Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 455

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 6: True Creation
Prayer 2: Let us be worthy to commemorate the Day of the Restoration of All Things
Prayer 3: Please grant that everything be realized according to Your Will

Prayer 2  Let us be worthy to commemorate the Day of the Restoration of All Things

When we consider that we have ushered in the glorious day when the world of death is newly restored through the relationship with True Parents established by Heaven, we know all this is because of Your sacrificial endeavors, Father. Father, we are truly grateful. Please accept our sad hearts, which know You, Though we can't find words to express how we feel. Since our bodies know You centering on our hearts, please accept our bodies as well. Since the husbands and wives who have been united in body know You as well, please accept them. Since the sons and daughters You have gifted to these couples also know You, please accept them. 

Unworthy as we are, we have followed with hearts concerned about Your Will and have tried to emulate the achievements and tradition You have fulfilled with blood, sweat, and tears. This includes all the history of the First, Second, and Third Israels. Accordingly, though we are deficient in achieving Your solemn Will to restore Your family, nation, world, land, sovereignty, and people, please look upon us with approval for gaining a foothold of victory over our enemy and for standing on that foundation, through which we can fulfill these conditions.

We have already learned through the teachings we have received that all these given conditions will certainly be fulfilled, though it may take time to do so. Bearing this responsibility in our everyday lives, we stand more firmly than anyone else. Therefore, Father, please feel at ease and please accept everything we have. At today's dedication ceremony, we wish to offer the children of True Parents and the center of the heavenly family You have established, with Your sons and daughters of the third age serving as their shield. We would like to request in advance that, if there are any inadequacies or insufficiencies in this ceremony, they will not become conditions allowing Satan's accusation.

Since everything is brought about through Your compassion, please allow us in this gathering to avoid mistakes leading to indemnities like those of Noah, Abraham, or Moses. We sincerely hope that You alone have dominion.

Though this holy day is July 26, 1963, we have already informed You it will be extended to the Last day of the coming April. Furthermore, we plan to declare the next day, the first day of May, as the day we dedicate all things. Please accept this day.

For the Day of All Things to be possible, there must be Parents' Day and Children's Day. Accordingly, we established the first day of March as Parents' Day in Your presence, we established the first day of October as Children's Day in Your presence, and we have now established the first day of May as the Day of All Things in Your presence. We have now set the horizontal conditions on earth to find the one day of restoration in the world You created. Therefore, we understand that on the basis of all these holy days there remains one day we need to find and establish, which is God's Day.

When that day is instituted we will make a declaration together with the entire cosmos. Therefore, we have instituted all these holy days to completely establish all the victorious conditions for that day. Accordingly, until we have extended that day and fully instituted God's Day, we will continue to fight, we will continue to endure and we will continue to march forward. Therefore, Father, please embrace us with Your direct divine protection. Please grant that heaven and earth become one, please grant that heaven and all citizens become one, and please grant that True Parents and the children become one for the sake of Heaven.

In doing so, we wish to set out from this foothold and conquer all twenty-five thousand miles of the distance around the planet Earth until all humanity has been bound together as one family, through relationships based on heart and blood kinship. Therefore, please accept this as a foundation that has already been established, even though everything begins from this day. To offer You the sovereignty of our hearts, and for the sake of the sovereignty that we proudly demonstrate in our daily lives, we will continue to light. We dedicate Your people to You with our hearts, and we dedicate with our hearts all created things that have welcomed their Father. Please accept our offering of devotion. Moreover, we pledge to dedicate the remaining people and things of creation through our lives. Therefore, Father, please grant us the time to do so.

We sincerely hope that Your glory will be with us throughout this ceremony. To commemorate the Day of All Things, the devoted followers and children of the Unification Church have collected an offering of money with blood and tears and wish to dedicate this donation to You, Father, with all their heart and body. With such envelopes of money as we are offering, we have built the ship, the Cheon SeungHo. Furthermore, since we know that You will also joyfully receive the factories and all other enterprises we are operating and that have been designated as belonging to Heaven on the basis of the material foundation we reported earlier as well as all expenditures, please accept everything as belonging to You. We pray that prestige, glory, and praise be with You, Father, for all eternity, and offer this day in the name of True Parents. Aju! (July 26, 1963)

Prayer 3  Please grant that everything be realized according to Your Will

Father, we know that the sorrowful path of restoration is filled with complexities. Nevertheless, having trudged and fought along this path, with one hill left to go over before You can enjoy the Sabbath, we now feel that the time when we can sing the praises of the day of hope is drawing near.

We know that all this is not because of our hard work. Rather it is because of the hard work You invested so we could stand on the foundation of Your endless labors, unknown to anyone else.

In this age, You have given us Parents' Day and Children's Day, and we thank You for accepting us within this wonderful realm of destiny in which, on the basis of one family and on the foundation of resonance in heart with You, Father, we can attend You as the Father who represents the one tribe, people, world and cosmos.

Beloved Father, please grant that we do not become people who complain when we are pulled by this destiny. We realize that we must take responsibility to cope with our destiny, take the lead and go forward. We also realize that the holy days were necessary to accomplish this purpose. Accordingly, we know it is our mission to shoulder the responsibility of sons and daughters, which is to exact retribution from the billions of enemies of God, the enemies of humanity, the enemies of all things of creation and the enemies of heaven, and to receive written declarations of surrender from them.

Now we realize that we must carry out responsible activities to restore by ourselves all the things of creation that were lost. We earnestly hope and desire that You allow us to usher in Your Sabbath from now on, to take responsibility for the entire history of sorrow in our age on a horizontal level, and return only glory to You on a vertical level.

At this point in time, when we are about to face the Last crisis of the three-year course, please enable all the things of creation in heaven and on earth to become one. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that wherever true hearts are found You may erect the foundation upon which we can stand in victory and glory, upholding Your wonderful and eternal standard. Since many of Your sons and daughters are fighting even today to achieve this, and are also appealing to You at this time, we earnestly hope and desire that You listen to each of these hearts and to all of their appeals, and please establish the day of victory in accordance with Your entire Will.

Within this same realm of grace, please protect all Your sons and daughters who are spread throughout the world for the sake of this work, and please grant that they do not become exhausted while facing this brutal battle. We earnestly hope and desire that You allow them to endure and remain to the end until the final day of glory is established.

Loving Father, we thank You for being with us today. We earnestly hope and pray that You move us to make sincere efforts, that once again, through our minds and bodies and as we return home, we may find ourselves adequate to stand as victorious warriors of heaven who, with renewed resolution, embody glory on the newly laid foundation. Please accomplish everything according to Your Will and please allow only the glory of the victory You planned to be realized in the entire cosmos. We humbly pray in the name of the Lord. Aju! (May 15, 1963)

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