Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 472

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Prayer 5: May everything progress daily within Heaven's Will
Prayer 6: Let us advance toward the era where harmony and unity can fully take root

Prayer 5: May everything progress daily within Heaven's Will

Beloved Father, I know that by the work of Heaven a beginning, a process, and a purpose of creation were established for the realization of an ideal. Due to the failure of our first ancestors to complete this Principle-based course, all things in Your created world were entrapped in the snare of bitter sorrow that was unwanted and unrelated to Your ideal for creation. I know numerous situations were left behind in the course of history that people should not have experienced. I know how sorrowful it is that Heaven could not avoid experiencing these incidents and how this fallen reality has become the basis of resentment in relation to everything.

People have had to endure such a position because they could not be connected to True Parents' lineage that is based on True Parents' true love and true life, thereby establishing the foundation of conscience. I know very well that the sorrowful providence of restoration has aimed at reestablishing this, restoring this, and achieving the original standard.

I know You had to go through great troubles in order to achieve the original standard that was lost. Such a standard should have made possible the liberated realm of a true family, true people, true nation, true world, true cosmos, and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth rooted in the chosen clan of True Parents. I know how great Your effort, Father, was in having the True Parent come to earth—through the history of restoring the right of the first son and from the time of creation until now—to establish the right of the parent, liberate the position of Jesus from the position of the first son, connect the tribal foundation that Jesus needed for fulfilling the Will to the national foundation, and lay a bridge to connect the national foundation and worldwide church in order to prepare the standard of a nation as the soil in which Heaven's cosmic blessing can take root.

In order to prepare the family and church and in order to prepare a place for the nation to take root on this earth once more, the cultural sphere of Christianity should have inherited this foundation centering on the coming Lord. However, I am reminded that due to the failure to accomplish this, the True Parents alone went through a forty-year course of suffering in order to connect the family foundation, church foundation, and national foundation. True Parents have come and broken down the wall of Heaven's bitter sorrow, True Parents' bitter sorrow, and the sorrow of all the spirit people in the heavenly world and the religious people belonging to religious circles in the earthly world. Heaven was with them during this process, and now we have welcomed a time when we can go beyond all this and enable the true family, true church, and true nation to take root.

If Korea is unable to fulfill Your Will, the True Parent is thinking of creating the form of a single nation founded in Brazil that connected to South America its Catholic and Protestant churches, its people of African and Asian descent, and everything that was divided, in order to connect Uruguay and Paraguay and empower these nations. To this day, I have been defusing the confrontation involving the people of Portugal and Spain in order to unite the Catholic and Protestant churches that constitute the cultural sphere of Christianity and connecting Europe and the United States to Asia.

Father, You and the Parents of Heaven and Earth intend to prepare the standard for the nation of Korea, on which the heavenly world and physical world can be established, focusing on the goal of bringing liberation to the homeland. The North and South Korean summit will be held at this time when Your wish, Father, and that of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, could take root. I have assigned national messiahs for the purpose of settling all accounts for that unifying and new foundation based on True Parents' bloodstained course of suffering. May the national messiahs accomplish the task of the liberation of the homeland centering on Korea and bring all this to conclusion in the United States, the eldest-son nation, thereby ending the conditions that divided the nations and the world.

In doing so, I sincerely pray that You bless us so that we may have the hope that, moving toward the foundation of liberation, a new world shall commence where we may be infinitely free in light of Your will, Father, and everything can break down the walls and go beyond them. I sincerely pray that You will permit Japan, the United States, China, and Russia to completely unite and settle as one and that they may attune themselves to the fortunes and footsteps of Heaven focusing on Korea. For this, a summit conference will take place today that can bind China with Russia in relation to the United States, bind the United States with Russia in relation to China, and bind China with the United States in relation to Russia, under the bonds of brotherhood rather than as enemies.

