Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 473

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Prayer 7: Please let this be the time when we can inherit the era of the kingship of love
Chapter 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Prayer 1: Please achieve everything through us

Prayer 7: Please let this be the time when we can inherit the era of the kingship of love

Beloved Father, today is May 3, the first Ahn Shi II we observe this month. This place, where heaven and earth can become one through the blessed families, shall become a focal point. As such, may the entire universe orient itself in a single direction, according to a single bond, originating from a single motive centering on this focal point, and firmly establish itself as one resultant world! Let all matters in providential history that attempt to establish one point of settlement for the ideal of creation be aligned with this single focal point. Your embodiments have become Your counterparts in heart, aligned with that point of origin, purpose, and direction, and have grasped the sovereignty of Your victorious love. They have been established by being connected with the single sovereignty rooted in love that is the origin of life for all existing beings and eternal life. These substantial beings remain as Your counterparts that can become one with You at the center.

Please let all the points of origin be recovered through Your hard work. Please let flowers bloom and bear fruit upon that recovered foundation. And please let the era of the kingdom of peace be formed in which the entire universe can be ruled for tens of thousands of years through a kingship that is unrelated to the Fall. Please permit us from now, in the capacity of an owner for all eternity, to embrace, love, and appreciate all beings—from the smallest to the largest groups in the universe—as beings of value established through the ideal of creation, and to proclaim that everything is completed!

Now the blessed families and all the people of the nations connected to the United States on the earth are faced with the final goal of hope, which shall be fulfilled as a single goal through the United Nations. It is my desire during this year to focus on and connect to that hope, which is that You can take Your place on Your throne, based on the new Abel UN. Thus, I pray that the King and Queen of Peace, the peace kingdom corps, and the peace kingdom police can be united under True Mother and be brought to ultimate fruition. In this way, I sincerely pray and wish, Father, that You will bless us so that we can advance toward Your kingdom on earth and in heaven in which everything turns out as we wish and where we can freely assert ourselves while maintaining the beauty of a sovereignty rooted in love.

I pray that the content of all lands of actions that we should present, focusing on Korea in connection with the world, and everything that has been proclaimed on this day, be integrated so that everything can become prosperous. I sincerely pray and wish that You will render Your guidance so that all of the angelic world will come down to the earth, enter the realm of eternal liberation and complete freedom, connect the family foundation centered on God with the tribe and nation, and realize a world that is the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

I entrust everything that will unfold after this time to You, Father. Please allow all people to pledge to fulfill these instructions, which True Parents are conveying to the world, in their clan and nation with one heart and as one body. I sincerely pray and wish that by advancing toward this goal You will permit this era to become one when we can inherit the era of the kingship of love.

These teachings, which shall now spread from this day to Korea and throughout the world, constitute Your Word, the Word of the living God. May they become the center of the entire spirit world, have the value of bringing the sphere of religion on earth into unity centered on the Unificationists, and may this be offered to the Father. I sincerely request that, according to the value of what is offered, You will permit this world to become Your liberated kingdom of God on earth and in heaven under which we too can receive the protection of Heaven. All this I fervently report and proclaim in the name of True Parents. Aju! (May 3, 2006)


CHAPTER 11   Ceremonies and Holy Days

Prayer 1: Please achieve everything through us

Before You came to this Korean peninsula, we know that You toiled throughout history on a course stained with tears, sweat, and blood. Our Father, who loves the pitiful Korean people among all peoples, please let the day come quickly on which You can demonstrate to the world Your heart of love for them.

We know that, unknown to others, You chose this people and drove them into a pitiful situation due to the Will of Your mighty providence. We also know well that, in front of all peoples, we must attend You as our Father. Please allow us to realize once again that each time this people walked a difficult course in history, You were the Father of sorrow. You are the Father, our Father, who has endured endless pain and suffering; and You are the Father, our Father, who held and wept over Your many children as they died shedding blood and tears.

You have personally reached out to us with Your own hands of life and love in order to find Your sons and daughters. You are the pioneer of pioneers. You have personally carried out Your work as the King of pioneers, yet today the 30 million people of this nation do not know You. They should have become a people who looked forward to the day when they could attend You, but thus far, they have not done so. Still, please bear with them. We know well that, from the past to the present, the people that You have called have left behind a flawed history in every age. Please forgive this people. The more we repent for the course of history, the more we should be able to uphold Your heart. Yet that, is not the case with this people. Hence, the more You toil for this people, the more we feel that we cannot even lift up our heads before You. This is because we know how great Your efforts have been to find this people.

