Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 449

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 4: True Person
Prayer 4: Please grant that we may become faithful children
Prayer 5: Please permit that we may go in a new direction

Prayer 4  Please grant that we may become faithful children

Our Father, You chose the people of Israel and toiled to raise them. As we reflect on Your fervent heart as You commanded the Jewish people to accomplish Your Will after You had raised them, we come to realize today that we must fulfill the responsibility of the Christians to complete the next stage of Your Will.

Please allow us to know how to attend You, our Father, who have toiled throughout the long course of history, and please allow us to know Your situation, as You fought against Satan while worrying about us for such a long time. Please allow us to become people who know the heart of our Father, You who have been concerned about guiding us to the place of glory and about embracing Your sons and daughters who were chosen as the hope of tomorrow.

Please allow us to understand that our existence today is not due to our own will, that the glory of life that we enjoy does not come from ourselves, and that we are able to rejoice in the presence of our Father today, not by virtue of our own efforts. Instead, may we understand that all these come from the grace mercifully bestowed by our Father, as You have toiled throughout the thousands of years of history.

Do we have anything for which we can stand before all people and boast? Are there any among us who feel they can command the universe with the truth? Please allow us to realize that such endeavors are not the responsibility given to us today. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You will allow us to become sons and daughters who can reveal the entire Will of Heaven by representing the people of the world and by simultaneously representing the power of Your grace.

Please do not allow us to focus on our own selves of today. Please allow us to become Your sons and daughters who are not ashamed before the Will of heavenly law, and who represent history, the entire universe, and the world of the future. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, mat You will allow us the glorious joy of proudly speaking about having become such sons and daughters.

Father! Have Your sons and daughters who are gathered here today sincerely revealed themselves to You? Have they freely prostrated themselves before Your altar? Have they become living offerings that are able to indemnify historical sin by sacrificing themselves? Have they become new offerings that take responsibility for the sins of the present? And have they become children who follow the example of Christ, whose character led him to carry the cross and ascend Golgotha? Having fought with

Satan in Your stead for the glory of the future, do we have any victorious and glorious achievements? Father, please grant that we may become such sons and daughters and may sing songs of Your glory. Furthermore, we hope and pray that You will allow us to become faithful, upright children who can follow You for the sake of the one Will.

Now that You have permitted us this one day, please watch over us with compassion, and please do not abandon us who are gathered before Your Will. Father, please bless the many denominations that represent this pitiful people, who have lost their center, and please bestow blessings upon this altar and upon the people. Father, please allow the grace of Your compassion on the pitiful people and denominations that do not know where the fire of life is blazing, and please bless all of humanity. Please allow new blessings to be bestowed on this earth and on this people as quickly as possible. We earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will allow a new flame to appear through this church.

Father, please eliminate the human tendency to focus only on reason, and please correct all ideologies that emphasize only humanism. Please let us become people of character who uphold Godism, through which heavenly law is established. Furthermore, we hope that You will allow us to rise in the place of this people as Your sons and daughters who can obey the Will of Heaven with reverence; who can receive Your love, Father; who can carry out the duties of the high priest; and who can raise this people as representatives of Your Will. Beloved Father, we also earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to represent the many churches.

Please permit us to rectify all the mistakes we have committed during the past week. We earnestly request that You allow this hour to be one in which we can be immersed in the new words of Your command and the new grace You have granted us. We request that You will allow us to plunge into Your Will, our Father, as You instruct us and bestow great love upon us, so that we can be proud of You, Father, before all created things in the universe and offer bows of glory to You. Hoping that You will take dominion over everything, from the beginning to the end, I pray in the name of the Lord. Aju! (June 23, 1957)


Prayer 5  Please permit that we may go in a new direction

We keenly realize that, since human beings lost the land of Zion, they have needed to go through a history of hard work to find that land again. That land failed to become a place where the true people of original heart could live, and evidence of the original heart could not be established there. Therefore, Father, as You hold on to these people and continue to fight, dreaming about the original world, please grant that we may become sons and daughters who can comfort Your sorrowful heart at this time.

Father! When we recall Your sorrowful historical course, we cannot suppress our fearful mind, and each time we relate to the majestic self of our Father, You who have toiled so hard, we cannot suppress our awe-stricken mind. At this moment, please raise these people as sons and daughters who are able to take over Your toil by offering their minds and bodies as sacrifices.

You have eagerly awaited the coming day of victory when we can sing about liberation from a position of joy that You are able to enjoy. However, You are not the One to realize this Will of liberation. We know that we unworthy human beings, struggling in the realm of death, must be the ones to do it. Please bear with this people on earth, who, despite being in such an important position, are languishing along the course of death unaware of our own value. In order to recover our original heart, please awaken now within us an earnest mind that holds new values for restoration and is capable of singing the praises of Your heart of glory.

Please allow us to have an original internal nature and original external form, appear as true sons and daughters, and be able to sing of Your liberation, Father. We realize that You know that this has been the hope of Your children for thousands of years. Father, we know that there will be a day of victory. Therefore, we bow our heads before You and offer this prayer in the place of this people, who are moaning in their pitiful situation. We earnestly hope and desire that You will lead us to victory and guide us that we may become sacrifices before the great Will that You wish to entrust to us.

Now that we are gathered in Your presence, Father, grant that we may open our hearts and release all personal issues from our body. Please allow us to comfort You with a sincerity that wells up from our true hearts, and permit that our hearts may be moved at this time so that we can bow down our heads with modesty when we face You, Father. Please raise within our hearts a sincere feeling so we can repent of our past, feel our way through the reality of our present, and revere Your sacred grace. Furthermore, please take dominion over that feeling in our hearts. Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to realize in this hour that we must take a new direction by stirring up a new feeling and sensibility.

Father! Please allow us to prepare a living altar by bringing together our inadequate devotions. Since You urge us to become sacrifices for the victory, please eliminate from us all that does not please You. Furthermore, Father, please extend Your almighty hand and lift up a new authority of re-creation. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You may grant us the original internal nature and external form of re-creation that allow us to eliminate from ourselves everything that is not Yours.

Father, please awaken now the thirty million Koreans in slumber and lead all people into the garden of Your original homeland, the garden of goodness of Your ideal, by gathering humanity, who have been wandering in misery, and bringing them together with Your own hands. Even if humankind goes through persecution and misfortune, we earnestly hope and desire that You will quickly lead them into the garden of Your desire.

In order to do this, Father, please command Your beloved sons and daughters so they may fulfill their portion of responsibility. They have the responsibility of finding and restoring sinful lands and people. Therefore, please raise them up and command them. We pray that, at this point in time, You will allow them to resolve to be commanded and to be sent to any place You desire, as diligent workers and chosen warriors of Heaven who are able to build the garden of victory.

Father, we sincerely hope that today You will extend Your glory and love to Your lonely sons and daughters, wherever they are gathered, so that, having felt Your touch of love and glory, they may offer their entire hearts, unite as one heart and one altar, and dedicate themselves to You as one being. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray that You will bless the many denominations gathered here today as representatives of innumerable people and that You will let this land be a place of joy where the day of victory has been realized and Your happiness has been restored.

At this moment, please take full charge of us. If anything goes against Your Will, we are concerned that it may become a condition through which Satan will try to take advantage. Therefore, Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will eliminate all conditions advantageous to Satan, embrace everything with the power of Your grace, personally give commands, and hold everything in Your arms. We sincerely hope that You will have dominion over us so that we may belong to You and only You, from the first moment to the Last. I pray in the name of the Lord. Aju! (June 28, 1959)

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