Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 467

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Prayer 1: Let us realize the victorious day of Home Church

Prayer 2: Let us all become one centering on Home Church

CHAPTER 9  Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Prayer 1: Let us realize the victorious day of Home Church

Not even one person knew of Your sorrow, Father, as You looked upon the circumstances of the history that had ended in failure. Father, long ago, You called the family of Jacob and began the providence. You kept in mind the now ancient nation of Israel, and subsequently, You persevered through the time of Moses to the time of Jesus, and then through the bloody history of countless Christian martyrs and the miserable course of the Unification Church. Yet, You have allowed us to come to the point where we stand today and to remain here without collapsing or going to ruin. Again we thank You. Our relationship with You remains intact and makes it still possible for us to prevail.

I remember the time thirty years ago when I struggled during my twenties to help Heaven. Memories of the smell of tears, blood, and sweat from the ups and downs I experienced after having resolutely set out to establish the Will in the face of ruthless winds and waves appear in a panorama today. At that time, I set the final conditions to establish this people and nation before Your Will, and I endured those who opposed Heaven and who even trampled me underfoot as the lowliest person. Even when I was treated as the enemy of both the state and of the people alike, I endured and preserved those experiences deep in my heart. Because You are alive, Father, whenever I was in a position where it was inevitable that I would perish, You extended Your hand to me and saved me from ruin. For this, I can only be grateful.

I am walking this path of crisis after crisis, resolved in my heart to follow the course of unfailing victory. This is so that I can realize Your Will without fail and dedicate that victory to You before evening comes. Father, when I think about such unforgettable historical situations, I know very well that You fully understand the true intention of Satan, who wishes in his heart to be rid of me. I also know only too well that I have to follow the path You are walking, that the path I am walking is the path True Parents have to walk. Humanity will perish unless I walk this path.

Father, even though people are taking steps towards Home Church in challenging personal circumstances, they are walking paths destined to intersect with crossroads of tears. There remain paths of tears on which they have to advance to link the home churches so that all homes can share the same heart. We know that Your helping hand will continue to be with us as it has been until now. We are also aware that You will enable us to overcome whatever difficulties we encounter in our environment. Our Father of love, please be with us.

This morning, I gave an address entitled, “The Unification Church and I.” We and the Unification Church are on a path of destiny that will never be severed even if we wish it to be. We know very well that we will need to walk that path with sorrow in our hearts. No one knows the destiny of the fallen descendants, who need to go around by the long road, going through the course of indemnity to resolve over and over again the circumstances of restoration that remain from the sorrowful history of having lost the Parents. Therefore, Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will give us Your blessings.

Thank You for allowing us to stay here for the past few days. Even today, there is a direction of heart that Your Will desires once again. Please let us and our future generations go forward on the path of the Unification Church, the path of the Father, marching forward to the very end with mind and body filled with gratitude, giving all our heart, all our energy, and all our devotion. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become Your deep-hearted partners and Your proud sons and daughters who can receive Your love. Since we know that the Unification Church will manifest as the glorious victor of heaven and earth, do not let us die or collapse before that day. Take dominion over us so that we will become the children who can light and prevail.

Beloved Father, at this hour of the day all the sons and daughters of the Unification Church around the world are offering devotions for the sake of this place. Moreover, they also are praying for the situation of Korea and the situation of America. We hope and pray once again that You will find a way to accelerate our pace and shorten the path of those sons and daughters. Please let the glory of this day be with You, with the Teacher, and with all of us, and bless us so that we can realize the victorious day of Home Church. We have prayed all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (October 19, 1980)

Prayer 2: Let us all become one centering on Home Church

Our Father in heaven, center of the entire universe! You created the whole world to manifest Your ideal. Please bring about the completion of Your sacred Will to realize the home of love in this cosmos, the home desired both by You and by us—we who are the center of the entire universe through our connection to Your love.

In the presence of our Father, You who strove to accomplish the work of creation with that objective in mind, our first ancestors, who were meant to fulfill their responsibilities as parents on earth, fell and wove a history of bitter grief.

