Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 451

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 5: True Family
Prayer 1: Please allow us to become good ancestors who establish the order of love
Prayer 2: Please remember Your children


CHAPTER 5 True Family

Prayer 1  Please allow us to become good ancestors who establish the order of love

Father! In light of this world-level holy wedding ceremony, we are making a new beginning to achieve the extensive and great Will that You have allowed and hoped for, and we pray that You will take charge of everything. Until now, in the course of history, there has never been the union of a man and a woman centered on You. We all know that it is because of Your hidden good works and Your meritorious hard work that such a thing, which has never happened until now, could be accomplished in the Unification Church.

When we think that the course of history up to the present existed in order to find one man, we come to understand that the ability to open the doors of a new history centered on families and the Unification ideology has been the blessing of Heaven. We sincerely appreciate the grace of being given this amazing blessing by virtue of Your efforts amid hardship, Father. Now please allow each of us to offer all we have before You.

When we think about marriage, we can't help but be reminded that it is an issue directly linked with the Fall of Adam and Eve. When we who were born with the blood lineage of the fallen parents think about the amazing event called the Blessing, centered on our Father, we sincerely offer our gratitude for Your grace. Being as we are, we should know for a fact that we must become men and women who can first be offered substantially before You as sacrifices that are centered on true goodness.

However, we come to realize that we are people who can't reach that position as individuals. We know that we can't stand in that position as fallen descendants. Nevertheless, since we now have the name of children through our relationship with the True Parents, please lead us, Father. We earnestly hope and desire that You allow us to clearly understand that such grace comes only in the place where our work begins through a relationship with the True Parents.

Now every man and woman here has offered him or herself completely before You, Father. Please keep them as Yours forever. Please grant them authority and please allow them to become good ancestors by becoming good examples in establishing the order of Your love in Satan's world. Father, please take charge of this special workshop, which was begun after we made a promise before You and were entrusted with this great enterprise. We have set this period of nine days until next Tuesday as a special period and we dedicate it to You, Father. Therefore please do not let anything that takes place during this period be in any way contrary to Your law.

Father, we must fulfill our mission by uniting our minds and bodies and at the same time achieving oneness with You. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow these people to know that they may participate in this gathering only after having proven themselves as true children through a relationship with True Parents centered on You, and after having attained solid conviction. At this moment, as we start out on the date we have set, we sincerely hope that You will bestow Your boundless grace on this hour. Moreover, since we know that our responsibility and that of the headquarters are important in carrying out this work, Father, please supervise and watch over everything we do as we make all the necessary preparations.

Please grant that the final decisions of goodness be appropriate to Your Will. We hope and pray that You guide us so everything can bring about beneficial results. Please establish Your children on the public foundation that is separated from all private connections. By so doing, we sincerely hope and pray that You allow this hour to be one in which we can examine ourselves and dedicate ourselves so we can remain forevermore as public figures. Please grant that we may cherish the amazing grace of this Blessing that has been realized together with Heaven so we can become good ancestors to our descendants and future generations for thousands of years to come. Accordingly, we earnestly ask and desire that You help us do so, and not let us become pitiful children who lose the standard of good ancestors.

Please have personal dominion over all that takes place from now on. There are almost four hundred people gathered here. Please decide the fate of each one of them with Your own hands. We sincerely request and hope that You allow us to accept the one, ideal object partner each of us can respond to, then join our hearts and work as one to fulfill our mission and achieve Your Will. We humbly bow before You and ask that You may protect us with the heavenly forces and angels especially guarding this environment so we can make this period a time of joy for You and bring it to a successful conclusion. Therefore, Father, please take charge of us, have dominion over us, protect us and look upon us with compassion. Placing everything here in Your hands, I offer this prayer in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (March 23, 1970)


Prayer 2  Please remember Your children

When we think about Your profound guidance, Father, in making the people of the Unification Church pass through a historical era of suffering because You loved us specially, we are truly grateful for all the days of our past. We earnestly hope You remember Your children who are still walking the path of suffering today because they do not yet know Your Will.

Father, please allow us to make our way through this path, no matter what difficulties may come. We sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You connect the many spirits in the spirit world with the spiritual mediums of the present and that You bless the people who have come forth yearning for the true path and the true vision this nation should head toward. We know that, though we are so unworthy, You have called us and brought us together because it is Your divine Will to resolve such a historical relationship. Though we may not look like much on the outside, please grant that we may become Your children who know how to be grateful that You have called us especially to fulfill this historic and epic mission.

Father! In Your presence, we are as naked children. Therefore, You need to dress us, feed us, and raise us in Your embrace. However, up to the present we have not been able to relate with You as sons and daughters. Please allow our minds and bodies to stand in that position, and please bless us, that we may become Your sons and daughters. We don't own anything in this world, we don't possess even one thing and we have nothing we can proudly show others; nevertheless, we do have this relationship with You as sons and daughters who can grow up in Your embrace, for which we are grateful.

We know that this kind of relationship is a privilege that represents the authority of victory, and we must know how to be grateful for it. We are not much to look at, but please allow us to become sons and daughters whom You can treasure and be proud of. Even if we go a difficult path, we go together with You, Father. Even if we have a sorrowful experience, we have it with You. Hence even if we stand in a difficult position, please lead us, Father, that we may be able to comfort You. Please allow us to embrace the day of hopes and dreams deeper and deeper in our hearts and allow us to become Your true sons and daughters who are able to fuel and lead the advance toward tomorrow.

