Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 463

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Prayer 7: May the characteristics of Your children accrue to us
Chapter 8: Life of Faith and Training
Prayer 1: Please allow us to understand our mission

Prayer 7: May the characteristics of Your children accrue to us

Beloved Father, please consecrate this place, Corrientes, which is watched closely by heaven and earth. It has been over a year since the work in South America was begun there, based on the Will of Heaven to use South America for the providence in the future. We hope that victory, glory, praise, and dignity will be forevermore in this land of Your desire, under Your jurisdiction.

This year's motto is, "Let's be proud of True Parents and love True Parents." In other words, it means we should be proud of and love God. We understand how important is the mission that has been given to us, the mission to be proud of and to love God's family, nation, and world. How long You have waited to be able to let us be proud of and to love the fact that we have become the children of Heaven, that we have become parents with children, and that we have our own families and can embrace our children!

Please bless us so that, just as Heaven is proud of us and loves us, we too can love Heaven and be proud of Heaven. Let this land become one in which all people and all things can come together to praise, be proud of and love Heaven, and grant that all created things and all people become like this. We know that it was Your sorrow that people failed to become families that could result in such a history. Therefore, with the Unification Church at the forefront, we need to do away with everything that brings sorrow and make this entire earth a place where all people, all of history, the world, and the kingdom of heaven on earth can be raised up, and all will be proud of Your workmanship and love Your creation.

We have come to know that everything in the world desires this oneness. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bless us so we will have nothing to be ashamed of when we look upon nature, can become free and liberated selves who are unashamed before the history that extends from the past through the present to the future, and who are unashamed as objects of love before You, the Creator, thus becoming dignified people who can reveal the glory of heaven.

Thus, You as the Creator were supposed to live together with us on this earth, to love with us, and to begin a new history with us. But this did not come to pass. Therefore, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to be the children who can realize the purpose desired by Heaven through this era, with the name of True Parents.

Beloved Father, in this era wherein the spirit world longs for the conclusion on the earth, we earnestly request and hope that You will let victory, glory, and good fortune be with us in light of the mission of the Unification Church, which is to make everything of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos spring forth, starting from the family and expanding to the liberated cosmos.

Please be personally with all the children of the blessed families who are merging their hearts and offering devotions while facing the place where True Parents are, and let them show themselves to be people of Heaven by demonstrating that Heaven is with them no matter where they are, what they do or where they go, in contrast to Satan's world. We sincerely hope and pray that You will bless them, Father, so they can honor You from a place where all people and all things can respect them, love them, and be proud of them.

Please bless the people of the Unification Church who are offering all their devotion for the upcoming Blessing of 3.6 million couples, which we have yearned for. We earnestly hope and pray that You will allow the participants in the Blessing to form families that can be proud and unashamed as blessed families of Heaven, that will become the pride of Heaven and be loved by Heaven.

We earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to continue with the work through which, together with Your words, re-creation can be carried out wherever You appear, even at the far corners of heaven, so we can substantially demonstrate that the living God is with us. We also sincerely hope and desire that You will embrace all the children of the entire blessed realm in more than 160 nations centered on Korea, Japan, and America and unveil them in the cosmos as the extended family in the one, unified realm of liberation.

Now that the first half of March has passed, please allow us all to fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty before Heaven with resolution and with a new determination in the days still to come. Centered on the unified ideal of love of the physical world and the spirit world, we sincerely hope and pray that You will let us live together with the love of God and True Parents and that You will allow the entire cosmos to be embraced in ecstasy and glory. We pray all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (March 17, 1996)

CHAPTER 8   Life of Faith and Training

Prayer 1: Please allow us to understand our mission

Oh, Father, who has promised the resurrection of life! Father, who has permitted the grace of love! Father who has given us eternal life! Our Father, who is not far away from us but in our hearts, in our bodies, and in our surroundings! We have hearts that adore our Father's love, hearts that desire to be immersed in our Father's love, and hearts that wish to sing our Father's glory.

Father who has come seeking us at this hour, please manifest Your joyous glory. We will not be satisfied unless You do so. Thus, set right the bodies and hearts of each of us at this time, in an atmosphere of glory in which we can rejoice and unite with You in harmony, harmonize within ourselves through our original mind and original nature, and also harmonize with all created things.

Our Father of promise, please move at this hour. Our Father of might, please appear at this hour. Though we are so unworthy, we know that, when we set out in obedience to Your commands, the power to pioneer the course of eternal life will well up within us. Our Father of love! Do not hesitate at this hour, but give commands through our hearts and give commands through our bodies.

Please find again the original external form that You created for us. Then, looking at that beauty, You will be able to feel joy, and You will be able to present us as respectable entities before all things of creation of heaven and earth. We earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that You will watch over us and establish us as sons and daughters of whom You can be proud.

Today is a holy day. It is a day when we must take responsibility for the lives of all people. We must lead back to God the minds and bodies of all the people who are in the realm of death and held in the claws of the enemy. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working and taking responsibility for this task, and the myriads of saints in heaven are cooperating with them. Therefore, we who are on earth today will equip ourselves for this task as well. So please let us understand the remaining mission that we must cooperate with for the sake of this Will.

Oh, Father! If we are too weak to fulfill our remaining mission, please allow us to cherish in our minds Your Will in relation to the blessings that You have promised since the beginning of time. Please also settle us in the realm of heavenly ethics. Please do not let us become pitiable sons and daughters who open the way to sorrow. Please allow us to become Your sons and daughters who are saturated with Your mind and nature so that we can realize the entire Will that You seek to establish through our minds and bodies. Please allow us to do so even before You have spoken, to act before You have asked us to act, and to put Your wishes into action even before You have wished it.

Father, please bless this people. Please bless this church that represents this people. Please bless Your sons and daughters gathered here. Please also speak of Your Will to each and every being in all directions, and please permit them the blessing of new life. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You will allow all people to be awakened to Your Will and that You will raise up a foundation of life for all people, upon which peace can be brought about.

Please allow Your sons and daughters who are bowing down before You right here and now to become children who are able to receive Your love and blessings with new hearts. Please allow our bodies to possess the beauty of glory You have blessed us with and to possess the beauty of love. If there are sons or daughters that embrace the bitter roots of sin that create anguish, which makes them unacceptable to You, please appear before them, Father, and act at this time. Father, we earnestly, earnestly hope and pray that You will bring about the work of re-creation through Your personal touch.

Please manifest Your abundant grace over Your sons and daughters gathered at this hour. I earnestly hope and pray, my Father, that You will work through Your children who are scattered in the countryside, raising lonely altars. Please also work through Your other sons and daughters who are substantiating Your Word with the same grace during this time. Please become the original owner of the mind of each and every one of us, and please become the original owner of the body of each and every one of us. Please consecrate each of our bodies.

We earnestly hope and pray that You will completely fill each mind and body with the grace You have permitted us at this time, beloved Father, and that You will watch over us from above. We humbly pray all these things in the name of our beloved Lord. Aju! (November 25, 1956)

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