Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 44

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 3: True Parents and Rebirth

Section 2: Our Rebirth and Change of Lineage, 9-20

God's work of rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit

(9) Originally the earth should have treated heaven as her husband, and heaven should have treated the earth as his wife. And this couple should have communed face to face on an equal level. Yet due to the Fall heaven and earth were split apart. Both came under Satan's dominion. To this day God has been leading Christianity toward tearing down the barrier between heaven and earth. Christianity teaches that you cannot be saved unless you receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit refers to the mother spirit. The Fall was first committed by a woman. As sin was initiated by someone who was to become a mother, someone in the position of a mother must correct this. That is why the spiritual Mother, the Holy Spirit, must come to earth and go through the labor of childbirth. False children were born on this earth due to the fall of the first ancestors. Hence, the spiritual True Father and spiritual True Mother must come together with the heart of love for each other, push their way through the enemy's barriers, strip Satan of his authority, and enter the state in which they can receive the essence of love. Only then can all people be spiritually reborn. There is no way for us to be born into a new life without the love between the spiritual Mother and spiritual Father. Resurrection and rebirth in Christianity refer to being born again through these spiritual parents.

(10) Who was Jesus and why did he come? He came with the mission to become the True Parent of humankind, the True Father. Had Adam not fallen, he would have received God's Blessing and become the True Father of humankind, and Eve would have become the True Mother. However, due to the Fall Adam lost the Blessing. In order to restore it, God prepared through a long history of four thousand years and then sent Jesus. He sent Jesus with the mission to become the True Father. To restore God's Blessing, Jesus had to inherit the fruit of this providential history and stand in Adam's position; he had to win a woman standing in the position of Eve who had been the object of Satan's accusations, and he had to subjugate all the satanic forces that were blocking this Eve. He had to do this in addition to taking all aspects of society back from Satan. This is why Jesus indicated that he was the bridegroom. Jesus was striving to find Eve on earth.

(11) Human beings are born from a mother's womb as descendants of the Fall. Hence, to enter into new life, they need to be embraced by the Mother's love. This is the love of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Mother spirit. With love this Mother spirit uplifts and embraces Jesus, who is the spiritual Father. The Holy Spirit yearns for Jesus, and the energy that flows from the power of her love for him is something you can experience. When you receive the Holy Spirit, it comes to you as a fire. With such an experience, new life can arise within you. It means that you have experienced the feelings of love between the father and the mother in the mother's womb. Unless you feel this sensation of love, you cannot be born into new life. I am saying that there can be no birth of new life without love. This is what is called rebirth in Christianity.

(12) The coming Lord is the True Father, so you must enter the loins of the True Father. Fallen people cannot be born again unless they set the condition of entering the True Father. That is why fallen people have sought to enter the loins of Jesus, who is a man. They do this because they have received the grace of the mother spirit who attends Jesus as her bridegroom. However, people cannot literally enter Jesus' loins. Instead, they must be one with him through their heart of love. With the heart of love it is possible to get there. Christians who believe in Jesus can enter his body with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Mother spirit. Because Jesus did not marry, his spirit is like that of a bachelor. Christians who believe in Jesus want to find a way to enter the returning Lord in the position of baby seeds within the returning Jesus. Then, once they enter his loins, they must be born again through the restored new Mother. This is the way; they can be reborn substantially.

(13) According to the original standard, Christians need to take the position of the sons and daughters of Jesus, born from his flesh and blood. This means that they should enter the position like that of the seeds of sons and daughters that Adam had within him before he fell. Therefore, Christians must take the position of sons and daughters born from the fathers' flesh and blood—Jesus' flesh and blood. In order to do so, based on the condition of unity of love with Jesus, they must be born through the Mother, the Holy Spirit. I am saying they must be born again. Can there be rebirth only through the Father? Can there be rebirth only through the Mother? Because no man and woman have been able to become the substantial True Mother and True Father, no one could establish the ideal family of love, which is the Will and God's ideal of creation. In order for this purpose to be achieved, Adam has to come again in the position of the bridegroom, receive his bride, and attain oneness with God's love. It a man in the position of Adam who has never fallen in the garden of Eden attains perfection and becomes one with Eve through love, nothing can make that person fall. People have been longing for that day.

