Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 470

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Prayer 7: Please grant that we may inherit faith, hope and love
Chapter 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Prayer 1: Please grant that we may attend You in the center of our hearts

Prayer 7: Please grant that we may inherit faith, hope and love

Beloved Father, we thought that You were responsible for a world where the hidden heavenly Will was not realized, but we have learned that that responsibility lies also with us because of the Human Fall. We have come to know that as long as Your eternal hope remains, eternal hope also remains within us today. And as long as Your Will for eternal faith remains, the Will for eternal faith remains within us as well. We understand that as long as the practice of Your eternal love has not been realized, the responsibility for realizing the embodiment of eternal love also remains with us today.

In order to inherit the history of indemnity on this day, we need to inherit the hope of four thousand years and manifest it as the hope of six thousand years, we need to inherit the faith of four thousand years and manifest it as the faith of six thousand years, and we need to inherit the love of four thousand years and manifest it as the love of six thousand years. Since there still remains our responsibility to establish the love of six thousand years as eternal love, please forgive our present insufficiencies and inadequacies. Please forgive our present disloyalty and lack of filial piety. Please forgive us for having raised ourselves high.

Now the time has come to bring to fruition the hope of all people and the faith of all people. It is the time when the love of all people must manifest in one incarnation. But where has that one substantial embodiment appeared? We are unworthy, but please awaken us to realize that we are to adorn ourselves anew as brides. We know that only at a time like this can the history and toil of Jesus Christ, who achieved spiritual perfection, be brought to external fruition substantially through us. Only at a time like this can the ideal of the Second Coming be made into reality and a tangible history unfold.

Today we know that the believers living at the time of the Second Advent in these Last Days must take charge, taking the central role in heaven and on earth. You want to entrust Your eternal hope to such people, but we are concerned about whether they are the people in whom Your hope should be entrusted. You want to entrust Your eternal faith to them, but we are concerned about whether they are the people in whom Your faith should be entrusted. You want to entrust Your eternal love to them, but we are concerned about whether they are the people in whom Your love should be entrusted.

Since we have been entrusted with all these things on the Lord’s behalf, we now have to stand as the people who have become the tribe of eternal hope, the people who belong to Your love, who are in an eternal, unchanging relationship with You. We have to stand as the people who have become the tribe of eternal faith, and we have to stand as the people who have become the tribe of eternal love. Please allow us to realize that such a responsibility has been allotted to us.

Today, each of us as individuals is to accomplish the purpose of Jesus Christ, who is the victorious central person of the chosen people of Israel. In other words, we have to prepare ourselves as the embodiments of hope, the embodiments of faith, and the embodiments of love that represent the whole. Now that the Second Advent has occurred, we need to embody and represent everything Jesus did after he came to earth. We must become the embodiments of the hope of Jesus Christ. We should become his successors in faith and his successors in love. Please allow us to understand this clearly.

Now, faced with the course of restoration through which we have to overcome the Fall, we need to say, "Father, we will take charge of Your hope, faith, and love," and we should be able to do so, to return that hope, faith, and love to You, our Father. Furthermore, we ought to be able to stand as the center of unchanging love in front of all people. We know that we will be qualified people, able to represent the final glory of the Last Days, only if we are able to receive love in Your presence. Therefore, please allow us to become the people about whom You can say, "You are the ones I have hoped for, the people I can trust, and the people I can love." Moreover, we earnestly hope that You will lead us to become victorious children who can receive the grace of the judgment, proclaimed before every created entity in heaven and on earth, and establish the condition of unity.

That is why Your joy should translate into the joy of this earth, Your love should translate into the love of this earth, and Your hope and faith should translate into the hope and faith of this earth. Please permit us to bring to You, our Father, this horizontal joy of upholding the ideal of the Second Coming, and please work through us so that the glory of achieving Your Will through us can focus on the earth and manifest throughout the world.

We should be able to sing the glory of Moses each day and throughout our lifetime. We hope that You will allow us to unite through the love of Moses. Since we know that the achievement of Your Will, Father, is the only thing about which all 2.4 billion people of the world plus the millions of believers in the spirit world can boast, we beseech You to allow us to establish hope for that achievement, faith in that achievement, and love for that achievement at the center of heaven and earth. Let this be the condition in which we can eternally take pride. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju. (June 6, 1956)


CHAPTER 10  The Philosophy of Peace

Prayer 1: Please grant that we may attend You in the center of our hearts

Beloved Father! We know that if we keep ascending in search for You, we will surely arrive at the point where we can meet You personally, Father. If we consider the final, decisive words that You might speak and that we might affirm, they would be, "You are my sons and daughters," and "We are Your sons and daughters." We know that those are the words of hope humankind has pursued, as well as the conclusive words with which You will meet humankind whom You have sought.

This is not to end things by merely meeting with You as Your sons and daughters; rather, those sons and daughters should be the bone of Your bone and the flesh of Your flesh and should be able to stand representing the inner hope springing from within us. The individual desire that springs from within us should also emerge in a family, and the family’s desire should go beyond the society and nation and beyond all the people of the world. It should become an emotion felt by profoundly experiencing Your innermost heart, and it must be able to overflow at a universal and global level. We know that such a world is the world of hope You are seeking and the unified world humankind is looking for.

