Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 454

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 5: True Family
Prayer 7: Grant that we may become descendants who receive blessings
Chapter 6: True Creation
Prayer 1: Raise us as children with dominion over all creation


Prayer 7 Grant that we may become descendants who receive blessings

Beloved Father, the blessed families do not number in the tens of thousands or in the hundreds of millions. In order to equalize the value lost by the single family with the realm of Blessing of hundreds of millions of couples, You, our God, had to pay the price in blood and had to carry and raise them to an equal position. When we think about this, we, the children, understand that this time of listening to the outline of the peace messages today is truly a terrifying and extreme position.

As descendants who must follow the path that lies before us, we must eliminate the remaining shadows of indemnity piled up in layers along the path we must take. Allow us to clear the path leading to an environment where we can live freely, and let us welcome the shining new morning of victory, the new morning of Cheon II Guk centering on our new selves. Please grant us the authority of sons and daughters who have been liberated and completely freed by this morning that shines upon the age of the individual, beyond the eight stages, and even upon the heavenly world.

This era was brought before You, who wanted to love the entire universe. At this hour, the foundation of victory based on the realm of the second generation achieved by the True Parents, who had inherited this era, shall be bequeathed to the people here who are centered on the realm of the third generation. Father, please lend Your ear to the sound of their solemn hearts. In order for each of them to take full responsibility for the path of life that they must pioneer by themselves, I sincerely pray and hope that Heaven mobilizes their ancestors to become these people's protective and nurturing enclosure, through the blessed families in the heavenly world.

Our calling to fulfill the responsibility to become the peace kingdom police force and peace kingdom corps is now at hand. I sincerely pray and hope that You bless us so we may assume the responsibilities of the police, the army, and even of the True Parents, and create the family with sons and daughters who inherit the mission of protecting Heaven and the True Parents and establish the nation and the world consisting of such families.

The children residing in the Seoul area are participating here today. Please keep this historic day in Your thoughts and allow these people to once again discover in the depths of their hearts the calling, responsibility, and authority of the ideal of creation that was lost. I sincerely pray that You take responsibility to guide them so they can become people who are completely free and who, standing on the standard of the Blessing, can leap forward, going beyond the reign of peace for all nations to reach the original ideal and shout "Eok-mansei!"

I sincerely pray and request Your permission that these people become the blessed descendants who can secure victorious results in the substantial realm, in unity with these words that have now been entrusted to them. Please grant that these words and results may support and protect them, boldly blocking and overcoming the raging storm of chaos in the heavenly world and physical world. I sincerely request that You accept with joy the forthcoming hours and permit that, beginning tomorrow, this year becomes a year to be proud of. All this I report and pray in the name of True Parents. Aju! (March 8, 2007)


CHAPTER 6 True Creation

Prayer 1 Raise us as children with dominion over all creation

Father! We didn't know we are living as debtors to all created things in the fallen world and that we are in a position where even husbands and wives are indebted to each other. We didn't know we are also indebted to our parents and that we owe an indescribably large debt as well to You, our eternal Father. Even if we look at our situation from the viewpoint of the fallen world, we are indebted. We are indebted to the things of creation and we are indebted also to Jesus Christ, who introduced the paradigm of the bride and the bridegroom.

We are a people that should repay our debts while representing the love of our eternal Father, but instead of repaying those debts we worry and lament focused on ourselves, and we curse the earth, the things of creation, and Heaven. We cannot be excused in any way. Jesus battled to raise such people anew, willing to risk his life. Nevertheless, he was killed on the cross. Because of that, the two-thousand-year struggle to repay the debt incurred under heavenly law has not yet been resolved, and the word "judgment" still remains.

Father! Please allow us to settle all the debts incurred throughout the muddled course of history so we may go over the summit of judgment. Please allow us to understand that we can stand before the eternal Father only if we become people who are more than able to repay all those debts. We earnestly hope and desire that You lead us to live lives through which we are able to repay the debts of life You gave us after having cast off the conditions of Satan. Please grant that we may live as people who have repaid our debts to True Parents, true couples, and the true things of creation.

Father, please permit us to realize that Jesus has continued to invest himself completely until today on this path. Do not allow us to forget that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are praying endlessly in the spirit world for all people; this is because we have not yet indemnified our debts in relation to heavenly law and because we are so lacking and inadequate. We now know that for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to stand in the position of glory that can bring joy to the Father, we need to fulfill Jesus' responsibility in his stead. Therefore, please allow us who are on earth to bring victory in the battle in heaven with Satan, and please let the works of Heaven be realized on earth.

We earnestly ask and desire that You allow us to become Your eternal children who feel Your love as our Father of joy and glory. Furthermore, we earnestly request that You raise us as Your true sons and daughters who are able to take dominion over all the things of creation with dignity and as Your beloved children who are not ashamed in front of You, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the many saints and sages, all the people on earth and all things of creation. We hope and pray that You govern us and guide us, that we may repay all our debts. I pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (June 10, 1956)


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