Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 45

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 3: True Parents and Rebirth

Section 2: Our Rebirth and Change of Lineage, 21-25
Section 3: Restoration of the Right of the Eldest Son, the Right of the Parents and the Right of the King, 1-9

(21) True Parents are the Adam and Eve who did not fall. God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation, and blessed families are engrafted into the realm of the third generation. Now that you wild olive trees have received a graft from the true olive tree, you need to make much effort to become true olive trees. Your most urgent priority and responsibility is to purify yourselves internally and externally in order to cultivate true love, true life, and true lineage. You must feel that the True Parents are your own parents and that you are their direct lineage. By fulfilling your duties you must become completely one with True Parents, attending them as their filial sons and daughters. Then you must serve the nation, and also heaven and earth, as patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters.

(22) You must enter a relationship of love with Adam and Eve centering on their first love for each other. Only then can you be born again, from the loins of True Father and the womb of True Mother, and form a bond of eternal life with them. You cannot pay the full indemnity for this without going through the Principle of Restoration. Whether you realize it or not, that is why you have been loving me centered on the Will, and why your hearts seek to move in the same direction I move, in concert with my feelings. You are setting the condition to be engrafted with the True Parents, from their bone marrow to your heart, so that you can be born again from the ones in the position of the original Adam and Eve, through the womb of True Mother. Without doing so, you cannot be restored. You have to be restored through True Mother. And by connecting with my sons and daughters from the time when they were babies in True Mother's actual womb, you are restoring the Cain-Abel relationship.

(23) You who were born again as children through True Mother's womb are in the position of Cain; hence you have to love not only True Mother but also the babies born from her actual womb. By uniting with them, you have to make the condition of heart that you have participated at the same rank as their twin siblings. Then you should take the position to serve and attend them. That is the only way you can prevent conflict between the two seeds in her womb. To prevent repeating the Fall based on such conflict, you must work the opposite way; this is how you can be restored, God has been conducting this work without your being aware of it.

(24) You were able to enter the loins of True Father because you have been one in heart with him. But you were not just to remain as a baby seed within True Father; you also had to be born again through True Mother's womb. For this purpose I established True Mother through the Holy Wedding I conducted in 1960. Based on this, you had to feel from True Mother the grace and love that you had felt when you were within the body of True Father, and out of that love, you loved and attended her. As much as you loved me, it was through that emotional connection to True Mother and your bond of love with her that your rebirth was finally made possible.

(25) Why do Unification Church members want to follow me around all the time, day and night? Why are they so much in love with me that they create a commotion? Why do they abandon even their own mothers, fathers and spouses? They do it because they have no way to be born again unless they connect to me with the heart of sons and daughters who were born through my body. Likewise, they must set the condition of having loved True Mother even before their birth. Have you ever thought of this, even in your dreams? When I came to understand this truth I carved it deep in my heart, even as I devoted my entire life for the fulfillment of the Will.

Section 3:  Restoration of the Right of the Eldest Son, the Right of the Parents and the Right of the King

(1) A son is the fruit of love. God is a being of the Principle, and according to the Principle the firstborn son should be God's son and the second-born son should also be God's son. However after the Fall, the firstborn son came to be on Satan's side and the second-born son on God's side. These unprincipled positions emerged. In order to be in accordance with the Principle, the firstborn son and the second-born son should both be on Heaven's side. Hence, the first son to be born should be on God's side. For the firstborn son to be on Satan's side goes against the Principle. Therefore, for the God of the Principle to save fallen people, He must first love the son who was born first, but he is on Satan's side. So that he can be a son whom God can love, he must be brought to the position of the firstborn son on God's side.

(2) Adam's sons Cain and Abel were the fruits of love from the Fall, so they were in the position where both God and Satan could have dominion. Therefore, Cain and Abel were divided to Satan's side and God's side, respectively. The first son Cain represented the first love relationship, which was between the archangel and Eve. Thus he stood on Satan's side. The second love relationship was between Eve and Adam, so the second son Abel stood on God's side as a representative of that love. Originally Adam was supposed to stand on God's side and govern the archangel with the right of dominion over him based on God's love. This would have secured the principled order by natural law. From the perspective of the Principle of Creation, God was in the position to claim Adam. However, because Adam fell, Satan was able to claim Adam based on his love. What did God have to do to recover Adam to Heaven's side? The archangel, who should have been under Adam's dominion, governed Adam instead; therefore to restore the original positions, the archangel had to be governed by Adam. This meant that Cain, who stood on Satan's side, had to submit to Abel, reversing the dominion. Without submitting, Cain could not be restored.

