose of creation. However, the first ancestors of humankind erred, leaving behind, in a single day, unending bitter sorrow. I have come to know the greatness of the wounds and scars inflicted upon Your heart.

While bearing these scars throughout the course of history, You desired people who could center on the kingship rooted in the ideal of the kingdom of heaven and a world of love. When I think about what has come on the basis of that desire, I realize that human beings have been so unfilial to You. They were unfilial in the family, disloyal to the nation and unforgivable in their world-level actions. They even stoned the divine sons and daughters of heaven and earth.

They filled history with great and bitter sorrow. The religious circles on the earth failed to uphold the hope for the manifestation of the True Parents on the earth, which had lasted throughout the years of history. They did not resolve the mass of accumulated resentment that people had to endure as they waited for the time of the Second Coming.

The True Parents cleared the course of re-creation from the very bottom of hell on earth and to the heavens and, following Your lead, proclaimed the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship on their victorious authority. I pray and hope that the Father can embrace the Korean Peninsula. It is from here that we can proclaim the establishment of Your homeland and also Cheon II Guk in the Completed Testament Age, centering on the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

My resolution was to look for the one day of victory and place it before Your Will. With it, I achieved everything that You intended in relation to true love's subject nature and proclaimed Cheon II Guk, the establishment of kingship, the homeland, and the liberation of everything that You had desired on the earth. Now we hear humanity's cry of jubilation in the new year. The time has come when the people of heaven and all people on the earth who can re-enact the glory of the Parents of Heaven and Earth can become one in heart and in body and dedicate this offering to Heaven.

Though such a time has come, we are greatly sorry to You, Father, that these tired members of the Unification Church have not yet been able to complete preparations to serve and attend You, who worry about this world.

Father! I am the child who was unable to attend You peacefully. You have endured everything to this day. It is true that this family and clan failed their responsibility, and the moment passed for the Catholic and Protestant churches to unite. Such unity would have brought the unification of Korea, centering on Christianity, with the True Parents after World War II. Heaven and earth would have crossed paths. But, harboring the bitter sorrow of having lost that moment, I passed through my youthful years during my thirties and am now moving beyond my eightieth year. I was supposed to fulfill the Cheon II Guk ideal with You in my forties, yet fifty-six years have passed since the liberation of Korea. At this time, the start of the fifty-seventh year, I have to proclaim a new Cheon II Guk in this dedication ceremony.

Therefore, please forgive all the children who received the Blessing of the Unification family, all the children who received the Blessing of the heavenly world, and all the unfortunate souls whom Satan's world kicked around and prevented from following Your desired path. Heaven stood as a Parent who had to bless both murderers and saints in the same place. Heaven was in a position where it was forced to be such a Parent. That is why I sincerely pray and wish that You will erase from Your memory all the mistakes the blessed families committed. Please take pity on these people, for they are trying to attain an individual, family, and nation that can cultivate the original heart and substantial entity centering on Cheon II Guk, the kingdom of love. Please share their joys and sorrows with them on the path that lies ahead.

We are at an important time, welcoming the month of December that brings closure to the first year of the third millennium. Centering on Jesus, You ultimately had to decide the standards for Cheon II Guk. With its proclamation, You bequeathed to the spirit world and physical world the privileges and benefits of national and global affiliation. Despite all this, I realize the fact that as of tomorrow, we again will see the new Cheon II Guk from the position of not having a nation. Please understand the bitter sorrow in the heart of Your unworthy child, who was unable to establish the things that should have been arranged in the name of the True Parents. Please suppress the indignation and exasperation in Your heart, and allow me to look for Your assistance along this child's path. With You, may I attain and move beyond the liberation of heaven and earth, which is the pinnacle of the ideal of Cheon II Guk, and even beyond the ideal of the kingdom of heaven.

We have to dedicate and offer to Heaven a family that, united as one mind and one body, fulfills the will of true loves subject nature, which is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. On that foundation, we have to offer the nation centering on such families, a world centering on that nation, and the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

In order to attain Your authority that enables this, I proclaimed the establishment of the kingship, the homeland, and Cheon II Guk. May You embrace all these things in Your heart. I pray that You will exert Your sovereign power and, from the original position, You cherished, draw all nations, all generations, and all of heaven and earth into the realm of Your reign. Please allow the victorious kingdom, which I have announced to the entire world with a liberated and free heart, to be formed.

I pray that this nation can become Cheon II Guk, Father. After the turn of this year, in the next couple of days, we will usher in the second year of the third millennium. During this time, may everything that You intend expand beyond the horizontal plane, beyond all nations, and take the form of a sphere that represents the directions of up and down, front and back, and right and left. I pray that centering on the axis of Your love, the axis of the family, nation, and world can recover all of heaven and earth and be used as the basis for Your ideal kingdom of heaven.

Today, marking the third day before welcoming the new year, I pray that with Your permission, we can achieve everything that I have spoken before You. Doing so, we shall greet this day. Father, please have pity on us. I sincerely pray that You will have pity on us and, with a forgiving heart, bless us. May earth and heaven connect to hope and glory, which shall be the path we take from now and be a foundation of shining glory. All this I sincerely pray and report in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 30, 2001)

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