Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 468

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Prayer 3: Please let us realize that daybreak is imminent
Prayer 4: Do not let the Unification Church forget its mission

Prayer 3: Please let us realize that daybreak is imminent

Beloved Heavenly Father, even in my dreams I was not aware that the sorrowful path of restoration was to be filled with so many trials and difficulties. You called an immature and uninformed young man, who now stands before You today reflecting on the hardships and struggles that You placed before me. I have come to understand that they all were expressions of Your love.

During this long course, Heaven was heartless and ruthless. However, I realize that in each instance, an absolute condition was required for You to bequeath to me something of greater value. For this, I am grateful, and as a result today, the Unification Church has achieved worldwide renown. The time has come when the name of the child sitting here can be known among all the races in every corner of the world. That name has first manifested itself in infamy, but even to this day, I have continued fighting, knowing that it will become a name of good repute. Since You have supported me and guaranteed such a day, I know that such a world will undoubtedly be realized.

Persecution has come and gone. The pitch-black world of darkness has passed and daybreak is imminent. Now when I raise my head high, I see that I stand at the focal point of the era, able to see how this world will come to an end.

Heavenly Father, through the Word, I have come to understand how precious the providence of Home Church is. I understand the truth that the liberation of all creation, our liberation as human beings, Your liberation, and the liberation of the angelic world are absolutely needed in order to restore the original world. I understand that this has always been Your heart.

We wish to love the creation and other people on Your behalf, based on our heart. Should we fail to become subject partners of heart representing You, when we stand in the subject position to instruct and command the angelic world, then we will be only object partners. In that case, the future realm of hope, and our complete oneness with You, will remain unrealized. Please grant that, even if we go effortlessly straight to that realm, we will not fall in the ensuing battle but will remain victorious to the end, not only meriting Your praise but, as Your sons and daughters, inheriting Your love.

As we realize that the days remaining in this time period are urgent, we will seek to achieve outstanding results in the sixty days that remain and to make short work in this period of what we have been unable to do until now. We will invest both our intelligence and best effort in the hope of presenting You at least with conditional results.

I have spoken long hours this morning. May the Word not just flow superficially but rather let it take root in these hearts. Please shine Your light of life and love at the center of our efforts. Let a harvest spring forth in our midst and let us become sons and daughters who advance from this place to revere You. We earnestly ask for all these things.

I earnestly ask that You urge us along so that, when the day and time comes, we may stand tall and unashamed as heavenly princes and princesses. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (November 11, 1980)

Prayer 4: Do not let the Unification Church forget its mission

Beloved Father, even if the smell is foul and the place is disorderly, when we sense the smell of the homeland penetrating the very marrow of our bones, we realize once again that our homeland is a good place.

Father, when we consider the situation of South and North Korea, we realize that the cause of the division does not reside with the people of Korea. Rather, this division is part of a thorny path of historical indemnity caused by the failure of Christianity to fulfill its responsibility. The division of Korea was the inevitable fortune connected with its historical mission, but this people did not cause it. The Korean people had the mission to pay the price, shedding so much blood throughout history until the present.

Now Koreans suffer in the turmoil of a complicated environment. We know from the Divine Principle that these maelstroms and ordeals will continue to rage on the path of our people until Cain and Abel can meet and stand together before Heaven. They cannot stand united based on fighting or trickery. Unity can be achieved only when we pave the way for a victory in which the Cain world voluntarily assumes the position of a debtor. Only in this way can we inherit the position of the eldest son.

The world of heavenly principles shows but one path provided to the fallen world, but this fallen world lacks a historical point of intersection. So we come to realize once again that the Unification Church members have no choice but to engage in solemn self-reflection on bended knees before our Father.

When I think of my former days in North Korea and those days when I was persecuted in South Korea, I see once again how I have groped my way along a path unknown to anyone. I passed through moments of making appeals before Heaven with experiences of anguish seared in my heart, experiences that began in the Beomnaetgol Valley and expand beyond this nation. Everyone races forward according to their own desires but, unlike anyone else and unknown to anyone until now, Your son standing here has raced forward on the path to establish the Will centered on Your love.

Whenever I was in a situation where I could collapse or could despair on the course of my journey, You held on to me and looked after me. Yes, there have been heavy considerations and grievous crises in my past. Yet whenever I think that Your path of grief was far greater than mine, and when I recall that the internal historical situations You have faced are more mortifying and vexing than mine, I feel so ashamed that I cannot even hold up my face to pray before Heaven. I come to think once again that it is because of Your boundless love that You allow me to come to this realization.