(14) What does it mean to say that we believe in Jesus? Jesus, as a man, is the original Adam untouched by the Fall. In the end, he is to be the Father, both physically and spiritually. Unless we become one with this Father, we have no way to be born again. Christianity is the religion that teaches people to yearn for Jesus and to love in a way that is deeply in touch with his love. It teaches us to long for Jesus and welcome him as the bridegroom. The teaching that we are to welcome Jesus as our bridegroom has two purposes: one is that we can become like baby seeds that enter his bone and flesh; the other is that we can conditionally pass through the womb of the Mother, who is in the bride's position.

(15) According to the original ideal, people should not be born with their spirit self separated from their physical self. Owing to Jesus' death on the cross, believers can attain rebirth spiritually, though not physically. Therefore, Jesus must surely come again. Jesus went to the spirit world and when he comes back—when the True Parents come—those who believe in Jesus need to reject this world. They need to set the condition of rebirth through the True Parents—through the womb of True Mother from the loins of True Father. If they do not, they will have no way to gain eternal life. In other words, before you receive the Mother you must enter the body of the unfallen True Father as the seeds of his baby sons and daughters, and stay there until you are born through the Mother. That is why people cry, "Lord! Lord!" and try to enter the Lord's body. In fact, Jesus has been doing this work in spirit. Hence, when Jesus comes again, those who enter him spiritually as baby seeds and who have become one with Jesus' flesh can then be born through the True Mother. This is the way to complete restoration. This is how people can remove Satan's blood completely and stand in the restored position for the first time.

(16) Christianity is a religion that has been looking toward the spirit world, a spiritual kingdom of heaven with Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the spiritual Parents at its center. However, to build the original kingdom of heaven, Adam and Eve have to turn around everything that was lost on earth and attain a standard of spiritual victory not only on the vertical plane but also on the horizontal plane. Unless we realize on earth a world in which True Mother and True Father can give and receive love on the corporeal plane, we cannot fundamentally rectify what went wrong. That is why I say that the Lord who comes again must come to the earth in the flesh.

True Parents and the path of rebirth

(17) God created human beings because of love. He should have been the Owner of Adam and Eve's love, the Owner of their life and the Owner of their lineage. Yet the love, life and lineage that should have belonged to God all were snatched away. Salvation means to restore a sick person to the state he was in before he took ill. The work of the Lord at his Second Advent is to change the lineage of humankind. This can be done when God, Adam, and Eve become one body. Had the vertical relationship between the vertical God and the first human beings been established, the horizontal relationship between east and west—between Adam and Eve who have nothing to do with the Fall—would have been formed at the shortest distance in accordance with the original principle of true love. Vertical and horizontal lines that meet at a ninety-degree angle make for the shortest distance. Our first ancestors in their horizontal relationship were supposed to unite at a ninety-degree angle to the vertical God, and then they were supposed to form a sphere of ideal love centering on relationships of front and rear. Their failure to do this was the Fall.

(18) God cannot change human beings' lineage. There is no one who can do it other than the True Parents. God cannot be a friend to the false parents. He is the vertical Parent, so He cannot stand in a horizontal, physical position. Before He can do that, whatever mistakes that were made on the horizontal plane must be restored on the horizontal plane. To make an analogy, if there is a hole in something made of leather, then leather must be used to mend it; you cannot mend the hole with some other kind of material. It was the false parents who made the hole, so it must be filled by True Parents. Unless the True Parents go through a course of suffering, the hole will not be filled. God by Himself cannot just do it. If He could, He would have done it long ago.

(19) We need True Parents in order to dismantle the foundation of Satan's love, life and lineage. How did man and woman fall into such a position? They fell by their reproductive organs. In the original sense, the reproductive organs are the palaces of love. But what happened to that palace of love? The human reproductive organ is such a precious thing—the palace of love, life and lineage—but due to the Fall it became full of filth. From God's original viewpoint it should not be something filthy, but something sacred. It is the most precious thing. Life, love and lineage are connected there. This is the holiness that Satan defiled.

(20) The True Parents are what we truly need. What started from the false parents must be restarted by the True Parents. The false parents received false life and false lineage through false love. This must be reversed. We need to inherit true life and true lineage with the love of the True Parents as the center. In the past, we inherited the wrong seed of life, and now we need to inherit the original seed. We cannot inherit this without the True Parents. Therefore the Messiah must come again upon the earth and implant his seeds—the True Parents' seeds of new life—and engraft them to us so we can return to the original position as true olive trees. God is really our Parent. Can you imagine how close He is to us? Our vertical Parent, God, fulfills ideal love through the horizontal parents: True Parents.


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