However thorny our path, please allow us to resolve anew never to become a burden. We have come to know You, Father, and we know which direction You are going. Accordingly, when following Your path, even if we become injured and need to carry a heavier cross, we know that only in such times can we comfort You. Therefore, we earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to become Your children who go forth with all our devotion. despite having endured numerous ordeals, this pitiful people, in this small corner of Asia, have not perished, because they have had Your special protection. We are truly grateful to You for this, Father.

Father, please enlighten this people about the path they need to follow henceforth. We are worried that a time of unrest surrounding this nation is approaching us from all directions and that a time of difficulty is approaching this people. Please extend Your guidance to us. We can't help but think about our solemn responsibility. We have to accomplish the mission of restoration for You, Father, by adopting the proper attitude, dressing in white, building an altar, and offering bows before You. This is something we cannot entrust to others or commission others to do. We should wholeheartedly devote all our energies to it and must dedicate our entire minds, bodies, and will to fulfill this responsibility. In so doing, we must manifest Your love and sympathy.

We should realize that it is only when they are centered on such a bond that this people can overcome the hardships of Golgotha, which they need to transcend. We know that now is the time to do so. The more we think about the fact that all the paths of suffering this people had to walk were related to Your Will, the more we must strive to become the people You desire us to be since we have set forth after pledging to take responsibility for the historical mission You entrusted to us. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will not allow us to become pitiful people who bring You sorrow, but rather people You can be proud of before the world.

In the course of history, no one has known You, Father. No one has known Your wish, Your Will, Your heart, or Your situation; no one has known how Your ideology can flourish. Be that as it may, please allow us at this time to become true sons and daughters who can understand everything about You and who can yearn for You with a heart of compassion and mercy. We earnestly hope and pray for this.

Since we know that on this morning the lonely people of the Unification Church, spread out across the entire Korean Peninsula, are on their knees entreating You, please be with them and please connect them through Your profound love. Even if the ropes of hardship are tied together and strain against us, our relationship with You must never be severed. Even if everything is eliminated, please leave us Your love, and even if everything is put aside, please leave us Your power. We pray that we may welcome the day of liberation that is approaching the people. Furthermore, allow us to become Your children who know that, however much we have cherished the hope of tomorrow in our hearts, we can never be accepted before Your Will.

We should not accept our present selves and how we have lived so far. When we think about the fact that, no matter how we look at it, our beginning stemmed from the Father, we must return the fruits of our life to You. We must move things for You, Father, with this kind of mindset, whether we live or die.

Accordingly, we should learn how to harmonize all relationships in front of You, and we should commit ourselves to the hope of tomorrow. We earnestly hope and pray You will allow us to know clearly that only when we stand in such a position can You be with us in a solid relationship. We also sincerely hope and desire that You grant us the awareness that we need to shed tears of remorse with all our heart and lament bitterly and endlessly when we realize our immaturity and become filled with so much shame that we cannot show ourselves before You.

Father, we have called out to You endlessly. Now we should become mature children who can call You, knowing clearly whether You are a Father of joy or a Father of sadness. To this day, we have known You as the Father who gives us blessings, the Father who comforts us, and the Father who delivers us from our difficult ordeals. However, allow us to know that we have the responsibility to comfort You, to rescue You, and to take charge of the world. In doing so, Father, we should become children who can forget ourselves and shed tears of sympathy for You whenever we see that You are lonely, or in a difficult and pitiful state.

Please grant that we may become children who can go forward acknowledging that this is our life philosophy and life course. We sincerely hope and pray that, if there are any such sons and daughters, You will grant them more of Your profound and virtuous love, and please praise them for being sons and daughters with whom You can share the remaining circumstances of restoration. Up until the present, when we have felt sadness, we have often grieved for ourselves. However, we earnestly hope and desire that now, when our sorrows go to extremes, You allow us to become sons and daughters who grieve thinking of our sorrow as Your own.

Please allow us to know that, no matter how wonderful tomorrow’s hope may be, if there is no solid bond between You and us we cannot pin our future hopes on even the best wishes and ideologies. We sincerely hope and ask that You allow us to become Your sons and daughters who know that if You, the One who sought us out and with whom we have a bond, are in sad circumstances, we should shoulder the cross of Your sorrow.

Since we know that Your Will, which came before us, is noble and precious, please allow us to go forward, again and again, knowing that the mission we have been commanded to carry out is the mission to destroy the camp of evil, dedicating every last bit of our energy and life while wholeheartedly endeavoring to overcome all hardships. Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become children who spare nothing when we prepare ourselves for such a task. Please do not abandon Your sons and daughters who are praising Your name today, who are yearning for Your embrace and Your deep heart. Thus allow us to bring about the sacred day of glory, the one hour of glory, the one hour of grace, and the one moment of resurrection.

Just as it is now springtime, please grant that the 1970s be the springtime of the Unification Church. Accordingly, allow us to march forward toward a summertime that overflows with glory. We sincerely hope and pray that You allow us to be children who can make a new resolution to that end. A small number of people have gathered here. They have not come here to go this path for the sake of a specific person; rather, they have gathered here because they wish to draw near to You and wish You to give them the remaining mission. Therefore, we earnestly ask and hope that You bless them.

Please protect Your children who are working hard in all parts of the world. Please guide the Japanese church members as they follow their path while shouldering their historic and monumental responsibility. We humbly request that You extend Your divine protection over the various events scheduled to take place in Japan in the future as well as over all the events we are planning here. We humbly pray all this in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (April 19, 1970)

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