Father! Now that You have formed a bond of life with this pitiful people, please work through them. Please grant them the ability to take pride in having been a pitiful and suffering people before all humanity. I earnestly hope and desire that You will let the day come quickly when this people, who had no one and nothing in the world to depend on, and so little to be proud of, can finally take pride in the fact that they are together with Heaven.

Now that Your sons and daughters gathered here have come to know the Will and their mission, please pioneer the course of restoration through them. We know that we are the people who must become living sacrifices to welcome that one day of the Sabbath and attend and comfort You, our Father who has endeavored until now to find this people, even if it means our blood is shed and our flesh is shredded. We know that this must be done within a generation. Since we represent this people, this world, heaven and earth, and the many spirits who have fallen down while following the path of righteousness, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will guide us to make a new resolution and determination at this hour.

Even though all things in the world should have sung together within Your heart, and all created things should have harmonized together with Your heart, we know that they lost their original position and status due to the Fall, and thus have grieved and lamented for six thousand long years. We are also aware that, until this very hour, You have fought Your way out, You have continued to endure, and You have persevered to bring about the one day of the realization of Your hope, even when You were facing sadness, difficulty, or even death, without losing the heart of restoration.

Henceforth, we, who are attending You, our Father, must build the garden of peace, love, and joy from within our hearts. However, we know that the conditions of our environment do not permit us to do so because there are still many evil forces in our way. Nevertheless, we are aware that we have the responsibility to serve You with our whole hearts. We must create an environment connected to the entire cosmos, in which we can live our lives so as to return glory to You, Father, and bring joy to Your heart as our original ancestors should have done.

Please let those of us present here today reflect on ourselves and consider whether we have become the kind of people who are able to welcome You, Father, without hesitation whenever You personally appear before us, summon us or command us. How much have You yearned for such sons and daughters! How much have You waited for such sons and daughters to bow their heads before You and receive Your blessing! Please allow us to wholeheartedly attend You today as our Father. We sincerely hope and pray that You will be here with us at this time and allow all heaven and earth to offer praise and glory to You.

We cannot fathom how hard You have toiled, Father. There have been numerous ancestors that have followed Your Will, but they were not able to resolve the sorrow of the Fall, and they faded away in the chapters of history. When we come to know that they are looking down upon this unworthy group on earth at this hour and waiting for the day of liberation from their sorrow, we cannot help but feel how important our responsibility is. Please let us realize once again today that we do not exist solely for our own selves. Enable us to understand that heaven and earth, our ancestors in the spirit world, and our future descendants are all linked together through us.

We say that human history is the history of restoration through indemnity, and we know that we have the responsibility to set conditions of indemnity to alleviate the sorrow of history. Please let us know that any wrongdoing on our part will bring grief to Heaven, grief to this age, and grief to the future. Please let us realize that our current position is the same as that of Adam and Eve when they stood before God. Please allow us to become sons and daughters who can prove ourselves worthy offerings to You, our Father, as people who have embraced Your Will.

By doing so, please allow us in this hour to lay down sufficient foundation for our past ancestors to be liberated and the many peoples of this present age to be liberated, so that future generations of descendants can be embraced by our Father as His beloved sons and daughters. Please also allow us this morning to prepare the foundation and the way forward for a new promise that can light up this period in time. We sincerely hope and pray for all this.

Father, at this time, more than a thousand members are scattered in different places throughout South Korea. Father, we know that, in this age, many people put things aside to fight for their own happiness, but very few people will put everything aside to fight for the one day of Your Sabbath. However, Your young sons and daughters are spread out in various places and are fighting because they wish to stand close to Your heart of anguish as You continue to unfold the ideal that can bring the global mission to a conclusion.

Even at this hour, are there any members who are lying face down on their beds, shedding tears? Father, please be with them. Since I know that You are the Father who guides these lonely people and stands with them, and the Father who looks after us when we are about to fall down, I believe, Father, that You will be with us at this hour. Please personally guide us and hold fast to us.

Father, I sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become pioneers who can fulfill the new mission and responsibility that we have been given. Please guide this people who do not know how to enter Your embrace, and permit us to shoulder the responsibility of high priests as Your sons and daughters in order to liberate even a small part of Your heart, which harbors excruciating pain.

Since You know that there are members, even in faraway places abroad, who are waiting for this hour and praying with tears, Father, I sincerely hope and pray that You will fulfill Your purposed Will so that the day may quickly come when all people may proudly proclaim that they are Your blood relatives, rooted in Your life, and may be embraced in Your bosom.

Let this be a time in which those of us gathered here today can promise to begin anew with fresh resolve and determination. I will endeavor to take responsibility for what remains to be done, and I ask that You will entrust us with Your Will. Please accomplish everything through us. I humbly pray these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (January 1, 1961)

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