Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 457

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 6: True Creation
Prayer 5: Please grant that we may know the meaning of the Day of All Things

Prayer 5: Please grant that we may know the meaning of the Day of All Things

Father! Every day throughout history has been filled with sorrow. Therefore, we have shouldered the responsibility so future days will not be filled with sorrow.  We are the people of the Unification Church, and at this time, when misfortune roams this nation, our mission is to brush aside this misfortune and sow the seeds of hopes and dreams.

As current trends of thought lead to despair, discouragement, pathos, and grief, we have come to understand that the Unificationist ideology must be able to overcome this and offer new expectations and hope. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become Your sons and daughters who know that to walk that path, we must find the more public value and pursue it in our lives.

Father! Even to the present day, many sad occurrences have befallen us as the Unification Church followed Your Will. On more than one occasion, when backed into frustrating situations we could not share with anyone, we wanted to stamp our feet, curse You, Father, and claim You did not exist.  Each time we remember such days, we feel once again how pitiable You are for having endured every moment in indescribable anxiety and impatience.

Your face is worn with care for our sake, and Your hands and feet are wounded for our sake.  Furthermore, we know it was You who shed tears, sweat, and blood hundreds of thousands of times for our sake because of this troublesome relationship You have with us.

When we think of the fact that You live this way with us, an earnest desire to take Your hand and never let go wells up in our hearts. Our hearts desire to put our arms around Your neck and follow You on a mountain path or any other perilous way. Please enable us to know You and to know that only when this yearning to carry You on our backs, even when lacking energy, dominates our hearts and overflows in our daily lives, will we have fulfilled our duty of filial piety and loyalty.

Father! We find ourselves reminiscing once more about the 1960s. Until this Day of All Things was instituted, and as we found ourselves during the battle at a crossroads no one knew about, we had to decide whether to go left or right to determine the relationship of indemnity. Standing in a valley where we had lost everything, by attending You, we found something of great value. In the midst of hope centered on You, the history of the families of the Unification Church began. Based on that, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things were established.

The day that was established on this foundation is God's Day. Even though God's Day should also have been the Day of All Things, Children's Day, and Parents' Day, we have come to realize that instead of having one day of glory, this day has been spread out in several intervals patched together. Whenever we celebrate days like these, we cannot help but repent in our hearts for the mistake of our ancestors. Father, please bear with us.

A garment cut from a single piece of silk cloth is extremely valuable, yet instead of becoming such garments, we are ashamed that we became ragged garments covered with patches. Each time we celebrate this day, please grant that we may become people who kneel down, shed tears of sympathy for You, and pledge, while gritting our teeth and biting our tongues, that we will practice filial piety even if other people do not. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become sons and daughters who realize that the main significance of celebrating this day lies in having as many people as possible make this pledge whenever we celebrate this day.

Are there any sons and daughters who have resolved never to let go of Your collar once they have grabbed hold of it, Father? Are there sons and daughters who, having taken hold of Your wrist, say they will not let go even if their hands fall off and their bodies and are mangled because it is the wrist of the Father they are holding and that they will even stake their lives to hold on to that wrist? Are there sons and daughters who, wrapping their arms around Your neck and embraced within Your bosom, assert they will never leave You and who struggle along even if they have to go the way of ruin or the path of death because they are afraid of losing Your embrace?

Are there sons and daughters who possess a standard no one else has, even though from a secular viewpoint they may look like pitiful people who have lost everything? Are there sons and daughters who have completely captured the relationship of heaven and earth and can move everything within it, who know that this is the foundation of all value, who boast only of this, and who uphold and live only for this? We sincerely hope and pray that many sons and daughters may be clearly aware that, even if everything in the world flows by and social environments change, the heart does not change and will infallibly create history and the environment.

Father, please bless the path we, the Unification Church members, are following. Up to this point, we have been unprotected. Since we entered this vulnerable state for Your sake, we should feel grateful, even if we are destined to freeze to death in our weakness. Please enable us to become sons and daughters who, when imagining our frozen bodies being pierced by enemy spears and collapsing, are grateful that such a situation hasn't occurred.

Please grant that the understanding of the Day of All Things by the sons and daughters gathered here today not be limited to its literal meaning. Please enable us to realize that the things of creation are not the problem, but that the person whom the things of creation are meant to serve is the problem, and that whether that person can follow You is the problem. Please allow us to realize that the things of creation want to be taken care of and want to be governed by a true person. Please allow us to become Your sons and daughters who love the world and all the things of creation. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become Your sons and daughters who are able to be more deeply aware than anyone else of the value of the things of creation and who are able to care for them.

Father, please bless Your sons and daughters gathered here today. Please remember Your sons and daughters who are engaged in missionary work in various parts of the world. We earnestly hope You reward the tears they shed a thousand-fold and ten thousand-fold and that You protect them. Please enable us to find You when we are on the verge of starvation or in the face of violence. We earnestly hope and pray that You reach out to us with compassionate hands and remain with us when we are in such circumstances. Though we are strangers whose emotions differ from Yours, please enable us to connect to You and to be Your children.

When we consider that we need to walk this lonely path of faith, please allow us to know our responsibility to bring about restoration, even when the guns and knives of the enemy are aimed at us. Furthermore, please guide us. We sincerely hope and desire that You allow this nation to be Your nation and people. We know there are many spirits who are suffering extreme pain because, even though they tried to find this day when in possession of a substantial self on earth, they failed and ascended to the spirit world with sorrowful hearts. Please forgive them so they can cooperate for the sake of goodness, and please grant them the glorious grace with which they can cooperate to establish traditions of goodness on earth.

Please allow all humanity on earth to become Your sons and daughters who can battle on the path of faith to establish the Will of goodness, with no regard for themselves. Please light their way, guide them and explain to them Your course. By doing so, we sincerely hope and pray that You allow us to become sons and daughters who can receive You with overflowing ecstasy when we reach the Last Days. Please hold on to the sons and daughters who have grown fatigued or who have fallen behind while following this course. Please guide their footsteps so that, even if they have drunk from the bitter cup of defeat, they do not become people who look upon tomorrow with a vengeful heart. Instead, please allow them to be sons and daughters who go forward with hope and anticipation of a revival.

Numerous people living in Korea have committed many sins. All the disbelief and persecution they have poured on the Unification Church until the present day were due to their ignorance. We sincerely hope and pray that You forgive them. Since we know that we cannot celebrate this as a joyous day in the face of the enemy, we hope You allow this to be a sanctified day when the world can ask for forgiveness and offer obeisance to the Father.

We earnestly request that You save all humanity from perishing until the time when the remaining days and this world can be immersed in the realm of Your love and Your mercy, at the center of Your glory. And we ask that You enable those gathered here to become the victorious sons and daughters who can usher in that day. I humbly pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (June 4, 1970)


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