Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 445

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 3: True Love
Prayer 5: Please Enable Us to Become Sons and Daughters Who Remain Loyal
Prayer 6: Please Enable Us to Race Forward with a Heart of Love

Prayer 5: Please Enable Us to Become Sons and Daughters Who Remain Loyal

Father! Through Your words, we have come to know that heaven and earth are like one body. When we recognize that heaven is the subject partner and we are like branches and leaves, we realize that we cannot live even one day or one moment without receiving heaven's sap of life and love. Furthermore, although we are meant to live as branches and leaves of heaven, we have not, in fact, sustained our existence by receiving the sap of love flowing from our eternal Father. We ask You to forgive us for not having lived like that.

Father! We are in the Last Days, the harbinger of the Day of Judgment, and we ask that You enable each of us to be grafted to Your love, with Jesus Christ, the perfect root, at the center. We know, Father, that You long to gather from each of us the fruits of love produced through the love of our eternal Father and through the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. However, we are too inadequate, imperfect, and immature to reach that point on our own, and we worry that we might be obstacles when You gather the harvest.

Since we now commit ourselves to You, Father, please raise us and take care of us. In the midst of trials and tribulations, place us in pulpits and allow us to become complete as mature fruits. Furthermore, please allow us to become people who bear fruit and who realize the eternal kingdom of heaven by holding onto Your love, our dear eternal Father. Please let us become workers who reap the harvest for You.

Father! We know that this work we are doing was not proclaimed for the first time at this hour, but it was foretold in the Old Testament Age and again at the time of Jesus two thousand years ago. Knowing this, each of us should bear fruit today, be the harvest that can be reaped before Heaven, and be people who can bring the Sabbath to Heaven. However, if we were to evaluate ourselves, some of us would feel that we are not yet fully mature. In that case, Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to become children who lament for our deficiencies, repent before You, our Father, grieve about our shortcomings, and suffer the sorrows of Jesus Christ in his stead

Father, since we have gathered here today, as the sole center of the entire providence, please take complete dominion over our hearts and govern us. In so doing, please do not tolerate any evil ideas, teachings, or opinions, for they are not in accord with Your Will. Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow this hour to be one in which the people gathered here can be consecrated over and over again so that Satan's work can be brought to an end and we can be Your fully consecrated children, through whom You alone can operate and intervene.

Please grant that we recognize that You are now pressing for the realization of the day of Christ through us. Please enable us to understand that this is the time when You want to manifest the love of Christ by raising us up. Furthermore, please allow us to realize that You have been raising us and that You are waiting for us to embrace the sufferings of Christ and go forth. Father, please lead us that our steps running toward the castle of heaven not be self-centered, and please do not let us focus our prayers on ourselves.

Please allow us to come forward and kick away all the elements that evil can invade. To fulfill the Will that You desire and pursue, we earnestly hope and pray that You take hold of us, Father. Help us endure and persevere even along paths on which we cannot help but despair, collapse, and struggle immensely.

We know that, since we are not people of this world, we cannot receive the glory of this world. We are also aware that, just as You foretold through Jesus Christ, no citizen of heaven or son or daughter of heaven during the last two thousand years of history was welcomed on earth, regardless of the century or age they lived in.

Father! Today, we stand as representatives of Jesus. When we, who are engaging in the work Jesus could not complete, are persecuted, please grant that we may endure the persecution. And when we live for the sake of Heaven, even if we are insulted by people on earth, have difficulties, and experience anguish, please enable us to overcome everything capably and persevere to the end. Six thousand biblical years have passed and, as Jesus longs for this day of harvest, he is calling us. Therefore, please use us to wipe away the stains of blood and tears lingering from the cross and the historical anguish, and lead us, that we may become the shields of victory.

Please do not allow us to forget that Jesus, who was the incarnation of hope, is waiting for us to be qualified to take dominion over Satan. Accordingly, today we need to harbor the joyful Will of our Father in our hearts and fight on Heaven's behalf. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to become sons and daughters who are determined to subjugate the enemy Satan. If we are unable to complete the mission even after having dedicated our lives to this work, then grant us the determination to complete it even through our descendants.

As we are about to usher in the new year, we should be preparing deep in our hearts to walk the path of the battle between life and death. Father, we sincerely hope and pray that we can be the sons and daughters who do not succumb, regardless of the enemies that oppose us, and instead maintain our loyalty to You. In so doing, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You allow us to become Your sons and daughters, the ones who can appear before all things in the world as the sons and daughters who represent You and represent heaven and earth.

