Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 474

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Prayer 2: Please shine the light of Your love even in hell
Prayer 3: Please allow us to establish the unified nation

Prayer 2: Please shine the light of Your love even in hell

Beloved Father! This son of Yours knows well that the history of restoration is a history that has been marked by tears. From the day I groped for and found the world of heart that no one knew, I have come to this position while longing for the day of hope, which I could not speak to anyone about.

We are at a new historical point where the tides that have flowed down must flow the opposite way. Father, at this hour, I offer my gratitude to You for having worked so hard throughout the ages of history to recover the original standard according to which we can be proud of our right of inheritance centered on Your love, through the unity of Adam, Eve, and the angelic world based on Your ideal of creation.

I have come to think that You called and raised this young, unworthy child from among the Korean people and made him grope his way along a twisting path in hopes of finding the one day of glory. I look back on my personal history, over decades, which leaves nothing but a heart of sorrow because I was unable to comfort You during that time, and I was unable to prepare the one day of glory for You. However, You have let me usher in this day without letting me die or come to ruin; I thank You for Your love.

Now, in unity with the spirit world under Your name and that of the True Parents, I am making a new proclamation that defends against accusation from Satan's world. So, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You will receive this day joyfully.

Since I have proclaimed that, among the people of the Unification movement, those who follow the way of the Divine Principle and who know this content and can clearly explain it, will be armed with the means of defending themselves against the accusations of Satan; please permit this to come about. Through that, please grant us a special pardon today, through which You can shine the light of Your bright love and the light of the love of the True Parents even in the dungeons of hell. We earnestly hope and desire that You will guide that world to also praise You.

Since we forgive with love and forget all the sorrows we experienced during our course of history, we ask that You, too, please embrace all people of the world, even the nation, the Christians, and communists who opposed us. True Parents earnestly hope and desire that You will please bring them as one and let them remain in Your love; and especially, I ask You to forgive them.

I thank You for allowing us at this time to open the gates and enter the ideal kingdom of heaven, which can be governed by the sovereignty of Your goodness through which to realize one extended family, one nation, and one world in human history. Hoping that You will willingly accept this historic hour, I proclaim this and thank You in the name of True Parents. Aju! (February 23, 1977)

Prayer 3: Please allow us to establish the unified nation

Beloved Father! Today is the ninth anniversary of Children's Day. Please let Your love dwell with the children who are sincerely praying for this day throughout the nation, facing this place. As You look at the Unification Church members, please be patient with this nation and its people who have caused You to feel sad. Please command the members to carry out a new historic mission; may they become a people who are not inadequate to serve as the laborers for a new age.

We know that with us lies the responsibility to realize, without fail, a day of victory, a day on which You can gain direct dominion over all nations spread throughout the world, centering on Korea. Father! Please bless all the people by reaching out to them with Your holy, loving hands through this special opportunity today. And please bless not only humankind here on earth, but also the numerous people who followed Your Will and the countless people in the spirit world who have died for the Will in the course of history up until now.

I know that they are destined to go the unavoidable path that still remains ahead of them, the course of indemnity that must be walked through returning resurrection on earth, and please let them make connections with us from behind the scenes, based on the activities of the Unification Church and our own actions today. By so doing, we earnestly hope and desire that You will allow the many people in the spirit world to unite with us, and even their descendants, to unite with us substantially so that we may establish the unified nation that You desire.

All Your children scattered around the world are also commemorating this day. So, I earnestly hope and pray that, through them, You will carry out Your direct initiative and work in the nations where they reside, and thus establish the authority of resurrection and set the condition of victory through which to embrace all peoples in Your bosom.

As of today, please allow Your desired Will to spread out across the world in earnest, through the horizontal route based on Korea. We sincerely hope and pray that You will establish this day as the one day of glory, one day of pride, and one day of joy, and allow it to be a day on which Your children can receive Your Blessing and be embraced in the midst of Your grace.

There are some of Your children who cannot be present today, so we sincerely hope and pray that You will bless them as well. We earnestly hope and desire that You will personally lead the work of liberation for our numerous ancestors, who have lived and died while taking responsibility during the course of restoration, through which they sacrificed themselves for Your Will, Father, and thereby allow what is realized on earth to be realized in heaven as well.

I hope and pray that You will allow all Your children to become true children based on their relationship to True Parents, to build true families based on being true children, and based on those true families, to expand into true tribes, true peoples, true nations, a true world and a true cosmos. Please guide us so that we can race forward more energetically on the course of indemnity that remains for the rest of this year.

In the 1970s, permit each and every one of us to fulfill the important mission we have been entrusted with, that is, our mission toward our people and our responsibility as Your children. I sincerely hope and pray that You will guide everything to go well according to Your Will.

I earnestly hope, Father, that on this day, You will place us at the center of Your Will and protect us. As we begin this first hour, please guide us in glory until the Last. I have sincerely prayed in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (November 10, 1969)

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