Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 446

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 3: True Love
Prayer 7: Please Grant that We May Become Children Who Praise the Love of Our Father and Our Connection with Him


Prayer 7: Please Grant that We May Become Children Who Praise the Love of Our Father and Our Connection with Him

Father! Your noble, precious, and holy providential history has traced its path through the long history of humankind. Father, today, once again, You have raised us up. Please let us feel how pitiful and lonely Your situation is as You seek to take responsibility for the world.

We know very well that You are our Father of love, who cannot sever Your connection with any of us but wishes to live with us forever. We realize that we need to hear from You that You love us more than we need to embrace You and tell You that we love You.

We have come to realize that, instead of repeating tens of thousands of times that we love You, we need to hear You say that You believe in us as Your children, and we need to be given such a position. Therefore, please raise us that we may become such children. We are aware that, no matter who blocks our way and persecutes us, when we stand in the position where You acknowledge us, we are not pitiful or lonely people.

Father, working in advance through the world, You have been laying the foundation based on which You could comfort us before we shed tears of loneliness. When we think about the fact that You, concerned about our sad situation, expanded that foundation to comfort us on the world level, we pray that You will let us feel all the more that there is no way we can repay You for all You have done for us.

Father, please comfort Your children spread out around the world. We earnestly hope and pray that You will extend Your touch of boundless blessings to Your children who are offering devotions as they yearn for Your Will to be planted in every place through which You have passed.

Father, even at this moment, there are people around the world who, out of concern for this Teacher, are earnestly appealing to You with tears and are longing for this one distant corner of Korea. When we think about this fact, we come to realize clearly how fearful and awesome is the position of this headquarters.

Although outwardly we may look unworthy and shabby, our hearts, which yearn to hold on to Your heart and call You Father and serve You truly, are sincere and earnest. We know very well that our appearance, situation, and circumstances do not matter at all if we are Your sons and daughters who can sing praises of Your love, of our relationship with You, and of the fact that You raised us up.

Beloved Father! Please pour down Your blessings on Unification members who long for Korea. These children respect Korea as their homeland in their hearts and are shedding blood, sweat, and tears for this land. When we think that countless people united through the Unification teachings wish that at least their bones can be buried for the sake of this land, we realize we have to unite them into one, establish the one nation that You desire, and achieve one worldwide ideology. Accordingly, until we realize that Will, we have to endure and endure and continue enduring. Following Your example of silently enduring the wearisome six-thousand-year course of history, we too should go forward enduring in silence.

During the thousands of years we were separated from You, we yearned for You with our minds and bodies. Now, however, all those days of yearning for You and appealing to You are history. Now that we have met again, we stand in the position of embracing Your internal situation, discussing matters with You, bracing ourselves for the future, and facing Your situation in Your stead. Therefore, if we should have a teacher, You alone should be our teacher. If someone is to take charge of Your Will, we ourselves should take responsibility for the commands You give. Beloved Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become such people.

We can fathom the sadness of Your situation in the long course of history. When we look at the many nations of the world, we cannot help but think that there still remain vast stretches of land You need to recover, and a long, laborious path You need to walk. Therefore, we should feel in our hearts and bodies that we have the responsibility and mission to race toward the world without resting, heeding neither the blood nor the sweat we shed, and that we must fulfill our responsibility and mission.

Father, these people have been in situations that made it impossible for them to do otherwise than become a pitiful people. But we thank You for letting us know first that the Will of Your providence, which is worthy of praise across the globe, dwells in the midst of the Unification movement.

Father, please grant that we may understand the hardships You have had to overcome. Are any of Your children offering devotions in their hearts? Please bestow on them blessings that are thousands of times greater. Moved by their longing for You and feeling Your heart, members of this Unification movement are embracing the people. Please do not allow their earnest hope and struggle to be in vain. Please enable them to overcome this age and be liberated to leap forth toward the world. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and desire that You allow them to become the Third Israel that can build the kingdom of heaven throughout the world.

Please comfort Your children gathered here, and please allow us the joy of meeting and forging a new relationship with You. Father, please watch over us when we return home. We earnestly and sincerely hope and pray that You can grant us Your hallowed touch in every task You entrust us with and in every moment of our every gathering hereafter.

I earnestly pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (May 2, 1969)

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