May everything that is presented to the realm of the fortune for unifying North and South Korea be aligned before Your Will, Father; may it be united within the hearts of the True Parents and the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and may it become a protective shield of victory in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. I pray that You will allow us to establish a standard of victory, enabling victory to be determined unilaterally, founded upon that standard. In this way, knowing that it will not matter whether or not North Korea takes heed, I sincerely pray that You will allow us to welcome a great time of transition and change through which we can establish and enter into the unified, ideal homeland.

Now I ask Your permission that everything that is looking ahead and progressing toward an era in which it will be necessary to newly register a new nation engrafted to Korea may make daily progress according to Heaven's will. Father, I pray that the conditions of a victorious and glorious shield be established in this place and that You receive with joy this time of establishing conditions to ensure that all things can be accomplished without turning back, according to Your Will, regardless of whether Satan's world responds or not. Father of love, I sincerely pray that You permit us to discover and return with the standards of Korea and this world that can be firmly established as a landmark of victory. I sincerely request that You permit this time to be one of establishing the conditions of victory throughout the history of the cosmos. Thereby proclaim the standard of victorious settlement in the name of True Parents. Aju! (June 12, 2000)

Prayer 6: Let us advance toward the era where harmony and unity can fully take root

Beloved Father, today is the first day of July in the fifth year of Cheon II Guk. Half a year has already passed since we began this year to honor the motto, “Let us complete the realm of the ideal family in the internal and external Cheon II Guk.” We have passed a climactic watershed, and after fourteen years, we are celebrating the fifteenth Chil II Jeol (7.1 Day), which is connected to world history. In this age of being able to commemorate the era of God, we have welcomed a new morning in the new month, marking the fourth day after spending three days touring New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Going beyond the critical dividing lines that are national borders, stepping beyond the boundary lines marking each person’s ownership, truly at this zero point, we are commemorating Sam Chil (3.7) Jeol that newly represents the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. I offer thanks for Your grace of permitting us who are on earth to commemorate a great transition through Chil II (7.1) Jeol, with the participation of our ancestors in the spirit world together with our descendants who will be born in the future, during this period of commemoration that is being held in attendance of True Parents.

For this purpose, please let our minds and bodies be united as we make a fresh start toward an open world of peace where we can live in any location within the realm of protection determined by the Abel UN that You designated centering on the World Peace King Bridge. A time of commemoration could be established by blessing again everything related to the unity of husband and wife, through which all members of the family are united, establishing a model for our future children. After proclaiming the present era as Your era, we have welcomed the time when all existing beings in the universe, who are in a joyful and glorious state, can advance toward Your ideal kingdom of heaven by going beyond the bitter course of restoration through indemnity, and be made equal in the eternal heavenly world.

Thus, I pray that You will permit us to invest our entire being in creating a broad highway that has eight or more lanes, a bridge, and a tunnel that will enable us to make a circuit around the earth, allowing for a time when You, Father, can join in sharing with us at every point that our hobby-centered life resides within Your realm of dominion, including the spirit world. I sincerely pray that You will allow us to advance toward a world where we can welcome a new heaven and new earth in the Era after the Coming of Heaven, which is the liberated kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, and enjoy an unchanging tranquil reign of peace for eternity.

As our predecessors desired, I pray that You will give us special permission to fish and to seek a life of gratitude while experiencing the deep realm of heart in the heavens and in all of nature, where the snow covers the summit, the trees and plants grow in mid-slope, and flowers blossom at the foot of the mountain. I sincerely pray that You will allow this day to become a day of commemoration through which a new culture and tradition can be established and advanced in the name of a family of filial children, loyal patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters, who can bestow upon all things in the universe the right to participate with You and accompany You, and offer to You, our Father, the whole of creation as an existence with the value of liberation and complete freedom.

I sincerely pray that You will bless the blessed families and the blessed leaders, whom You love, who have gathered this morning from the six continents of the world so that they can advance toward the era that safely establishes victorious liberation, complete freedom, harmony, and unity, centering on one heart, one mindset, one body, and one nucleus. As we now commemorate this Chil II Jeol (7.1 Day) anew, Father, I pray that You will accept this offering. All this I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely offer and proclaim in the name of True Parents. Aju! (July 1, 2005)


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