Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 460

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Prayer 2: Please grant that we may participate in victory under Your Will
Prayer 3: Please realize everything in accordance with Your Will for all eternity

Prayer 2: Please grant that we may participate in victory under Your Will

Beloved Father, I have returned to my homeland, which has always been in my thoughts. Please take responsibility for the future of this nation, Father. I know that the inexperienced members of the Unification Church have shed tears day and night for this nation and its people. I know that their fervent prayers are connected to victory and are also connected to the final glory. I also know that fervent prayers follow intense difficulties and call for sacrificial blood and tears.

We know that our mission as a people still remains and this mission entails triumphing over ourselves, overcoming the cross of the family, going beyond the levels of the tribe and the people, and overcoming the way of the cross centered on the nation. We also realize that after this, the severe way of the cross awaits us, the way of marching toward the summit of the historical cross at the world level.

Moreover, we also understand the amazing fact that we need to pioneer the course of Your heart centering on the spirit world, and we need to open the way for future generations through our current path of the cross. We are well aware that, starting humbly from the position of individuals and going through the family, people, nation and world and even the spirit world, the path that leads to Your presence is not a welcoming path, but rather one we need to pioneer in an environment of persecution and misery.

In the past, countless people of faith were ignorant of this path; therefore, they collapsed while going the way of the cross on the levels of the individual, family, society, or nation. The Unification Church members gathered here have realized that they need to overcome this and forge the final way of the cross centered on Your heart. I know that, while working here in Korea, they have endured tremendous difficulties and sacrifices. Please bestow Your blessings on them. We hope You enable them to become a glorified group of people who can participate in the victory of Your Will together with the hope of tomorrow.

Please be with us here and now. Please grant that all the words I have shared may be rooted in the hearts of all people as Your joyous words. We sincerely hope, Father of love, that You embrace with equal grace and love all Your children, the Unification Church members around the world who are looking toward this place, binding their hearts together and offering prayers. We thank You for granting us Your grace in this place, and we request that You receive all our offerings. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (September 26, 1982)

Prayer 3: Please realize everything in accordance with Your Will for all eternity

Beloved Father, as I have gone on an odyssey of countless miles along the lengthy path of restoration, I have had no choice but to speak like this, before immature young people, even though I feel so awkward. Not a single person in this world has known this lamentable story. Also, it is a historical fact that up until now, not one person who could engage in the decisive battle to determine the matter of life and death based on this circumstance has ever appeared before Your eyes, even for a brief moment.

From the day I learned of Your Will, this son of Yours has been able to forget everything else and fight. The physical strength, the health, and the conviction that have enabled me to invest myself completely and leap forward along this path did not come from me. When I think of how Your grace has prevented me from being branded a failure and has enabled me instead to be stamped with the seal of victory and to stand as a beacon of light for all eternity, I am truly grateful to You.

Even though my original heart wishes to bequeath freely, without any suffering, this amazing blessing of Heaven to the young members of the second generation gathered here, the nation has not yet reached that level, and the three-year course still remains to be completed before the world can reach that level. The final moment, when we need to shout and bring down the walls of Jericho, is right before us. Please allow them to be fully aware that I have walked a historical path in order to pave the way for victory so they will not be known as losers as they walk their own paths.

I also come to think of the virtuous acts of both Heung-jin from my family and the many other brothers and sisters who have become the first to ascend and to fill up the pit of indemnity as sacrificial offerings. Because all the works they accomplished out of their filial attitude toward True Parents still remain here on the earth, we know that, if those of the second generation of the blessed families determine to become a protective barrier that reaches in all directions, there is no way for them to fail. Therefore we sincerely hope and pray that You do not allow these heartfelt words we are speaking to become a condition for judgment. Instead, please allow them to become a condition for praise and glory that will shine forevermore in the course of their lives.

We beseech You not to allow everything these young hearts have pledged with both hands raised to be buried in the ground. Instead, please allow their pledges to light the course of their lives like beacons and guide them, even if they are not aware of it, to cross with gratitude the hills of hardship in this world of darkness. We request again and again that Your magnificent touch of love be with them, ever increasingly, for the remainder of their lives. Please bless them so they are able to stand with dignity as confident members of the second generation when they are faced with crises and ordeals, and encourage them to become people You can be proud of.

Since we have vowed to march forward toward such achievements so that this year does not end in shame for us, please allow everything to be realized according to Your will for all eternity. In the hope that everything will go well, I pray fervently in the name of True Parents. Aju! (January 3, 1986)

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