(3) In order to be fundamentally restored from the fallen state, you must be born again. In order to be born again, you must start from the body of the Father before he married, the Father who has nothing to do with the Fall. God's work has been to restore, first, the right of the eldest son, second, the right of parents, third, the right of the king, and finally, the right of the royal family. To this end, the lineage must be changed. That is why Rebekah's sons fought over the birthright, and why the sons of Tamar switched positions inside her womb. It is from this lineage that the chosen people, the Israelites, arose. God continued working in this way to separate out the pure lineage until Jesus came through Mary to establish these rights on the national level. Then God continued this effort up to the present, the age of the Lord's return. God has been working to purify the lineage. To raise that process to the national level and to enable Jesus to stand as the Son under God's dominion, Jesus was conceived and born through Mary's womb. That is why it is said that he is God's only begotten Son.

Restoring the right of the eldest son

(4) When was the lineage leading up to Jesus changed? This is the question. When we look at his lineage from the perspective of the Cain-Abel relationship, what happened? The change of lineage had to take place in the womb of a mother. The fact that the son on Satan's side was born first violated Heaven's law; this had to be changed in the mother's womb. Therefore, God's work through Cain and Abel was to have the younger brother restore the right of eldest son. How was it done? It was by reversing their positions after birth. Hence, even for all humankind, after their birth their positions have to be reversed; with their levels gradually narrowing down from the world, nation, people and so on, until the positions were reversed on the closest level-for instance the twins, Esau and Jacob. It was easier to reverse the positions through twins.

(5) We have to establish the rights of both the elder and younger sons on God's side and go beyond the realm of the Fall; only then can we stand for the first time in the original world that has nothing to do with the Fall. This is the original ideal of creation. As God is absolute, His ideal also remains absolute. In order to achieve the original ideal, at some point in history we must go through a course of restoration through indemnity.

(6) How difficult it is to restore the right of the eldest son! Countless religious people were sacrificed for this purpose. Christianity underwent dreadful persecution under the Roman Empire for four hundred years, and much blood was sited in order to subjugate the domain of Satan's world. In Rome, the early Christians built deep and extensive caves called the Catacombs. There they buried the corpses of their ancestors underneath their altars and lived inhaling those odors day and night. They lived under such conditions because they believed it was for God’s will. Otherwise, who could do such a thing? Under normal standards, no one could.  Imagine how much God has suffered. You have no idea how much effort He has made throughout history.

(7) Each of you has been called to establish a clan in which you can claim the right of the eldest son. In order for your clan to receive blessings, they must first support your right as the eldest son; then they can receive the blessings that you would like to bestow upon them. The right of the eldest son is not for you yourself. You must connect it to the vertical heavenly world centered on the coming Lord. You cannot do this through only the horizontal, physical world. Since I came to know this path, it was inevitable that I would set up the logic of living for the sake of others. We were born for the sake of others. Man was born for the sake of woman, and vice-versa. You must not have the concept of "myself."

(8) To reach God, we need to pass through seven levels, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. When we have fulfilled restoration through each of these seven levels, we can reach the position of the original eldest son who has nothing to do with the Fall. Adam and Eve were the first son and first daughter. The first son and daughter were to go through the realm of indirect dominion and connect to the realm of direct dominion while receiving the love God has for His elder child, rather than the love He has for His younger children. Therefore, the position and right of the elder child must be restored at each level as we go up. This is the battle I have been fighting.

(9) Because Adam and Eve fell and lost their relationship with God, there was no way for Cain or Abel to unite vertically with God either. Since fallen Adam and Eve had no standard by which to make a vertical relationship with God, their failure had to be restored through Cain and Abel.  Adam and Eve having lost this vertical standard, for us to recover the right of God's legitimate children, what we require is True Parents, who establish the vertical relationship, and their children who will become totally one with these Parents. These are the two conditions that are needed. We cannot ascend to this level in the position of adopted children. Unless we stand in the position of their legitimate children who have nothing to do with the Fall, we cannot become one with God and rise to the standard of perfection. Therefore, we must pass through that stage. Even if we say we are God's children, or that Cain and Abel have become one, until the foundation of the True Parents who are untouched by the Fall is achieved, there is no way for us to rise vertically. That is why God had to set up the standard of True Parents.



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