Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 447

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 4: True Person
Prayer 1: Please Enable Us to Resemble Your Image
Prayer 2: Please Carry Out Works of Resurrection


CHAPTER 4 True Person

Prayer 1: Please Enable Us to Resemble Your Image

Beloved Father! Since You know the heart of Your children gathered here, please allow even the cells in their bodies to move toward their compassionate Father. Please permit all of their minds and bodies to be captivated by Your touch of love. Please allow them to appear collectively as elements in harmony, and at this time, please consecrate them as warriors of Heaven who can race forward, risking their lives to testify about Your Word.

Father, look upon Your children gathered here with compassion. Since in our destined course of restoration, we still need to rise to a higher level by relying on the Word of life You have permitted us, O Father of love, please extend Your hand, hold the hands of Your inadequate children, and guide us. Since we have bowed down to You with united minds and bodies, Father, please embrace us, lead us and raise us up. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and desire that You will transform our minds to become heavenly minds.

Please bless the many people who are present here today, and please allow Your works of life, works of inspiration, and works of resurrection to be manifested through them. Today we have placed all the ideas we have about the present age before You, and since we have come before Your majesty with the hearts of gentle, mild children, Father, please bring about Your work of re-creation through the touch of Your grace. Please reveal the fire of the Holy Spirit. Beloved Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You will show us Your love and, in these Last Days, allow us to open the door leading out of the realm of death, which has been blocked and reveal the glory of our Father's victory.

We know that, henceforth, there is no need for many speeches. Even if the children gathered here have not received many words, please allow them to receive the grace which You have permitted them and befits them and grant that they may be equal to what they have been given. Heavenly Father, since we have promised and pledged before Heaven at this time to achieve the Will You have promised and granted, if there are empty vessels, please fill them all. Please accept us as children who, intoxicated by Your ample grace, are able to return glory to You and be grateful. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You will allow us the grace of finding that we are children whom You, Father, can love.

Please bind together as one the hearts of those who give and those who receive. We earnestly hope and desire that You will allow our mind to be inclined where Heaven is inclined, our body to move in accordance with Heaven's movements, and our mind and body to follow the example of and resemble Your image, Father. We also hope and pray that in the remaining time, You will touch us with Your words and compassionate commands. I pray in the name of our loving Lord. Aju! (July 1, 1956)


Prayer 2: Please Carry Out Works of Resurrection

We cannot help but feel that we found the path of life and were able to bow down before You only after having wandered aimlessly. How can we ever repay Your grace in giving us a position where we can call You "Abba, Father"? And how can we ever repay Your grace in enduring endless hardships that we did not even know about in order to protect us, purify us, and lead us to this place? We have nothing with which to repay You. At this time, we cannot help but feel that even if we gave You our body, we could not repay Your grace and that even if we all offered You our entire heart, we still would be lacking and could not raise our heads before what You have achieved through Your suffering.

Heavenly Father, we know that it is Your desire and it is Your situation that You, who have led us to this point, have the responsibility to save us and have the need and desire to see a day of glory through us. And when we think that, as You see us, You hope to find comfort through people like us, we cannot help but feel ashamed in Your presence, our Father, who have placed Your hope in our inadequate selves and have endured the peaks and valleys of the course of history.

If our flesh and blood could sympathize with Your heart, and if our bones could assume a form and constitute a personality, then we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You would allow that being to become a substantial form capable of testifying to Your unchanging self. How much have You longed for a holy, glorious being who could be part of You and return glory to You even with each and every cell? In the course of history, our ancestors could not attend You in that way. We know as historical fact that they followed Heaven and were proud of being in the realm of the chosen people, but then at times they felt resentment, at times broke their promises, and then gave up.

Father! Since we have inherited this spiritual lineage filled with grief, we confidently say today that we have faith in You. Nevertheless, we are people whose position is close to the evil world, capable of betraying Heaven tomorrow. Father, please have compassion on us, although we are like this. Father, please hold on to us. We earnestly hope and desire that You will carry out Your work of resurrection, which will fill us with new life. Although many people have come to this earth and have gone, and even now, many are coming and going, there have been no people who grasped Your situation, grasped Your heart, and wept. Therefore, please allow us to become people who are able to grasp Your situation and heart and weep.

We earnestly pray that You will allow there to be many sons and daughters on the earth whose minds are filled with a desire to live for You and attend You, and who feel indignant with heaven and earth, history, and our fallen ancestors. Whom did we come here to see? It was neither to see some well-dressed person nor to meet some beautiful person. We all have come here so that our bodies, with ugly stains and wounds, can come to resemble our venerable Father's external form. Therefore, please do not abandon us, and instead, please embrace us.

Since You know that our hearts and minds are lonely, with no place to depend upon, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will comfort us at this hour. Please manifest Yourself with such a heart and guide us as the subject of eternal life, and please bestow on us the words of life that can saturate our bodies and minds. Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow this hour to be one in which we can express our gratitude for Your grace and offer bows to You.

We wish to hear and receive the Word at this hour. Therefore, please be here with us, Father. Please grant that we may understand that if there is a gap between those who convey and those who receive, that gap may become a path for Satan. Furthermore, please allow us to realize that that very gap is the realm of death Satan is aiming at. Accordingly, we earnestly hope and pray that You will allow this time to be one in which the hearts of those who convey and those who receive can become one and be connected to, influenced by, and settled in Your heart.

Please look after Your sons and daughters spread out in all parts of South Korea who are on their knees, appealing to You in loneliness and undergoing hardships. Since You said that salvation comes to those who endure to the end, Father, we earnestly and sincerely ask You to guide them, that they may exalt Your glory through their perseverance and be more than equal to testifying to You before this people as Your substantial embodiments. Please bestow blessings on all the countless denominations at their gatherings as well as on the myriads of people. I humbly pray in the name of the Lord. Aju! (September 6, 1959)

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