Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 459

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World
Prayer 1: Let us move beyond the bitter anguish of Golgotha

CHAPTER 7  Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Prayer 1: Let us move beyond the bitter anguish of Golgotha

The more we think about the many twists and turns in the course of restoration, we cannot help but think about the trials and tribulations of heart on the path that remains ahead of us. Today we have gathered together the young children to take this opportunity to reflect once again on the sad reality of history.

Among the many people who celebrated Christmas yesterday, how many of them embraced the heart of Jesus, shed tears, and addressed You, Father, with a sorrowful heart, and how many of Your children worried about tomorrow's path to heaven? How many people know that You, our Heavenly Father, have labored more than we could possibly imagine? Please allow us to bear in mind once again that You have been a pitiful and wretched Father.

We know that the many twists and turns along Your course, and Your miserable situation, are the result of the sin of our ancestors. The time has come for us to move forward, beyond all the grief of Golgotha caused by the mistake of Adam and Eve.

Nonetheless, in order to greet the dawn of tomorrow, we must grope our way forward along the path of darkness. Because we know we can welcome the new dawn only once, the champions of the Unification Church have fought and plodded along the path of darkness, the early morning path despised by others.

When events have caused us to shed tears along this course, we have wished to be with You, who are also shedding tears. When we sweated and endured hunger as part of our struggle, we longed for the day when we could comfort You, who endured a course filled with such hardship.

Please enable us to consign the grief of the past to memory and to weep out of concern for You, Father. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You allow us to become Your sons and daughters who, having forgotten our miserable and pitiful selves, are able to struggle to fulfill the duty of filial children. We yearn to see a hopeful Father who, having washed away all the past days filled with tears and sorrowful memories, can smile at having found the goodness of tomorrow.

In following the path You walked, we have found it to be the path of the cross. However, as we have trudged along with the hearts of pioneers along this path, unknown to others, we have understood that this path does not lead to ruin. People have ridiculed us, but You have encouraged us. Many people have opposed us, but You have stood before us and comforted us. We are aware that on numerous occasions, You have counseled us, saying, "I am here, and countless saints in the spirit world are protecting the path you are walking.” You have comforted me when I was opposed and ridiculed, and the people who are following in my lonely footsteps are also lonely people. Therefore, I earnestly hope and pray that Your love be with them as well.

Father! Do You have daughters who have resolved to firmly embrace and take responsibility for Your sorrowful heart and desperate situation? Please encourage them. Do You have any sons like that? Please hold them close. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You allow us to become true sons and daughters who can make You proud, who can praise Your glory and sing songs of triumph, having achieved a glorious victory on the final battlefield.

Father, please look upon the future of the Korean people with compassion. There is only one path this people should follow. In the fields of politics, economics, and culture, there is nothing this people can contribute to the world. We know that besides aspects of heart, they have nothing to contribute.

We are also aware that the champions of the Unification Church who are following the way of heavenly law need to make a great contribution toward this people and fulfill a historic world mission.  Therefore, please grant us the awareness that we are people who cannot die even if we wish to die, and please allow us to realize on our own that we are pillars who have a responsibility and mission that prevent us from remaining idle even if we wish to. Thus we earnestly hope and pray that You enable us to secure tomorrow's victory and not grow tired in today's battle.

No matter what anyone says, no matter who opposes us and no matter who speaks ill of You, please allow us to follow You, and please prevent us from turning our backs on You and claiming not to know You, like the masses who betrayed You when You went to Mount Golgotha.

Since we need to tread the remaining critical path of the cross, please allow us to become people who, even when faced with Golgotha at the world level, are able to form new ranks, go straight toward that path, cross that summit and sing a proud song of victory.

Father! How eagerly have You yearned for the appearance of families and brothers and sisters You could be happy about, for such a tribe, a people and a nation? If we become such people, then all those peaks of Golgotha will become flat land, Satan's forces will be swept away, and Heaven will take up the rod of Your Will and strike. We earnestly hope You allow us to know this truth and become Your children who can obediently go forth in the remaining seven-year course.

Since we are still filled with grief caused by our inability to love You, Father, this grief must be resolved. And since we are still filled with grief caused by our incapacity to fulfill our duty of filial piety to You, Father, that grief must also be resolved. Furthermore, since we are still filled with grief because we didn't fulfill our duty of loyalty to You, Father, that grief must be resolved as well. In order to do that, we must fulfill our duty of filial piety and our duty of loyalty through many coming battles.

We must hasten the realization of the peaceful kingdom of heaven where we can devotedly attend You by welcoming You, serving You, and fulfilling our duties of loyalty and filial piety. For such a day to come, we must be proud of today and prepare for tomorrow. Furthermore, we earnestly request and desire that You save us from exhaustion, prevent us from betraying Heaven, and allow us to joyfully walk this path.

The year 1965, which was a year full of sorrow and historical difficulties, is now coming to a close.  We sincerely hope and pray that You allow the champions of unification as well as the entire Unification Church to prepare our new selves during the week that remains before the coming new year, so we may fulfill our mission as representatives who can sincerely petition You, Father, on behalf of this people who are in deep sleep.

Please prevent us from entering any position opposed by Heaven. Please grant that the tears we shed become the source of life for all people, as well as an inspiration so that people will not hesitate to go this path of tears. Please grant that our path may set an example for others of prostrating before You, fulfilling the duty of loyalty, and showing gratitude. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You allow our path of adversity to become that kind of path and our life of sorrow to become that kind of life.

Father! Please bestow blessings upon this people and all the people of the world in the remaining days of this year. Please resolve the grief of the many spirits who are waiting in heaven for the day of the Second Advent. Please hasten the realization of a world You can govern, where the kingdom of peace can be built on the earth and where Your grief and Jesus' grief are resolved. This is our earnest hope and desire. We earnestly request that the day quickly come when we can return glory to You and be happy together with You, and when the earth can be filled with glory and victory for eternity. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (December 26, 1965)

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