Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 456

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 6: True Creation
Prayer 4: Please grant that all creation be liberated

Prayer 4 Please grant that all creation be liberated

Father! We know that our first ancestors should have achieved oneness in Your love. We know that centered on the love through which You and our ancestors were supposed to become one, all the things of creation should have become one, based on the four-position foundation. But we also know that, because of the Fall of our ancestors, all creation entered the realm of lamentation, and that You are also lamenting.

When we look back on the course of the history of the providence of restoration, we see that the things of creation were always presented as offerings to restore humankind. Through these offerings, a God-centered relationship was established through which people could unite with You. Through such relationships, You have connected with different individuals. However, in today's Unification Church, the individual is not enough. Because the first ancestors fell before becoming a couple, a standard that can connect us with God as couples must be established. Please allow us to know clearly that a task remains; that all things, centered on that couple, must absolutely pass through God and True Parents.

We must know that without undergoing such a process we could not have arrived where we are today. We know that, just as we were created through the things of goodness, the things that belong to You, Your grief and that of all creation, is resolved only when they leap the one hurdle. We earnestly hope and desire that You allow us to clearly realize that the origin of the world-level standard in today's horizontal world is realized centered on the family.

Today please enable us to repent that we have been unable to restore all created things and that we have failed to live with the devotion by which we could offer all things to You completely, as people who consume, use, save and manage them. We know there must come a day of dedication when we are able to offer all created things to You by connecting them with the family, the nation, and finally the world.

We know that a day of celebration must come when all humanity can offer You our families and all our possessions, through the families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the entire world. We know that the day we are registered as families of heaven must be established. On that day countless people will vie with one another to joyously sing its glory, and the actual stage where people compete with one another to dedicate the day to You, Father, will emerge. Therefore, please grant us the clear understanding that after all, sorrowful conditions that have caused You to lament for the past six thousand years disappear, only the historical hope that brings You joy will remain.

Father! Please grant that we may completely offer You everything we have, including our entire selves and families, so we may usher in that day. Please allow us to know we must inherit Your eternal work through our relationship with You, the Heavenly Parent, the True Parent, to inherit and share the embrace of Your love. Moreover, please allow us to know that this amazing mission has been given to us.

We know that this has to happen on the individual level and also on the levels of the family, tribe, nation, and world. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become children who clearly know that every created thing should be linked to Heaven’s ownership through a sanctification ceremony we must hold on the world level.

Beloved Father, the blessed families are present here as well. When have we ever presented objects qualified to belong to Heaven through a ceremony like this? When have we ever had a chance to be registered before Heaven and thereby establish the original substantial condition centered on Your love? We have failed to set such a condition, so we earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to realize we are in a process of moving forward to lay down such a foundation on the national and world levels.

To accomplish such a goal, we must make a new resolve today. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray that You enable us to celebrate this day as a joyous time. Your children spread out across this nation are celebrating this day. By allowing them to work in unison with Your power, Your might, and Your authority, Father of love, we earnestly hope that You allow the day of jubilation, the day in which all things can be liberated, to come as quickly as possible. At the same time, we beseech You to hasten the arrival of the day Your beloved children can create the second realm of liberation centering on a nation, and return this realm to You. We humbly pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (June 15, 1969)

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