Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 453

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 5: True Family
Prayer 5: Please allow us to become proud parents
Prayer 6: Please grant that we may uphold True Parents' teaching


Prayer  5 Please allow us to become proud parents

Beloved Father, we have learned through the Principle that the restoration of the four-position foundation is what You have been searching for. Beloved Father, we have come to realize that a four-position foundation is formed when that which was divided from a single, complete origin is once again united. We know through the Principle that the world of the ideal of creation that the Father envisioned can never be achieved through any other means if our efforts deviate from the realm of the four-position foundation. When asked what the completion of the purpose of creation desired by the Father is, we say it is the perfection of the four-position foundation.

Father, we now understand that only when the husband and wife are together in oneness can their sons and daughters become one. The Unification family has been entrusted with the mission to fulfill the responsibility that can be offered to You with devotion. Therefore, Father, please bestow Your love upon the people of this group. Dear Father, the families of the Unification movement must become families You can trust. Father, the reason You surmounted the path of tribulation over thousands of years was to bring forth these families and find Your decisive partner who could bring victory to the family. When we think about this, we are truly grateful to You for enabling us to welcome an age when all the families of the Unification movement today can be mobilized.

We clearly understand that only after the family surmounts the course of indemnity can the tribes be organized in the heaven and earth of freedom in which You can take delight. Father, we have to now find our place by ourselves and become a divine group of people that can remain eternally Your people. At this moment, when Satan's world and the heavenly world are in the midst of a decisive battle, I sincerely pray and hope that in this three-year period, we, as Your sons and daughters, can fulfill the way of devotion for the sake of victory, pay indemnity in Satan's world and go beyond this world with honor.

We joyfully welcome this time when we are able to conclude an era, a time that brings value and meaning to our lives, whether we are awake, asleep, or in any other situation. Countless patriots and martyrs have died while hopefully awaiting this time. We know that their greatest regret was to have died without being able to fight for the nation and the world in accordance with God's Will. Thus, allow us to become sons and daughters who know how to be deeply grateful for having become a family that stands in a position of potentially being blessed more than anybody else and having become a family bound for victory.

Your beloved children who are fighting on the front line should be thinking only of You, Father, and must be willing to dedicate everything solely for Your sake. The reason they leave behind their husbands and children, take responsibility for the front line, and pioneer a path each day is because they seek to accomplish Your Will. Thus, Father, You must, without fail, be with them in those places. They should understand that offering their dutiful love to You has even greater value than witnessing.

Father, as they go on the path toward the enemy world on behalf of humankind and the people of this nation, please grant that they may become divine daughters who know how to establish and sever ties. Due to the bitter sorrow of six thousand years, women had to endure a shameful history in which they could not find their authority. Father, I sincerely pray and hope that during this period of time You can allow them to realize that You will return to them the privileged authority that will allow them to rise above this history and welcome the day of victory.

Father, in the year 1971, please freely reveal to us all that is on Your mind. At this moment, please open the hearts of the people so they may establish Your Will and bring You joy. Please lead the group of people who are bound to this place. I sincerely pray and request Your permission to bestow upon them the authority of envoys so they may become a group that will surely glorify You in the divine era.

We should be aware of the fact that countless spirits in the spirit world recognize the importance of the current time and are anxiously gazing upon it. I sincerely pray and request that You allow these people to become sons and daughters who make great effort and invest their entire being in offering devotion and manifesting their own precious value, giving thanks to You, even if it means forgetting about themselves completely. May they manifest all expressions of loyalty within a limited period of time in the present day.

Father! Bless this day and shower Your blessings upon Your numerous children who celebrate this day. 

May all manner of blessings be evenly shared. On this day we are in the position of owner and have pledged once again to offer all manner of devotion to Your Will, so we are not ashamed in front of our Parent. Thus, Father, I sincerely pray that You embrace us. Furthermore, I sincerely hope and pray that You will allow this hour to be one when we pledge to become one in heart and in purpose with Your daughters, to command heaven and earth, substantiate their devotion before the people and the world, and leap forward after having paid indemnity.

Beloved Father, I pray that, in addition to this three-year course, You may be with us for eternity and the glory of victory may spread throughout the 1970s, for all eternity. I sincerely pray that You may quickly bring the day of liberation for all people in the spirit world and on the earth. All this I pray in the sacred name of the True Parents. Aju! (February 1, 1971)


Prayer 6  Please grant that we may uphold True Parents' teaching

Father! We know it is not because of anyone's power that the Unification Church has continued to exist until now. We know it is due to Your power, and it is also due to the many saints and sages' foundation of public accomplishments. They paid the price of blood throughout the historical ages.