Throughout my sixty years of life, I thought it might all end up as a one-way street of persecution. But now I see that there was a path laid out within this global maelstrom, from the beginning to the end. When I wonder to myself once again, in front of Heaven, how and when You made preparations and created such an environment, I can only be grateful.

During the Last year, there have been many changes in the state of affairs in Korea. We beseech You to take the lead, light the way for us to follow, and create an environment showing this nation and its people the way to go.

Please let all the citizens of this nation unite and discover their better selves, learning as they do so to distinguish between right and wrong, to repent, and to take upon themselves the struggle to avoid shame before Heaven. We know that if Korea overflows with such people, who in unity pioneer freely the position of sacrifice and become a bridge of love for all the people of the world, then the world will give birth to a new dream, and the day will surely come when hope will surge. The bright rays of the sun will reach out to the world. We also know that today the Unification Church has to be the group whose efforts bring about the realization of this vision.

Heaven is making effort in Korea in order to realize the hopes of this pitiful and wounded world, which is full of desert-like valleys of dry bones. Based on this, You are seeking the realm of destiny where those dry bones can resurrect, don the clothes of love, and apply the balm of love. When we think about this, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow the Unification Church to rise up to its mission to implement that destiny.

We have endured until now for the sake of the established churches, even though they have treated us as an enemy. Since they continue to oppose us, Father, please be a peacemaker between them and us. We think of how great Your distress must be and realize with a solemn feeling that Your will is for us to endure as we cherish the hope of establishing these churches tomorrow as our elder brothers. We are connected to them as brothers, so please save them by Your authority. Please let us remember how You labored for six thousand years while suffocating with a heart of lamentation and tears.

Father, I came to Korea only to receive and experience Your love with this body of mine. Since I know that You are wishing for there to be an individual, family, and tribe that can do so, I sincerely hope, Father, that You once again will reprimand me, as I am too ashamed to show myself. Also, dear Father, please take pity once again on the Unification Church.

Father, there is still work for me to finish. The task of fighting in America still remains to be taken on over the next three or four years. Father, I earnestly hope and pray that during this time when You are in charge of Korea, You will let everyone, from the church leader to all members, awaken anew and understand clearly that Korea has to be the base from which we can build a bridge of love that opens the Will to all parts of the world.

I know that if this does not come to pass, there is no way for me to return here, even though this is my homeland. Father, because You know that Korea is the one place where this will truly come to pass, for five thousand years You deliberately had the Korean people weave the threads of a wretched history of blood as a people of indemnity and suffering. As we think about the fact that the purpose of this entire history was to make preparations for this time, Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will not let us forget the enormity of the Unification Church's mission.

Please let the mothers stand as mothers before their husbands and children. Please let the fathers stand as fathers before their wives and children. Please let the children stand before their parents. Please let the church leaders stand before their members, and please let the church members stand before their leaders in this movement where all accompany one another, showing Your love to one another. We request again, dear Father, that You will grant all the citizens to be united in heart through this group of pitiful people who have been chased and persecuted throughout this peninsula of Korea.

Allow us to brace our hearts and renew our devotion so that today's words will be neither a condition for accusation nor a shameful appeal before that day to come, and so that the 36 couples, the 72 couples, and the 120 couples can take the lead in the second round of three seven-year courses. Please let them know that they have the responsibility of becoming the standard-bearers, marching forward before Your people.

These people should follow the path their teacher has walked. We know that no parent wishes to leave behind persecution for his or her children to suffer and that no husband wishes to leave a path of hardships behind for his wife. But still, there remains the course of indemnity and the sorrowful path of restoration, in which the children need to be made to suffer in the stead of their parents and the wives made to suffer in the stead of their husbands. When we think about this and then still say we do not wish to walk this path, it will block our way forever. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to know at this hour that it is our destiny to walk this path, grinding our teeth and biting our tongues.

We earnestly hope and pray that You will not let us leave behind a shameful history in relation to our Home Church activities. Please establish within us one historical standard of heart and standard of indemnity so that when all other peoples are overtaken by storms or swallowed in floods, we can be the one vessel with an anchor of love so that all who hold fast to us will be saved. Father, we sincerely and earnestly ask and pray that You will allow us to become such people.

Please accept everything from today with joy. We pray all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (October 16, 1980)

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