Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 469

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Prayer 5: Thank You for letting us usher in the age of Home Church
Prayer 6: Please look upon Korea with compassion

Prayer 5: Thank You for letting us usher in the age of Home Church

Loving Heavenly Father, throughout the many different historical courses, so many sorrowful days have passed in succession. During this period of sixty years from the 1920s, You sent this unworthy child to this earth and raised and educated me. I was under Your protection and guidance until I became mature and You let me understand the new view of history and my mission.

I remember once again how, after I came to know You and Jesus and to realize this, there could have been a day in Your history when You were welcomed and received glory. But because Christianity and the Korean people did not fulfill their responsibility, a history of sadness has been woven instead. But I am sincerely grateful to You, Father, for Your painful effort as You repeatedly walked the path of bloodstained struggle for so long, in order to celebrate this victorious day without fail.

Furthermore, in the 1960s, the three seven-year courses were begun in order to indemnify again the two-thousand-year history left unfulfilled by twentieth-century Christianity, and the mission this nation did not fulfill. When I think of the day when Heaven set these three seven-year courses, it seems like only yesterday. I think back again to the time when no one could imagine that today we would have such a historic day of victory. Now these three seven-year courses have already passed, and in this year I announced the second set of three seven-year courses. I am so grateful for this day on which, in Your presence, I could announce this historical period openly before the world, during my own lifetime. For this I cannot express my appreciation in words.

From now on, we will assuredly transcend the national and the world levels and open the door to a new history. In this moment, we are bracing ourselves to begin with this year’s motto: "Home Church is my kingdom of heaven." Father, please accept this motto, and please be with everyone in the Unification family, wherever they are praying under this motto. In this place in particular, eight-hundred forty-two couples of Your children, whom You allowed to form connections as new families of heaven last night, and many of the children from all over the world whom You remember have gathered together, so please be here with us.

I am thankful that we are ushering in the new period of Home Church. We all stand on the frontline as representatives of families in our determination to be faithful and devoted during the next decade.  I desperately hope and pray that we can become Your children who, no matter how much we gaze upon the chaos of Satan's world, can still internally make a firm resolution before Heaven. And when we look out upon this world where evil is gradually disappearing, we can resolve to cherish a higher and greater hope as we march forward.

I sincerely pray You will bless Your young children who are spread out in various places. Please bless Your children who are far away in Korea and Japan, and those who are scattered throughout 127 countries. Even though they are in different environments and circumstances, they look toward this place thinking of True Parents and Heaven. I know and believe, Father, that You will watch over them and protect them in such lonely places and circumstances, just as You protect my family and this church with Your benevolent love. I earnestly hope and pray that You will allow these people in such positions to become children without any shortcomings, who can make every effort and give all their loyalty to fulfill their given responsibilities to pioneer difficult environments, firmly believing that You are with them.

Heavenly Father, once again we make the resolution to dedicate before You these busy days of starting anew as we usher in 1981, a year of hope. Please bless us in this flow of history so that we can make 1981 a year of which we can be proud. Please open a path so this country can take charge of new global historical responsibilities, from the day its new leader is established. I pray also, dear Father, that You will unfold a shining world of new dimensions in which Asia can connect to the western world. We pledge that we will devote all our loyalty for all the days that have been entrusted to us. So please accept with joy everything we have offered this morning for the New Year. I offer these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (January 1, 1981)

Prayer 6: Please look upon Korea with compassion

Father, a sorrowful era has passed. As an individual, I reminisce about the old days that I can never forget. I reminisce again about the time You were worried as You faced the providence that had to run on the uphill path against the flow of our tragic history, the reverse path on which I had to establish the family.

Thanks to Your protection, we found that path and were not destroyed. In the course of twenty years, I established the foundation that can absorb America, the leading nation of the world. We knew that without doing so, it would be impossible to relieve You of Your sorrows and to liberate humanity. I dashed forward, struggling as I ran, to give everything with one heart. Now we can bring history to its final conclusion and go our way on this earth with a bold attitude, flying high the banner of hope and bringing all of providential history under Your protection. We are truly grateful for Your grace permitting us to walk this path.

