Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 450

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 4: True Person
Prayer 6: Please grant that we may be able to fight on to the end
Prayer 7: Grant that we may understand Your circumstances


Prayer 6  Please grant that we may be able to fight on to the end

Beloved Father, when I reminisce about the past, my twenties, the springtime of my life, come to mind. That period in my youth, when I carefully braced my heart and prayed to connect Christianity to Heaven, remains one of my cherished memories from the past.

Had this people become one before Your Will in the 1950s, today’s Korea would have become a great nation and would have leaped forward, with the world within Korea instead of Korea within the world. It would have become an amazing country with a strong economy, abundant resources, and a high production capacity. However, because it failed to fulfill its responsibility in the midst of crises and hardships, it had to make many sacrifices and face a destiny of grievous misfortune.

Today this is occurring not only in the outside world. If I fail to fulfill my responsibility as the leader of the Unification Church today, then such problems will recur as even greater conditions of indemnity in our age. So please grant that all of us in the Unification Church may clearly understand this fearsome truth. We have learned about our portion of responsibility. We have come to know that this includes the mission of bringing an end to sorrow through indemnity. We now realize that we are called to pay the price of sacrifice by shedding our tears, sweat, and blood to pass through the one intersection that allows what was below to go above and what was on the left to go to the right.

We know that, for these things to cross over, we must offer a price for the sacrifice of Satan's world as a condition greater than that of any historical age. Father, please look upon the young children of the Unification Church in this country with compassion. We thank You for remembering these immature children. All of the regional leaders, district leaders, and church leaders are now gathered here. Once they go forth with burning hearts to fulfill their duties of loyalty and filial piety, this Korean peninsula will be too small for them.

Father, I cannot forget the seriousness of my heart as I received Your command to set out for America in 1971. When I set foot upon the plains of America, which were like a wasteland and a wilderness, I felt like a grain of sand flying in the air. Nevertheless, I invested myself, rushing from one place to another, knowing that Heaven was there and believing in its commands. I rushed along without considering whether it was day or night and forgot to eat or sleep. As a result, we are able today to look upon this amazing historical realm of victory in which, together with Your glorious blessings, the world can dwell right before our eyes. When we consider this fact, we come to understand that, even though we were sad, Heaven suffered so much more pain. We now realize that, while we wept, Heaven left behind stains of blood.

With historical events now taking place in America, the young people gathered here in Korea must establish the condition of taking at least five percent responsibility for the outcome of those events, and fulfill it with their whole mind and body. Because, beginning at this hour today, we have the historical mission and command to solemnly fulfill this historic destiny and the destiny of this nation, as well as to end the global battle between the democratic and communist worlds, we have made a pledge before our Father with raised arms and bended knees. Please do not forget this.

Please allow us to become a group of people who promptly greet the morning sun as it rises in the eastern sky, who pay attention to all that moves in nature and everything in our surroundings. Let us strive to attain the position of heavenly children who have nothing to be ashamed of, who can fulfill our task without a moment’s delay, focusing on the promise of Heaven. And let us become children who, even if we stumble on our way, do not fall down.

Thus, Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will let us become a group of people who feels anxious with each and every hour that passes as, with bloodstained hearts, we endeavor to make this victory Yours and this one day of glory Yours. I know only too well how hurtful has been the betrayal of Heaven by the free world. I know how many conditions of indemnity have been fulfilled by Korea. We know that if Korea is made to stand in the fateful position of having to pay more indemnity, it can only go to ruin. Accordingly, we sincerely hope that You will let us become sons and daughters who resolve to set ourselves straight, enter the final holy of holies before Heaven, and engage in the battle of judgment.

We sincerely hope and pray that at this time You will allow us to engrave deep in our hearts the fact that we must become Your glorious embodiments who go forth, saying, "Let there be only victory, Aju!" and ready ourselves to go to war as warriors living for a bright tomorrow. Father, when we consider this nation and its people, we know that Your providence requires them to fight, in the not too distant future, against violent waves while buffeted by severe winds. Therefore, I sincerely request and hope that You will let them become Your children who can remain steadfast even when their Teacher has gone away and can guard with their lives the great enterprise You have left and fight their way to the end.

And if the day comes when the nation can rejoice and praise Your glory, and we can meet again, the day when those in higher and lower positions can become one before Heaven and all heaven and earth can return glory to our Father, celebrating Your victory with tears and boasting that that nation and sovereignty belong to our Father, that day will be at the end of the path we need to walk with tears, sweat, and blood. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become a group of people who do not forget that such a historical destiny awaits us.

Since we all hope that the shining, global gates of blessing will open in the direction of Korea, we pray that all spirits in the spirit world will be forevermore with the young people who have inherited the spirits' divinity and volunteered to become living sacrifices and substantial offerings. We also earnestly hope that, after passing through Korea, Your future blessings may convey the essence of Your glory and be bequeathed to all nations. Do not let the blessing You have granted leave us. In return, we have pledged to defend to the death the promise You made us. Furthermore, we beseech You to let the spirit world cooperate with us and to carefully protect and guide us so that we can become sons and daughters who do not make mistakes or fall, but rather prevail and receive Your love.