Please reveal to us the power of the words You have granted us today, and allow our hearts to connect with one another's. Furthermore, we beseech You to allow this gathering to be one in which spirits can move other spirits, and we can be molded once again through the touch of Your power.

I offer all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (December 30, 1956)

Prayer 6: Please Enable Us to Race Forward with a Heart of Love

Beloved Father, we did not know that the path desired by the Will leads to such a high and precipitous mountain, with many ascents and descents. This son standing here set out on this path in silence. I dedicated my life to it, living through boyhood and manhood by passing through a complicated environment and an age in which I held onto the church as I struggled. However, as I walked this path, whenever I stumbled under the persecution of this nation and its people, You took hold of me, and, therefore, I did not collapse or fall to ruin. When I look back on how You protected me in the past, I am truly grateful to You.

I am now in the position of the spearhead of the democratic world, the position of the son of God, where all eyes are turned toward me. From this position, I am going forth, disregarding everything, to give proof of the appearance of Your exemplary son. I would like to thank You, Father, for protecting me and guiding me.

There were several times when we thought we would perish. However, we did not perish but survived. When we think about this fact, we should become members of the Unification Church family who firmly pledge that, since we now truly know how terrible the Fall is, in our generation, we will never walk that sorrowful path of the Fall again.

Now that we understand how the sickness began, we have the responsibility to love Heaven with a strong conviction, more than we love anyone else. We now know what fallen nature is like. It began with a self-centered desire to possess. Then it proceeded to lies, to the path of defiling chastity, to the path of forcibly plundering everything that belonged to Heaven, and then, in the age of the sons, to the path of murder.

When we think about the fact that all dictators in history were people who lied, followed the path of illicit love, seized everything, and killed good people, we cry out that we will never walk this path of historical stains. We hope to become sons and daughters who can inherit the tradition of Heaven, which absorbs all such things with love. We want to be people who fight to be victors and not victims, even if we have to go unaccompanied to fight battles that are more strenuous and intense than any ever fought in history, and thereby raise high the banner of the love of Heaven.

Bless us to become Your sons and daughters who, as principled parents, can build good fences that rebuff Satan's accusations. Let us have the conviction that such men and women should come together in union at the position where the ownership of love is decided according to Heaven's desire so that their children will be born as the sons and daughters of Heaven. The matter of deciding ownership is a really serious one.

As for ownership centering on love, we make the family the basis. After that, the right of ownership of all things passes through the original course of inheritance centering on the family of the new True Parents. The historical resentment over what decides our authority of ownership remains. You have come to understand all this.

As the time in which we can go beyond the levels of the people and nation and measure up to this task draws near, we arrive at this solemn hour when we stand on this stage. Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will bless and guide us so that, even if we are in circumstances comparable to those of historical orphans who have appeared before this altar, we can become sons and daughters who can cling to Heaven and struggle with all our intellect and heart and cross this summit without sustaining any injuries.

We have pledged before You, our Father, to dedicate mind and body entirely to You. We sincerely hope that You will allow us to become people who do not hesitate to race forward with a mind burning with a heart of love on the path of devotion to Heaven. In retrospect, we can see that there have been many sorrows and sad incidents in history, but we are grateful that there has also been a path of solace we could walk for the sake of Your love.

Please allow us to look back on history with gratitude, to engage in self-evaluation with gratitude, and to welcome with gratitude the day of victory that is approaching right before our eyes. We sincerely hope and pray that You will permit us to become the sacred people of Heaven and the royal family that can begin with gratitude, go through the process with gratitude, and arrive at our destination with gratitude. There, allow us to shed tears of gratitude, hold on to one another's hands, dedicate our spouse, children, and everything before Heaven, and be registered as victorious families before You, Father.

We sincerely hope and pray that even if there are many remaining issues, You will allow us to become bold and brave sons and daughters who can digest everything and race forward devotedly, focusing only on the purpose of the day of victory based on love. We may harbor resentment for having to walk a dimly lit path. Yet, if we resolve to take steps that leave behind traces of our tears of love, we know that the path will lead not to ruin but to a warm welcome.

We earnestly hope and pray that You will permit us to become a group of people who can unite completely as one flock and one body representing all families. We pray to become a group of families, a group of tribes, and a church centered on love that can save this nation, go out into the world, and inherit the privilege of the blessed chosen people.

I sincerely request that You allow us to become husbands, wives, parents, and heads of tribes and peoples who have nothing to be ashamed of in the remaining days.

I pray this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (October 27, 1982)


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