Your ideal was violated, and the world was nailed to the cross. Therefore, Father, we apologize on behalf of our ancestors in the face of Your historical endeavors. Not only did human beings perpetrate this, but they then spread out in this world. Today many people say You do not exist. They do not know You, and so betray You. The expanding influence of communism, which claims that there is no God, is confusing the standard of goodness. It rages all about, claiming that everything is built upon falsity and injustice.

Still, You looked with compassion upon the human race as it suffered the consequences of all this sorrow and allowed us to establish the Unification Church. Our Father, You have worked hard on earth until now to bring the individual, the family, into order. You worked to bring order to the confused human condition, to tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and cosmos. We hope You will forgive us for the fact that All historical sages and even Jesus, who came to accomplish that, came and went without being able to finish the task. Thus the True Parents have had to walk the path of suffering in the era of the Second Advent.

Because we know and fear that the suffering of the present generation may be passed on to later generations as conditions of indemnity, we are making a resolution to go beyond the individual to the family, tribe, people, and nation, and to march forward with full force centering on Home Church. We are truly grateful for Your grace that allows us to launch this initiative. We are celebrating God’s Day this morning with a new dawn lighting up this world. We sincerely hope that You will allow Your glory to be revealed and Your Will of victory to be abundant throughout the cosmos, so that our shouts of praise will ring out on earth and reach heaven.

Please allow all these central families of the Unification Church, who have gathered here today from all around the world, to take on this mission and stand at the forefront to teach the heavenly traditions and practices to all the world. We sincerely hope You will permit them to race forward to be the vanguard. May they complete their responsibilities and fulfill their desire to create the environment through which the entire world can follow those traditions as well.

Please accept today’s ceremony with gladness, Father. All religious leaders and believers within the spirit world, who pursue goodness on the basis of the four major religions, are observing us closely here today. All spirits under Christianity and Jesus, Buddhism and Buddha, Confucianism and Confucius, and Islam and Muhammad are watching us. Since they are wishing for the embrace of True Parents in the hope of realizing Your one true purpose, please bless them so that the spiritual and physical worlds can be joined together. We sincerely pray that You will bless us so that the Unification Church can become one in heart with them so that Heaven can rejoice and earth can be harmonized as we continue to indemnify everything in history.

Father, please remember the members of the Unification Church scattered around the world. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bestow new historical blessings upon all the Unification communities who are observing this ceremony, praising the name of True Parents and venerating the family of Heaven, enabling them to reveal Your victorious glory. Please accept this occasion in Your holy way.

On this day, we have pledged the victory of Home Church in order to make it possible for You, our Father, to become one directly with the earth as well as with all the good elements of the spirit world. The world that Satan organized was built up on the basis of evil forces holding the physical world under their domain. With the Unification Church’s Home Church activities as the starting point, we all wish to be united, transcending geography and nationality as we initiate the movement now destined to eliminate Satan’s world.

Just as You, Father, are moving into the direction of the Home Church providence, please allow us to become one in heart on the basis of that providence on earth. Please allow us to fulfill our duties of filial piety before You so that we can bring joy to You and create an environment in which the spirit world can freely provide help. We earnestly hope that, because of our doing so, You will bless our efforts with the result that Satan’s evil world and even the evil communist sovereignty will yield and begin accepting the guidance of the conscience, transcending all national boundaries. We also hope that they will subsequently become part of the nation and family of our Father. We earnestly hope and pray that in this way You will permit us to establish the moment in which all nations in the world, following the lead of Korea, Japan, America, and Germany, can unite in praising Your glory with one accord.

Please bless all that is accomplished on this day, and please bestow Your blessings on the whole of this year. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow this day, this month, this year, and the 1980s to be a time when we can sing in praise of Your victory. Please accept this ceremony with joy. Please permit Your eternal and everlasting victory to expand from this day forward and forevermore. We have prayed all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (January 1, 1982)

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