Please allow the members of the Unification Church standing here at this moment to become one with the True Parents' family on the family level so that they all can form a unity as strong as an impregnable fortress. Let us sing of Your love and of the liberation of all people. Let us rejoice, celebrating the realm of liberation in our garden. Please bless them to become a group of people who can deal with any difficulty that comes their way with joy and gratitude and flourish through their connection to inspiring environments. Please remember them and visit them. Extend Your hand, the hand that protected me each time I crossed the high and precipitous mountains. Please watch over the path these people will tread.

The destiny of tribal restoration centered on the Home Church providence remains a common requirement that all people, who are in the process of realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth, still need to fulfill. We have entered a time of jubilation rather than persecution. The time has come when the name of True Parents can be revealed with honor in heaven and on earth. We have come to know the path we will follow, together with the good name of the True Parents. This is not a path of suffering any longer, but a smooth and level road.

Since this is the case, we should become people who are grateful when we face the front and who are grateful when we look left and right, up and down, or forward and back. We should struggle to build a home in our realm of daily life, the victorious haven where You can rejoice. We have clearly understood that, by assuming such a beautiful attitude, we can show ourselves to be the people who love our nation, love the world, and love our Parents. We sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You will allow this time to be one in which we can inherit these relationships in the center of our hearts.

Father, upon my return to Korea, I am advising these people to cultivate this mind and heart. Please connect this love to the forty million people living in South Korea as well as to the hearts of those living in North Korea. Since North Korea is ruled by the Communist Party, please let the good ancestors in the spirit world connect to earth through the base of South Korea. Please let these ancestors transcend time and space so they can touch the hearts of their descendants without suffering any obstruction from Satan's world.

As we enter the era when such a historical mission can be carried out, we know that the time will come soon when, through these ancestors, we can bring the second-generation members into unity so that they can direct their steps toward the Unification Church. Please let the benefits of Your grace reach them. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bless the second-generation members so that they can prepare the starting point from which South Korea and North Korea will achieve unity.

Please let the devotions we offer and the sound of our prayers become like words of a new broadcasting system of life in all of heaven and earth. Please let our words reach the original hearts of all people in heaven and on earth. We sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You will bless us so that we can listen to the words of the new gospel as the directions by which we can return to the original homeland. We pray we can follow these words to form bonds in our lives that help us find our path to the original homeland.

I know all too well that the path of destiny remains to be completed, which I must follow with my life no matter what anyone may say. So I have struggled to follow it throughout my life. We are grateful once again that, in Your grace, You have allowed this blessed position to be given to humanity, to this nation, and to our Unification Church. We should not become a pitiful group that violates the precious merit of the age. Since we should not become followers of the way of immorality, if there are any blessed families who have ever harbored wrongful thoughts, Father, please forgive them with a compassionate heart at this time. Please place Your hand of blessing on them so that they can inherit Your kingdom through their successors or through their children.

You do not take us on the path that leads to ruin. The path You provide is the path of truth and of Your providence. This son of Yours knows that the reason You worked through me to establish the Unification Church was not so we would perish, but rather so that we may actualize Your Will, which is Your earnest desire to liberate humanity and free even those who are in the pitiful realm of death. So please enshrine this prayer of Your son in Your heart and look upon Korea with pity. Please extend Your hand of blessing on the path of Your young children who are struggling and coming forward to take responsibility for the Korean people. Since I know that it is only then that You can be liberated before this nation and this people, I sincerely ask that You will receive my prayer and guide us to that path.

Father, during the remaining three days, we should kneel down and repent in light of history. Since we, as the families who were trained on earth with a connection of heart to our True Parents, pledged to become a qualified and worthwhile group of people unashamed to face You, our Heavenly Father, our True Parents, Jesus, Moses and Jacob, a people in whom You can take pride, we request, again and again, our Father of love, that You will remember us and give us every encouragement, guidance and direction so that we can stand in this position. Please permit us to become people who are not ashamed before the era that has been given us. We offer all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 29, 1985)

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