Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 479

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 12: Cheon Il Guk
Prayer 4: May this be the victorious nation in the reign of peace and prosperity for all eternity

Prayer 4: May this be the victorious nation in the reign of peace and prosperity for all eternity

Heavenly Father, as we welcome the new year of 2003 today, we have announced this year’s motto: “Let our family perfect a true family of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters in Cheon II Guk, through true love.” We begin this new year, in which all families on earth and in heaven can achieve the completion of settlement through this motto and inherit the traditions of the unified True Parents of heaven and earth centered on the True Parent, True Teacher, True Owner, and True King.

You, our Father and the source of all blessings, sent the True Parents to earth and had them indemnify numerous peaks of sorrows. Now heaven and earth can stand publicly on the same horizontal line, following the completion of the rallies for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth and the Holy Burning Ceremony of the Peace, Unity, and Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Now we herald the Age of Equalization in the Peace and Unity of Cheon II Guk. Heaven and earth can march toward a common purpose centering upon the ideal of oneness, from the individual all the way out to the cosmos.

You created Adam and Eve upon the objective standard that was absolutely necessary to perfect the ideal of love. Achieving individual perfection through the unity of mind and body, and thereby becoming the substantiation of oneness in harmony of heart, body, and mindset, is required in order to perfect the ideal of reciprocity desired by Heaven. Unless You, the incorporeal Parent of the heavenly kingdom and the corporeal substantial parents are ideal partners of love, centering on the unified standard of oneness in heart, body, mindset, and harmony, they cannot fulfill Your purpose to attain absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love.

Therefore, please esteem the object partner of this love as having unsurpassed value, and cherish the highest and most treasured hopes for it. Base this on the standard of absolute faith, for it is Your absolute wish, absolute hope, and absolute desire. At the same time, allow Your object partner to perfect those highest and most treasured hopes. You utterly and unreservedly invested Yourself entirely, over and over again, into the smallest and the greatest, in order to leave behind the sublime and vast realm of the ideal of love.

In the midst of this, You fashioned Adam and Eve in substantial form as the object partners of Your love so that, centering on them, Your incorporeal substance could achieve corporeal substantiation. You poured everything into Adam and created him, and then You created Eve in Adam’s image so that they could form a conjugal bond as the substantiation of Your internal nature and external form. Your ideal of creation thus is to achieve the three generations for which You have longed.

Yet the Fall of the first ancestors of the human race left no room to realize Your Will. Instead, it left behind false parents, false love, false life, and false lineage. They ended up being bound in blood ties to Satan in opposition to You, leaving You in solitary isolation without a foothold in this world. You passed through countless eons until You eventually could realize Your Will through re-creation. You then could emerge as the long and eagerly awaited Heavenly Parent, of whose existence humanity had been ignorant.

You revealed the secrets of the spiritual and physical worlds through the True Parents, who uncovered the origin of Satan. They declared Satan’s identity as the enemy of God’s love, the adulterer, and thereby blocked his path. And You, with oneness of mind and body, oneness of mindset, and oneness of harmony, restored the victorious standard of individual original nature.

As the God who invested completely into the substantial form of Adam in order to establish the Parents in substantial external form, You made Adam, and then You took out a part of him and created Eve. You placed them in the position of Your object partners. Centering on the external form and internal nature and dividing yin and yang, it was Your ideal to hope for a substantial destination, the formation of a family of parents and children extending in all four directions. You could not find this ideal, however, until now.

Through the advent of the True Parents, who resolved and revealed everything and thwarted the way of Satan on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and cosmos, a new historic epoch was brought about. Through it, the realm of power that once had opposed Heaven could be undone. Together with the establishment of Your kingship, on the foundation centered on the Realm of Life of the Completed Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, we set the standard for the Holy Burning Ceremony of the Peace, Unity, and Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Age of Equalization in the Peace and Unity of Cheon II Guk.

In addition to everything, the ancestors loyal subjects, virtuous women, and filial children born on this earth left, saints and divine sons and daughters appeared and became one. The founders of the great religions completely devoted themselves to Heaven centering on loyalty, filial piety, and chastity. They mobilized the good ancestors to resurrect on earth and restore through indemnity the realm of the failures of the Cain side. On the restored foundation of the right of the eldest son centered on Abel, together with Your kingship, we now are able to bring about an era of tranquility. In it, we can establish the reign of peace and prosperity on earth, from the level of the individual to the cosmos, without any satanic interference. We are truly grateful for Your grace in allowing us to welcome this world of freedom and unity.

Father! Standing on this foundation, and through true love, our family should become the family of filial children, of loyal subjects, of saints, and of divine sons and daughters of Cheon II Guk.

On this day, the day we have ushered in the third year of Cheon II Guk, 2003, we gratefully proclaim a new beginning to establish the True Parents, True Teachers and True Owners, and True Kingship. With the coming of the new year and the declaration of this year’s motto, we are truly grateful to You. You have allowed us to make a new resolution to advance to the liberated world of the unified kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, to bring glory to heaven and prosperity to earth, as well as glorious praise of unified victory in all nations and all generations. We will achieve the unity of the spiritual and physical worlds and attain this progression of victories and accomplishments. Please reign over us as the King of kings of eternal peace and prosperity. Please allow us to realize Your independent kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Please allow all blessed central families to become the owners who can take responsibility for everything. Permit them to appear as original families who can serve Your kingship. You have enabled us to reach the age when we can offer before You cheers of liberating victory in all of heaven and earth. In Your entire coming, going, and abiding, may Your victory, prosperity, and glory be bountiful and eternal. We also hope that You will allow this to be the victorious nation of the reign of peace and prosperity for all eternity. We pray with all our heart that the tradition of the victorious heavenly kingdom, where You can reign independently forevermore as the King of kings, will begin at this hour. With hearts filled with True Parents’ earnest hopes and devotions, we hereby make this proclamation before heaven and earth. Aju! (January 1, 2003)


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