Please do not allow us to become people who hesitate in going forward toward the world of the future and before You, our Father. Bless us, that we may stand in the position in which You can say to us with pride and a loving touch, "My children, come!" We sincerely ask that You will allow us to become warriors who pledge to march forward, aware that our lifetime is the stage of our life's activities. We are grateful for this hour You have given us, and we request that You will bless the whole of the remaining time as well. I pray all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (November 10, 1980)


Prayer 7  Grant that we may understand Your circumstances

Father, please grant that this may be a time when we can frankly open our hearts before You and can ask and receive answers to our questions, one by one. You raised us individually and loved us truly. Please forgive those who were unaware of this. At this time, Father, You are truly loving us. Therefore, before anything else, we want to become people who can receive Your love. This relationship of love cannot be exchanged for even heaven and earth, and please allow us to cherish it with our lives.

In doing so, permit us to know, as we live our lives hereafter, that You love us eternally with the unchanging love of a Father. Before such a Father, is there anything we could give that could possibly repay You for that love? Do we have anything from our past, from the current stage of our life, or even the heart that brought us to attend this gathering? Do we have anything that can show our love for You, be it even a note that expresses that love?

If we do not have such a thing, we should bear in mind once again that we are the ones who violated Your love, we are the treacherous sons and daughters who betrayed Your love, and we are the traitors who sold Your eternal love to Satan's world. Have our hands ever returned love to You, Father? Have our feet ever done so? When we come to realize on our own that our bodies cannot do this and that our minds have failed to become Your eternal resting place, we come to feel that we are not qualified to love You, Father, and to serve You as our Father.

Father, please allow us to feel once again that, because we are in such a position, we are afraid to tell You that we love You. Our eyes have tried to gaze at You, Father, centering on our own ideal; and with our own perception, faculty of knowledge, and standard of intellect, our mouths have told our stories and made entreaties before You. We have tried to pursue our own ideals before You, Father, but when we consider the fact that You cannot stand in the position of our ideals, Father, we earnestly pray that You will allow us to repent for our ignorance.

At this time, allow us to realize and feel on our own that, though we made our way here with complete devotion and a loyal heart, thinking that You were above us, the truth is, Father, that You are under our feet. Therefore, please allow us to realize once again that we must become people who experience, deep in the marrow of our bones, a faith that brings us to lament over the shame we feel and cannot hide. We know that You have become a pitiful Father who cannot stand before all people and guide them. We are also aware that there are many people who are calling out to You thoughtlessly, not knowing that You are walking with weary steps, immersed in despair, with nothing to lean on.

We must absolutely know that, even so, Father, You forget about Your pitiful and desperate situation and go forth, overcoming everything to save even one life. Please allow us to understand that Your many difficult trials, which cannot be fathomed or felt through our emotions or in our cells, are buried within this history. Furthermore, allow us to realize once again that we are undutiful children who cannot be easily forgiven, even after thousands of years, because we failed to reveal the stories of Your hardships. Please grant that we may become Your children, who can resonate with Your internal emotions deep in our hearts and, at the same time, grasp the many buried secrets of history.

Father, when we come to know about these circumstances related to You, we should become children who feel ourselves unworthy to handle Your situation; children who are eager to offer our entire selves before Your compassionate love, Father; and children who can call You "Father" with a sadness surpassing that of losing our parents, losing Heaven, and losing everything in the world. Otherwise, we cannot enter the realm of Heaven’s restoration, and we sincerely and earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to know this clearly.

Paul told the Ephesians, "Grace be with all who have an undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ." Have we ever been unchanging? Though we spent the last decade within the gates of the Unification Church, crying for the heart of our Father, it was our habit to change constantly. In a single day, we changed tens of times and hundreds of times. Because we could not help but be so faithless, we could not sympathize with You on Your path. Therefore, we sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You will allow this hour to be one in which we clearly realize that we need to become children who can lament our past, who can ask You to bind us again in heart with You, and who can raise ourselves toward You, Father, whenever we stumble.

Father, before we speak of Your love, allow us to understand what Your circumstances are like at this time. Before we speak of what Your present situation is like, allow us to become children who are aware that You faced countless situations in the past that were even more wretched. When we look at ourselves, permit us to know how shameful we are before You, our Father, and we sincerely hope and pray that You will grant us the understanding that we need to become people who can comfort You.

This has been a time when the members of the Unification Church have set out on their march under our new historical motto toward this city of Seoul and toward other parts of Korea. Therefore, we earnestly ask and hope, beloved Father, that You will form a new and strong historical bond of heart with them, and that You will allow them to newly determine deep in their hearts the direction they should follow and the guidelines they should live by from now on. We entrust all that remains after this hour to You, Father, and earnestly hope that You will take personal dominion over it. I offer all these words in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (May 25, 1969)

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