Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 46

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 3: True Parents and Rebirth

Section 3: Restoration of the Right of the Eldest Son, the Right of the Parents and the Right of the King, 10-23

(10) As in the time of Cain and Abel, the brothers Esau and Jacob fought—but in the womb. At that time, Rebekah wondered why her two children were fighting in her womb, and she prayed to God about this. God told her, "Two nations are in your womb...and the elder shall serve the younger." (Gen. 25:23). They had to go through such a fight in order that the position of the elder son could be restored by the younger son.

(11) Esau and Jacob, the older and younger brothers, were born as twins so they could completely understand each other’s hearts. In the case of twins, when the younger brother is sad the older brother also is sad. That is how they connect to each other. Through these twins, who were so close to each other, God carried out the providence of restoration. The person who had to accomplish this restoration was the mother. After the Fall, Eve as a mother gave birth to Cain, so this time a mother had to carry out the process of restoration through mother-son cooperation. Here the mother worked with Jacob to take the, birthright, the right of the eldest son from Esau by deceiving Isaac.

(12) The right of the eldest son is recovered through mother-son cooperation. When the older brother Esau returned from hunting, he sold his right as the firstborn son to Jacob for bread and lentil stew. This set the condition for Jacob to restore the right to be the eldest son. Because Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, Esau had to surrender to him in reality. If he had not sold his birthright, Jacob and Rebekah would not have been entitled to take it by deceit. It could not have happened without such a condition. This is how Jacob could have the opportunity to be given the name "Israel." In other words, for the first time the right of the eldest son was restored, and this marked the emergence of the realm of Israel. The right of the eldest son was changed through twin brothers, but it had not yet been changed within the womb. Then what happened? The fourth son of Jacob was Judah. Judah had three sons, and his first daughter-in-law was a woman named Tamar. Tamar knew the value of the lineage blessed by God. Therefore, she was willing to do whatever was necessary to inherit that lineage.

(13) Tamar conceived two children, and they struggled in her womb. When she prayed to God, God answered Tamar as He had answered Rebekah the mother of Esau and Jacob, which was by saying: "Two nations are in your womb...and the elder shall serve the younger." (Gen. 25:23). In the same way, Perez and Zerah were born to set the condition of two clans struggling in the womb with the purpose that the older would serve the younger. During their birth, the older brother Zerah's hand came out first. The midwife tied a red string to it. This was a symbol representing future generations and was a forewarning that communism would appear among his descendants. However, Perez recovered the right of the elder by pushing his older brother aside in order to be born first. This was the first time the second son restored the first son's position in the womb. He was given the name Perez, meaning "he who made a breech at birth" while pushing his brother out of the way. In this way, God worked with Rebekah and Tamar through a course of struggle to change the lineage. Finally, within the womb, the first son was made the second son and the second son was made the first son. The right of the eldest son began from that point in the history of the Israelites. From then on, God could help them at any time. Whenever anyone attempted to destroy them, Heaven struck back. The history of Israel records that God mercilessly struck any Gentile nation that tried to destroy the Israelites.

Restoring the right of the eldest son

(14) In order to be victorious, you must go out and restore the right of the eldest son. The firstborn son must ultimately attend the second son, the younger brother, as though he were his older brother; he must come to the point where he can say, "I will receive all blessings through you." In this way, the first son willingly comes down to the position of the second son, and the second son, with the first son's blessing, ascends to take the position of the eldest son. Only when the firstborn son says, "You go up instead of me," and supports the second son, is it possible to move from the tribal-level right of the eldest son to the people-level right of the eldest son. This is how you can ascend step by step. Only when the first son supports you can you go up. You cannot go up by yourself. Because of this principle, you must fulfill the standard of restoring the right of the eldest son. Otherwise, God's dispensation cannot succeed. This is the secret of religious history. That is why, in order to go the way of a true religion, you must leave your home. This is the origin of the words, "You must leave your country and your home, renounce the world and become an ascetic."