From this viewpoint, we will need to check and see whether there is in reality a group of people who are looking for this path in today’s historical era. We must reveal the origin of the truth taught by Jesus and all the saints, and we must analyze and critique how much our sense of self-worth acknowledges the value of Heaven and in what position we should stand in relation to Heaven. We must now understand that we need to stand in a decisive position that gives no other choice before all the people, the entire world, and the new trends of thought, establishing a standard of truth that can settle all these.

Trueness is something that existed in the past, exists in the present, and will exist in the future. It is something that cannot be conquered or denied and can transcend everything. Because of it, even fallen people yearn for the love of a parent, yearn to marry as husband and wife and try to leave their wishes for the future through their children. We know that this family life system can be the original source that can bind together the hearts of people in the fallen world and that it can be the foundation for human ethics and human emotion. Similarly, in order to bind together heavenly ethics and human ethics and bind together heavenly emotion and human emotion, the one victorious family system will need to be established on earth that can bind together the standard sought after by the saints with today’s human ethics. In light of this fact, it is not acceptable for those men and women born in this time to be like the men and the women of the past.

Father, we must have faith that You are able to demonstrate that we are Your children, and we can vividly testify that we are Your sons and Your daughters. We should be able to demonstrate, both by faith and from a position of profound experience, the fact that You and we have a relationship of front and back, and of left and right. And we should convince ourselves completely that we have been eternally together, that we now are living eternally together, and that we will continue to live eternally together in such a position. We have realized that this is the true path we need to follow.

Father! Now we must attend You, who are more precious than anyone, in the center of our hearts. If we can attend You, the Absolute Being, in that place in our hearts that cannot be invaded by anyone, and if we can lead lives in which we can discuss together with You, discover and live the multidimensional nature of our own infinite value as an object partner together with You, our Father, as the subject partner, from a position of correspondence with You, then no matter how evil the world is, we will be able to discover something different that can lay a new foundation for the creative works that can double our infinite value, even within this evil world. When we think about this, we come to understand that the suffering such a person experiences is not suffering; rather, it can be understood as happiness, and a person living on this earth where the waves of death are overflowing is not an unfortunate person, but rather a person who is living in happiness, for the sake of happiness.

Because we members of the Unification Church knew that we needed to follow such a path, though the path we have walked until now was a path of suffering, persecution, and loneliness, each time we stood at the crossroads where persecution and loneliness intersected, it was clear to us which path we had to take. In order to plant the connection of value that people need and the connections of goodness that can flow, not only in their paths of life but even to those intersecting paths that extend in all directions, the Unification Church has continued to struggle to make progress in every sphere. When we think about that historical reality, even though we were miserable during its course, we thank You that You have placed us in the position to have hearts of gratitude, which others do not know about.

From such a position, we will put down our roots and train ourselves to prepare a worldwide foothold, and, bursting with hope, we will have the hearts of national patriots, who are able to dream of one new world looking beyond Asia and the current world. Not only that, we will also go forward searching for a higher-level value, seeking to learn the duty of filial piety and loyalty, and we will live with patriotic hearts, centered on Your love, for Your kingdom and Your family which no one among the people of the world has embodied. Therefore, please personally reach out with Your blessings, and be together with us eternally on the path we are following. May Your compassion and love be even more present with our people, who are continuing in the knowledge that the value added in such a life is of such a high level that it cannot be compared with any other value of those people living centered on the two-dimensional world of today.

We know better than anyone else that we must not be weak. The good subject power that must lead this evil world should be stronger than any other, no matter how evil the world may be. We know that even when we feel lonely, as representatives of Your power and might, we should not feel lonely. We earnestly hope that You will allow us to become people who can influence the world around us.

Through the words spoken this evening, please honor the value of these people highly, and please allow them to be determined as new men if they are men and new women if they are women, who possess truly principled value, established in accordance with the highest level that cannot be pursued by anyone. The people of the Unification Church of this age today are those who feel more strongly than anyone else that we must become families, peoples, nations, and the people of the world who can be connected together in a unified world that cannot be divided by anyone. There is a movement occurring where all family members of the many races of various colors can live together with brotherly and sisterly affection, which has never been found and cannot be found within any peoples. Even when Japanese people, who were the enemy of the Koreans in the past, come to be called "family members," they become our brothers and sisters.

That kind of movement is laying a foundation on the earth today and is rushing toward the stage of actual practice. Therefore, we earnestly hope that You will look on us with compassion and add Your infinite power and might. Moreover, while moving toward tomorrow's victory, permit us to become warriors of heaven who march straight forward bravely and courageously, emerging as victors rather than as petty cowards. We dedicate everything of today before You, our beloved Father, and we request again and again that You will govern us during the remaining time in accordance with Your Will. We have prayed all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (February 11, 1971)

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