Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 461

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Prayer 4: Please bless us such that everything can be made equal

Prayer 4: Please bless us such that everything can be made equal

Beloved Father! As we reflect once again about today, the sixth anniversary of the establishment of the Day of Victory of Love, we pray that You be with us with love and grace.

All the people in the world are afraid of dying and think of the wall of death as a wall of bitter resentment, but in the Unification Church, the wall of death has been declared to be a door to the creation of a second course of life. We are grateful for the Day of Victory of Love. This day bound together into new relationships all the spirits who crossed the hill of death during the sorrowful historical eras, broke down the wall of death that brought about the separation of the physical world and the spirit world, and connected the two worlds together. The victory of love means victory over the realm of death.

We thank You for allowing us to proclaim worldwide that, however strong and firm the realm of death may be, it cannot dominate the authority of God's love. Thank You as well for allowing us to institute the day of victory on this earth, the day when the crisis of death could be overcome centered on this son, on the heart of True Parents' love, and the heart of Your love, through the passing away of Heung-jin.

Beloved Father, True Parents made a promise centered on this son before he left the earth. We selected his wife and decided to establish the children of his lineage as one of the tribes of eternal history. Therefore, please grant that Hoon-sook on earth and Heung-jin may bind together the destiny of heaven with the destiny of earth, thus vertically binding together heaven and earth.

To this end, we pray that You bind Your beloved daughter Hoon-sook's heart of unity, which is offering devotions for heaven and earth, and her course as a living sacrifice for You and True Parents, together with Heung-jin, so the duties for the liberation of all peoples and the liberation of sorrow on the family level can be fulfilled.

Please bless this family so that when it ascends after having lived on earth, all the organization at the family level in the spirit world will be freely fulfilled, and all internal spirit selves will receive benefits. Furthermore, please enable this family to determine a direction within the realm of victory at the family level as well as to select and follow all relationships in the spirit world and the physical world that will lead to hope in the future.

Centering on this family, please connect adopted children to the children of direct lineage from this time forward, and please guide and take responsibility for the future of this family as it paves the way for the blessing of the liberation from sorrow for all people.

I hope that in conjunction with being owners in the physical world, Heung-jin and his family may also fulfill the responsibility of pioneers who sort out everything in the spirit world, bind together family relationships, and organize new families in the spirit world.

Since today we are celebrating the Day of Victory of Love, Father, please be right here with us. As I reminisce about the day when this day was instituted with joy five years ago, please sort out the wretched, lonely, sad, and melancholy environment, Father, and please allow the Day of Victory of Love—the day You have remembered and blessed as the day when this son could discern the path he should follow—to shine for all eternity.

Since this day is also Parents' Day, we are hosting this holy day with all the offerings, and we request that You receive this day of festivities we are celebrating, which You, Father, have granted and Heung-jin has granted.

As we usher in the year 1989, we reflect upon the many vertical battles we have fought in order to proclaim and establish our proud homeland of the Unification Church. However, we failed every time to improve the base for our vertical fights, and we ended up as wanderers. The history of our ancestors was lost. However, during the year 1988, True Parents expanded the vertical base at the summit and, centering on the foundation of proclamations made horizontally throughout the world, the vertical and horizontal foundations were connected to the land of Korea. We are grateful for Your grace, which enabled Korea to inherit this work.

Henceforth, however much Satan boasts of his history of evil opposition, we know he cannot step on the ideological realm of the nation, which has been established on this vertical foundation centered on the vertical and horizontal historical ground that is Korea. Furthermore, when the Unification Church members representing all nations, that is, the children scattered across the world, become one family transcending nationality and work for the sake of the liberation of the homeland, demonstrating loyalty greater than any people before, we know there can be no grounds for Satan to block this path.

Since Satan began from the completion stage of the growth period, now that Korea has been established to represent the homeland based on the completion stage of the completion period, centered on the love of True Parents and in unity with the love of God, the realm of the portion of responsibility can be set aside. All walls in heaven and on earth, as well as all walls between all peoples, can be torn down, and the destiny begun by the mistake committed by Adam and Eve can be abolished.

That destiny, which has spread everywhere, can be replaced with the fruit of historical victory, and the families—which are the foundation for love on the national level centered on the second generation of the Adam nation and the Eve nation—can be brought forth. Through these families, vertical and horizontal family-centered relationships can be expanded. We thank You for Your grace in allowing us to have this worldwide foundation.

When this takes place, Korea will become the basis of hope for all nations. Henceforth, the path Korea must follow is the one we must exemplify; the nation's path is the path we have walked, which has become a tradition that is spreading among all the citizens. When this expanded tradition generates the history of vertical descendants by receiving the horizontal foundation centered on one's descendants, the foundation for a new world of blessing can be brought about. We are profoundly thankful this time has come.

Since we are beginning this work from this year, we hope the entire spirit world and physical world—including Jesus, Heung-jin, the great religious leaders and all the filial children, loyal subjects, and chaste spouses who lived on earth—can join the ranks and fulfill the responsibility of the archangelic realm, which is to keep pace with the course on earth. In doing so, we hope the realm of Adam on earth can be protected and that we will be able to pioneer the environment on the substantial level, so that the free and advancing kingdom of heaven can emerge, eliminating the world of all evils that oppose it.

Father, please view with sympathy the fact that the wish desired by thousands of generations has now been established in Korea, and please allow this people to rid their hearts of all obstinacy. Furthermore, Father, please mobilize all spirits in the spirit world and command them to neutralize all the villains who cause turmoil among this people, by forcing the villains into separation and surrender.

Moreover, we sincerely hope You will defend the Unification Church against all external forces trying to assault us and that the progressive beginning of the spiritual angelic realm that can bring the fallen angelic realm of earth to submission be declared on this day before all people together with the blessings of this day, all the more because this is the Day of Victory of Love.

Your children are gathered here. They are the children of direct lineage who are centered on True Parents. The 36 couples, 72 couples, 124 couples, 430 couples, and the blessed families representing all ancestors in the outside world are connected to twenty-one nations and are celebrating the expansion of connections to True Parents. Please accept this celebration as being held by representatives of 120 nations so the cyclical course that can freely move to the ends of the earth and return can advance into the realm of Your dominion, toward the victorious kingdom of heaven. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow this.

We who know of the victorious authority of this Day of Victory of Love are grateful we have been permitted the independent grace by which we can overcome death when facing it in the way of Your Will, and that with the privileged authority of children of Heaven we could dedicate our lives as sacrificial offerings before the Father.

We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become people who, together with Your heaven of hope and the new celebration of resurrection, can integrate the entire universe by directly joining the ranks of the leaders of love as liberators who understand life and death and move into action. Accordingly, Father, we sincerely request that You protect us so the future of Korea can advance to the hill where there is no death.

We beseech You, Father, to receive this day as the commemorative day when You link eternal grace and love to this day and the relationships of all people to the foundation of Korea so You, Father of Heaven, can bind Yourself to countless spirits and to the family of True Parents on earth and resolve the realm of death.

I proclaim and pray all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! Aju! Aju! (January 2, 1989)

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