(15) Cain represents Satan's side, the position of the older brother. Abel represents God's side, the position of the younger brother. There is the battle between the two of them. God should love the firstborn son first and the younger son next. But the firstborn son Cain stands on Satan's side. He belongs to Satan's side. In order to save him, God appointed Abel to restore the right of the eldest son. This he cannot achieve by force; it requires him to move people with love. Restoration is achieved by melting people's hearts with love. If you cannot be someone who loves others, if you cannot win their hearts and turn them around, you will not be in a position to truly love your own sons and daughters. Since God is the absolute God, from the viewpoint of His ideal of creation it is the firstborn son who should be loved first, not the second child.

(16) The question is whether I have loved Satan's world even more than I love my wife and children. I must not love my wife and children and neglect Satan's world. God has to love Cain first before loving the Abel realm, and He should not love Abel more than Cain. He has to love the firstborn son more. The problem is that the firstborn son went over to Satan's side. That is why the history of salvation has been so prolonged. Satan's lineage has been continually passed down through the bloodline from generation to generation. Because of this, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless we love the firstborn son and give him rebirth, and unless all people on God's side stand in that position of loving him. This is why the providence of salvation has been prolonged until now.

(17) In the history of restoration through indemnity, what is the secret to restore the right of the eldest son? Satan claims: "God, You are the perfect God. Therefore the Adam and Eve You are seeking are also perfect. If they had not fallen, then according to the standard of the Principle, Adam and Eve would have loved me as the original archangel. I fell and now stand for evil; nevertheless, if You and they truly represent goodness and righteousness, then You, and they, have to demonstrate that you love me regardless. Without making this condition, You cannot be God to me in the real sense." This is the issue at hand.

(18) Once the restoration of the eldest son is achieved on the individual level, we have to go on to achieve it on the family level. To do so, we must go to the frontline where Satan has his people persecute us and even try to kill us. We must win them over with love, and then teach them everything we know. When they realize that our tradition is good and they are moved by us in heart, they should be able to repent with tears, willingly, and pledge to give their lives as an offering for humankind's sake. There is no other way to obtain the right of blessing from the Cain world.

(19) Without love, you cannot win over Satan. Even God has to stand in the position where He can rightly say that He loves the fallen archangel. You are God's sons and daughters. Therefore, for your family to enter the kingdom of heaven, you also have to stand on the condition that you have loved Satan. That is, you need to set the condition that you went out to struggle with Satan's world and won over it with love. You must be able to claim, "I did not crush my enemies; instead I brought them to surrender with love. In this way, I restored the right of the eldest son."

(20) Instead of beating His enemy to death, God makes the condition of loving him. Accordingly, He has to make the condition of loving His enemy Satan more than the one who stands in the position of Adam. If you overcome even while being persecuted again and again, persevering with tears, blood, and sweat until your enemy naturally surrenders to you and you bring him back to God's love, then you can be blessed. It is only then that Satan will let you go. You need to receive official approval: "You have now become a child qualified to go to the kingdom of heaven." Who must sign your certificate? Satan must sign it. After Satan signs it, you will sign it, and then True Parents need to sign it. You can go to God only after getting True Parents' signatures. That is the kingdom of heaven.

(21) Once I set the condition of having loved Satan on the world level, he cannot take away those who follow me. Then, Cain and Abel will switch positions. Up to the present, the Abel realm has been pushed to the corner. However, from now on, Satan's kingdom in heaven and on earth will collapse in my presence. In the presence of the man who centers on love and who has gained the right of the eldest son of the heavenly kingdom, Satan has no choice but to retreat. He can do nothing to defend himself. If he fights back, he will be totally shattered in defeat. This is the view of the Principle.

Restoration of the right of parents

(22) To this day, it has been hard for me to recover the family and hard to recover the church. It has been hard to set the direction for Christianity and hard to bring the free world and the communist world back from their paths of ruin. Yet I restored the right of the eldest son. Had Adam not fallen at the outset, he himself would have had the right of the eldest son. Also, Adam would have become the True Parent, and he would have become the King of kings.

(23) The first human beings lost the right of the eldest son and daughter due to the Fall. They lost the elder children's right to inherit the great foundational work of heaven and earth. They lost it all because of the devil. Moreover, they were to have attended the Heavenly Parent, the Creator of heaven and earth, as His eternal blood kin imbued with His love, life, and lineage. But Adam lost the authority to become the True Parent. If the Fall had not occurred, there would have been one culture, Adam's culture. There would have been one clan, Adam's clan. They would have established one kingship.


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