We believe that such bonds were formed today because the foundation of loyalty and filial piety offered by Jesus Christ throughout his life still remains. Furthermore, we know how much You sacrificed Yourself for us on the path of suffering in the course of history. We know very well that before we were lonely, You were lonely first, and that before we faced sorrowful circumstances, You were the Father who first experienced sorrow.

Now we must realize how precious it is that we are able to experience the relationship of true families in accordance with Your Will today and that You have gone through great adversity to form the Unification family, organize the Unification tribe, and to recover many families. We must understand the preciousness of True Parents' name. We must always keep in mind that True Parents are the parent body that frees You from Your historical sorrow, the center where humankind's hope is realized, and the origin of the ideal world. Therefore, we can't exchange the True Parents for all of history, for all ages, even for our own families, even for our children.

We must carry the ideology of True Parents in our bodies. The will of True Parents is to save the world. We have come to understand that the ideology of True Parents is to disregard reality, build the future and leave behind an eternal tradition. We are here in the present to bear the fruit of the past, to become the center of the purpose of the present, and to become the center of the purpose of the future. Thus we realize that we are standing in a holy position that can decisively influence the destiny of three ages, which has not been known to humankind.

However, we now know, Father. By realizing the True Family, the family You deeply longed for, a true people is formed. Furthermore, when the traditions of the True Family spread out, a true nation is formed. When traditions go beyond the nation and out to the world through true family relationships, a true world is formed. When we think about this amazing fact, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You allow us to realize that, in order to prepare a firm foundation of true families that You can remember and in whom You can find Your Sabbath, the wives must first tend a garden of the tradition of heart.

When we wonder about the value we will have when our bodies collapse, Father, please grant that we may understand that the position of blessed wives today is not limited to the giving of themselves for the three great liberations: the complete liberation of heaven, earth, and True Parents. It is also the position where this people and the descendants of our descendants can be completely liberated. Furthermore, it is the position where the fulfillment of wishes in the multidimensional plane is determined.

We must now give our entire devotion, fulfill our moral obligation as good ancestors of millions of generations, and establish a tradition that will be worthy of eternal respect. This is why this year's motto is "Securing the Unification Foundation.” We did not know the Parents who constitute this foundation. When were we filial children to our Parents? When did we attend our Parents in the spring when flowers bloom? Moreover, when did we fight beside You in summer, fall or winter? When did we determine to die together with You?

We would like to sincerely thank You for granting us this period when we can all share True Parents' destiny for three years, even though we should have already attended True Parents for three years but did not.

They are the True Parents during the day and night, in solitude, in joy, and when gazing at heaven and earth. Thus when we go on the path of life where we sited desperate tears and pray, "I wish to live for tens of thousands of years attending our True Parents, " and when that prayer flows into our living environment, countless people there will be moved and, more than that, countless people all over the world will be moved. We must understand that a holy and tremendous happening lies beneath the surface here. Therefore, we earnestly pray and request that Your daughters may go forth with greater strength and vigor.

In spite of the fact that we should have shared all our grief-filled stories with one another, sympathized with the difficulties of others, and listened to one another, time did not permit us to do so. Therefore, Father, please empathize with all the difficult circumstances in all those stories. Everywhere people share with You their difficulties and inform You with earnest hearts of the hardships they have gone through. Please touch them with Your hallowed hand and be with them; please manifest Yourself to them and comfort them several times more than the comfort You gave me when I was in a similar position.

Thus we sincerely hope and pray that You allow Your fire of life to sweep across the entire Korean Peninsula through the supplications of the people gathered here and their love of the Korean people. Please grant that a sacred group of people who are holy, pure, and noble, who are watched over and praised by all of heaven and earth, can appear through the women of this peninsula. Please allow these women to become Your daughters who are worthy to receive Your love. Allow them to be Your daughters who will always bear in mind that a historical foundation of glory can be established through them and that an amazing global miracle can shine forth through their movement. Furthermore, please grant that they do not defile Your high, precious, and sacred name and Your noble and exalted character.

We have entrusted everything to You, Father. Therefore, please let the glory You have permitted us be with these people forevermore. We earnestly entreat You, again and again, to allow them to become true daughters who can be the glorious standard-bearers of victory on tomorrow’s battlefield and who can serve their almighty Heavenly Parent and be worthy to receive Your love. I humbly pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (April 29, 1971)

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